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					   The Yum Drops®Income Opportunity

     A First Class Cruise and Voyage Awaits You

Start writing the next chapter in Your history book today!

 Excellent opportunity for network marketing professionals (5/1/2010)
              Table of Contents

   Page 1     Intro Cover                         Pages 13, 14   Terms and Conditions

   Page 2     Table of Contents                   Page 15        Sales Directors Qualify as Distributors

   Page 3     Welcome                             Page 16        Merchandising

 Pages 4, 5   Company and Premium Blends          Page 17        Join Our Team

   Page 6     Wellness Trends                     Page 18        Future of Yum Drops® and you

   Page 7     Lucrative Industry                  Page 19        Do s     Don ts
                                                                 Do's and Don'ts

   Page 8     Top Hat Customer Service            Page 20        Let's Sum It Up

Pages 9, 10   Work From Home                      Page 21, 22    e-kit and examples
                                                                 of business cards and
Pages 11, 12 Generous Comp Plan                                  info cards

                                                  Page 23        Thank You Cover

Like most cruise ships that just leave port, you can't see very much when you start your cruise and journey.
We suggest your review the compensation plan in full. Then use the table to review specific areas.
           Welcome to Yum Drop® Flavoring                                              Direct Selling to Consumers
                     Do your drink a flavor!

Pack your bags for a great adventure and first class voyage to an income opportunity that awaits you, let's go!
Yum Drops® flavoring has developed a premier line of flavoring drops. These flavoring concentrates enhance the taste
of water, coffee, hot and cold teas, desserts, heck they can easily be used to flavor almost anything…even milk shakes
smoothies, slushies, yogurts, puddings, ice cream, sauces…even your favorite vodkas and cocktails!!!

Today, more than ever it's about gourmet flavorings and fresh clean tastes. Our flavoring drops use all natural flavors and
have no artificial sweeteners; 0 carbs, 0 calories 0 fats. Best of all they are easy to carry and fun to use,
anytime, anywhere and costs only pennies a serving. Just 3-5 drops for coffees and 4-6 drops for water is all you need.

Yum Drops® Flavoring started blending formulations back in 2004 Since then we have learned
that balancing flavors with natural sweeteners delivers great taste.

So let me tell you about this first class voyage. It's a storyline based around a cruise- that takes you
through products, our company, our markets and our compensation plan- different ports of call and
places to visit and things to see and learn about. The voyage takes in everything you need to know.

The opportunity is selling products direct to consumers and not the retail trade.
Our first class team combined with our technology platform will help you earn
extra money and we will support you with passion and integrity.

We are excited about you thinking of joining our company as an Independent Sales Rep..

Let's continue on our cruise and see where this voyage and story line takes you.
Our Company, Our Products and Premium Blending
     Just like every cruise has a Captain and crew of experts navigating to a destination, so do we.
     We have strong customer service and a compelling vision and a solid management team.

     Our Leaders and Founders are [e]volutionaries leading a "Flavoring Revolution", by formulating
     and blending the finest flavoring additives and concentrates, filled with natural flavors and no artificial
     sweeteners. Our products use a hint of natural sweetener; gras stevia to enhance the flavoring taste.
     Yum Drops® for water and teas uses natural fruit flavoring and natural fruit essence and oils.
     Our flavoring drops for coffees, and other applications also uses all natural gourmet flavorings.

     Our company uses a direct selling model to market our products to end users; the consumer. You
     are not required to buy a minimum amount of products each month like network marketing or
     MLM companies.       Buying and selling products is an excellent way to earn even more money if you want.

                             We're not just another flavor drop, we're a flavoring company"!
                 Not only will your taste buds enjoy the tastes, wait til you smell the aromas.
                 "Our company motto is fresh fruit and gourmet tastes, natural flavors, easy to use".

                 Our Products are blended with pure all natural flavoring concentrates.
                 We use no artificial sweeteners. We custom blend all natural flavors concentrates and additives.

                 Our products contain no artificial flavorings or sweeteners
                             Our products have 0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 fats
                             Our products are easy and fun to use anytime, anywhere
                             Our products make drinking more water fun and easy
                             Our products enhance your flavoring experience, for only pennies a serving
           Premium Blended Ingredients and Nutrients Label- Cont'd

                                      First evening at the Captain's table you wonder why the water tastes so great. You don’t notice any
                                      lemon and yet the water tastes just like it, tasty , sweet not bitter, so you ask for more. This time is tastes
                                      like peach and you like it even better. The server tells you, "hope you enjoyed the fresh fruit
                                      taste". This cruise ship always uses Yum Drops® flavoring to enhance the taste for their
                                      first class passengers.

                                      One of the things you really noticed was that the lemon tasted like citrus, but had just a subtle sweetness
                                      to it. Stevia is natural and calorie free and much stronger than table sugar.
                                      stevia is a healthy and safe alternative for Diabetics. It is an all natural organic
                                      herb product. It contains NO saccharin, aspartame, fructose, sugar, F.O.S. maltodexrin or
                                      artificial sweeteners. That's why it appeals to so many people, and why beverage companies are using
                                      it now. We use only gras which the FDA describes as "generally regarded as safe") stevia products.

                                      There are 40-8 oz servings for each of the three flavors in our 1/4 oz "Flavor Packs" and 75 servings in each
(gras stevia) means                   of the 1/2 oz bottles for the individual flavors. They will make 5 gallons of flavored water, pennies a serving.
generally regarded as safe.
our products use only gras                        Nutrients Label
stevia. We are not required                 Mint Flavor Base, Natural
to list this formula as a             0 calories              water 51.03 gm
dietary supplement.                   0 carbs                 ash .1 gm
                                      0 fats                  0 proteins
                                      0 sodium                0 trans fatty acids                       stevia plant

           Our first port of call takes us to popularity and trends in wellness and good health.
           The "Flavoring Revolution" and Trends in Wellness

So, what exactly do we mean when we say- we are [e]volutionaries leading the "Flavoring Revolution", by formulating
and blending the finest proprietary flavoring additives and concentrates. [e]volutionaries are creative people that manage at the
edge where evolution and revolution converge. Sound complicated?                   It's how we know what's in, what's not and what's hot!!!

This sound principle works for formulating flavors and blends as well. Our process brings to focus an “in with the old” approach
to flavors we call "Classics", along with the up and coming trends we call "Nuvo". We look at the edge of these two profiles
and systematically manage the space in between the edges we like to call "Mainstream". We manage and develop flavor trends.

The pattern in some of our flavoring choices were chosen because of the their popularity, great tastes
and trends towards wellness and good health; acai is one the most popular antioxidant today, a few others that trend to good health
includes cranberry andpomegranate and citrus to mention a few. We make no nutritional claims for our products.

A flavor profile lends itself to a particular sensation related to a wellness area. For example, citrus flavors are well suited to
the experience of revitalization, vitality, energy claims, and similar findings. Flavors such as pomegranate have also gained in
popularity due to their reported health benefits as well.
                                                                                Flavor      Wellness Association
Yum Drops® makes no claims to the nutrient value of its products.               Cranberry Antioxidants, heart health, longevity, detox
We are providing this information based on its popularity and on                Acai        Antioxidants, longevity, immunity
conventional wisdom that is plentiful. The real wellness value comes            Blueberry Antioxidants ,longevity, heart health
from wanting to drink more water because it tastes great.

Our next stop introduces you to the lucrative industry and how we are positioned in the market.
            Lucrative Industry- Supports Drinking More Water to Promote Good Health
So far, our voyage has told you who we are and what we do. We've had a quick stop at a look at the popularity of our flavors and wellness
and the appeal in health trends. Now let's stop at our real first port of call and see why this product offering has great appeal to consumers.

Our strategy and market approach positions our products with two of the highest and most
popular consumable products in the world; water and coffee. Bottled water is a $12 billion industry
and coffee and teas are just as large. Add in filtered water and tap water, well you get the idea…

Yum Drops® for water is the "Perfect Diet Drink". Great for diets and good health.

Water is excellent for good health and aids in focus and concentration in sports
                                   activities too. Since you control the subtleness or
                                   boldness of th fl
                                   b ld                    i              t ll     j
                                               f the flavorings you can actually enjoy
                                   drinking more water…the real "thirst quencher".
                                   Yum Drops® naturally promotes drinking more water.
                                                                                                                     The Perfect Diet Drink
                                   Our products have strong consumer appeal and                                      0 Calories
                                   are highly consumable in use, and that means more                                 0 Carbs
                                   income for you!!!                                                                 0 Fat

Yum Drops® flavoring makes drinking water fun and easy to do. Best of all, we are a low cost alternative to high caloric beverages.
NC University reported, people consumer over 450 calories a day. That's 29 pounds in weight annually.

Yum Drops ® is a highly visible product when used in public and that creates buzz for you.

One of the most important things about this voyage, and what you should consider before going to work for a company is, how are the
passengers and crew treated. In this case we mean our most valued resource… Our Customers and Sales Reps!
            Top Hat Commitment to Customer Care and Service
Like every great cruise, this one also has first class service…for our Customers and our Sales Team!

What really sets us apart is our passion and focus on customer service and our company motto is "success is in the
details". We designed our online business model and online technology with the customer in mind, and we pay our Sales
Reps and Directors well to promote our business and take care of our customers.

We want to create long term relationships with our customers and that relationship means long term
income for you!!! We are an entrepreneurial company.

Our products ship direct to customers ordering online and you can track
commissions online 24/7. When your customers use your sales access
code, commissions go right to your account.

Customers pay right on line         so there is no money to collect.

We pay commissions monthly and provide commission reports.

A world class cruise for sure for you and your customers.

So where is this cruise liner heading anyway, it's starting to peak my interests…
           Work From Home- Earn Money Quickly

By popular vote, this is the best port for our passengers to visit so far. It's why you took the voyage to begin with…

…with little cash up front or time required                             (more details available in merchandising section)
Minimal Start Up Costs!-just $95 with enrollment and approval. Receive $120 in Yum Drops ® products to use and share +more.

We are excited about having the hottest new product category, the newest online business tools and it's all supported by
a strong marketing campaign. We work hard at making "work" fun and easy to do!

Here are some of the reasons people join Direct Sales Companies, see if any appeal to you:
                                                 y                               y
Establish own Sales Team and customers to build your own business and increase your income.
Generate additional income while continuing in present job.
                                         Enjoy Selling.
                                         Participate as a hobby.
                                         Enjoy social interactions.
                                         Enjoy teaming with spouse for a common goal.
                                         Want to be part of a hot new flavoring revolution.

                                           Whatever reason fits you, the decision to
                                           write a new chapter to your future begins now!!!

Work part time and continue working your current job. You can work as much or as little as you want, as long as you
maintain our quarterly minimums that are easy enough to do if you are active. Best of all, no selling experience required.

Let's explore this port of call and opportunity further…
           Work From Home- Join the "Flavor Revolution"

Did you wonder all along why your cruise ship was called; "The Flavoring Revolution"!!!

Today more than ever customers are looking for low calorie alternatives in beverages and unique flavoring experiences
and want great tastes with natural flavorings. And we deliver on both.

Just using, sharing and sampling our products will make your job of reaching new
customers and connecting with them easy and fun to do. Use them in public, share
them with friends, family, neighbors and the people you work with.

No inventories to maintain-that's right, your customers order on line using your sales access code (user name).
                           that s

                                No Delivery-   that's right, no need for special vehicle or scheduling orders.

                                No Money to Collect-that's right, custocustomers pay right on line, leaving you more time to sell!

                                We have a strict Code of Conduct governing behavior of our sales team

                                Get paid by check or on own personal Pay Pal ® account.

Let's get off the ship and spend some time at this port looking deeper into what the plan has to offer…
           Generous Compensation Plan- Start Today
                                Are you ready now to start writing that next chapter, the one opportunity that
                                brings in extra income while you continue to work!

                                Whether you are looking to get out of that dead end job, or maybe just make a
                                little extra cash, selling Yum Drops® flavoring is the right choice for you.

                                Our generous compensation plan is designed to let you get started and earn
                                "income quickly", simply by sharing and selling the products with others.

There are several different ways you can earn more money and that means even more income. As you systematically grow
with us as a sales consultant and build your business, you can recruit other sales reps if you choose too.
Sales consultants that sponsor others on their team are called Sales Directors

Netwrok marketing professionals love to recruit sales reps on their team. They know how to wuickly bulild an effective sales
team and they love earning commissions from the sales team.               That's why they love our plan!!!

This opportunity is as much about selling as it is recruiting since we pay the highest commissions at the first level.
Each sales rep that you sponsor can also grow their sales volume and recruit their own teams.

Get paid each month based on previous months sales that gets credited right to your own Account !

How much fun is it earning income as a Sales Director and reaping the rewards from sales consultants you sponsor!

You can also purchase products wholesale (not required). You can make even more money that way.

Tell me more…tell me more…tell me more!!!
             Generous Compensation Plan- Three Levels of Income
            We're glad you want to see more. Take a look…
                                          There are three tiers to our commissions plan!
                                          Sales Consultants- Here you earn a 100% of the commissions from sales on any of our
                                          products. Our commission plan pays $1.00 on every Flavor Pack bought, or
                                          reordered from your customers online and the same on our 1/2 oz full flavor blends.
                                          Based on our retail pricing, our commission plan is very generous; as much as 20%.
                                          We use the term sales reps and sales consultants to describe our sales team. There is no difference
                                          between them.

                                          You are not required to buy any products for your use each month.

Sales Director- this is when you are sponsoring other sales reps. You continue to earn 100% of commissions from your online customers.
The members on your sales team earn their full commissions as sales consultants and you earn 50% of the commission or $.50
If any sales reps on your team sponsor other sales reps, you will earn another $.25 from them as well. Your compensation
plan ends there. We do not pay commissions on any levels past this.

Compensation Plan Summary for retail sales and not for wholesale or fund raising events:
Tier 1- $1.oo a unit sold      This is you                                                    You earn $1.00 a unit on 1/2 oz bottles & Flavor Packs
Tier 2- $.50 a unit sold       This is the sales consultant you hired as a sales director     You earn $.50 a unit on 1/2 oz bottles & Flavor Packs
Tier 3- $.25 a unit sold       This is the sales consultant your sponsor hired                You earn $.25 a unit on 1/2 oz bottles & Flavor Packs

Many of our sales consultants choose not to sponsor other sales reps and that is perfectly OK.
Usually our network marketing professionals do enjoy building their sales team and that's great!

Please remember, our products have high consumption rates and customers will be ordering frequently.
          Compensation Plan Terms and Conditions
Here's a summary of all the key components in the plan. It’s the details that everyone should read on their
cruise tickets but seldom do. Please read them here so you know what's involved and required.

Commissions-we pay $1.00 on every 1/2 oz bottle of Yum Drops ®              Commissions for Fund Raising or Special Cause Events-
and for every Flavor Pack purchased online by consumers.                    we pay 50% of Tier 1 commission rate or $.50 for 1/2 oz
                                                                            bottles and $.50 for Flavor Packs. Special Pricing Required.
Independent Agent Status-you are not an employee of the
company and are responsible for your own expenses,                          1099 Miscellaneous Income- are distributed by the
insurances and taxes on income earned.                                      end of February for the previous year for anyone
                                                                            earning income over $600 for the year. You will be
Suspension-you fail to set up home page or you do not                       required to pay income taxes on the income you earn.
produce sales for 3 months in any 6 month period. You are no longer
qualified to represent the company and earn commissions.                    Minimum Age- Our requirements are that
                                                                            you are 21 years old
Sales Access Code- is your user name when you sign up
Your customers can enter our website using your sales code                  Code of Conduct and Ethics- governs Sales Reps
or they can enter from your home page URL                                   acting appropriately as representatives of our company
                                                                            and requires that they will conduct themselves in a professional
Home Page- your own customized web page to promote                          manner.
your business. When customers use your home page they are
automatically tracked in our commission program.                            Suspension and Termination-for breach of any code of ethics or
                                                                            from a lack of activity or no saleales
Active Rep- in good standing                                                Suspension gives you 60 days to generate sales and termination is
                                                                            final and no other commissions will be earned and you are not
See what's left to review and consider so you have the entire picture...    authorized to represent the company.
           Compensation Plan Terms and Conditions-Continued

Shipments-all orders shipped in 3-5 business days.               Company Property-any and all property must be
                                                                 returned before final check is dispersed.
Activation Order-new customer order.
                                                                 Final Check-the last check issued from the company.
Minimum Pay Levels- $25 paid by check or
crediting your Pay Pal account, you own.                         Sales Team- sponsoring other sales reps
Any checks below $25 will be held until level is                 You are called a Sales Director
                                                                 Notice of Termination-terminates you from representing
Professionalism-conducting yourself                              the company and earning any more commissions.
in an appropriate   manner.
                                                                 Consumer Complaints- any complaints against Sales Rep or
Business Cards- include your sales code access                   Sales Directors will have one formal warning and the second
for customers so you get credit for the sale and                 complaint will result in immediate termination.
the commissions you've earned. You are
provided 250 cards and 500 infor cards no charge.                New Customer Discount-buy 3 1/2 oz bottles and get 1/4 oz bottle free

Free Shipping-on orders over $50.                                You cannot say or use the term "official, or official site of Yum Drops®
Shipping Charges- usually run $4.85 per order                    Flavoring in any online marketing tools

Sample Allowance- you can order 50% of the value of your         Sales Consultants- sales reps, authorized to sell products
commissions in samples at 50% off. E.G. if you sold              Sales Directors- sponsor other sales consultants
$100 in commissions on retail orders you earn a credit for $50   Dstributors- buy and resell products for a profit. You must have a
in samples at 50% off so you can buy $25 worth of samples.       Tax ID certificate or resellers number provided by your state.
            Sales Consultants and Sales Directors- Stocking Distributors

This is the last stop of the voyage.         Some of our network marketing professionals like this one the best!!!

As a sales consultants, you now have another opportunity to make even more money. All active sales consultants qualify to
buy our products wholesale as well. No commissions apply, and shipping charges are extra.

As a stocking distributor you can purchase products at 50% off our retail pricing right online No commissions or other discounts or
allowances apply. You should have a wholesale tax ID number to purchase wholesale.
At current retail pricing levels, you save the consumer shipping charges and convenience for getting it right from you.
You can easily earn 60% gross margins on our products.           We will provide you a special portal to our wholesale pricing page.

As a stocking distributor you can display and participate in a variety of marketing venues including:
                        Local Fairs                               State Fairs                    Sell consumers directly
                        Local Farm Markets                        Art Shows
                        Trade Fairs                               Concerts
                        Flea Markets                              Community Events
                        Sporting Events                           Holiday and Special Events
Anywhere water is sold or consumed.

You can sample the products and sell your customer right on the spot, or give them your business card for future sales online.
As a stocking distributor, you can sell the product for any price you choose, and make a nice profit for your efforts.
You can set your own price level that will make selling the products profitable. Remember, they can buy online and check pricing.

Minimum orders for stocking distributors is $250.      Remember, this is just another vehicle open to you. It is not a requirement.

To stock or not to stock, that is the question. As a sales consultant, the choice is yours. You are not obligated to be a distributor.
            Merchandising and Marketing Support

Sampling-is an excellent way to build your                   Marketing- promoting Yum Drops® by passing
business. Usually in 1 or 2 orders you've                    out cards as well as sharing and sampling flavoring
earned your investment back, and it's ll about               drops with friends, family, neighbors and business
investing in your future. Never sell any                     associates.           We will show you new markets and new channels
samples that have been used by you or
if the packaged seal is broken. We do                        Sales Rep e -Kit- Starter Kit-assortment of samples and merchandising tools
not recommend selling samples.                               Minimal cost-$145.95            Business cards-250 no charge
                                                             Receive 19 bottles assorted water drops and coffee flavoring drops and 2
Sales Support-         supporting our sales team             flavor packs. That's over $120 in retail value in product alone.
How to seed and start your sales consultant business         Email address with personal signature for email pages.
How to set up your home page                                 Sales Scripts to approach and connect with all         your customers and friends.
All about direct selling and network marketing
Learn more about social networks and network hubs            Online Store-go to our on line store-       coming soon
                                                             You can promote your business with T-shirts, license plate covers,
Business Cards-you can reorder more business cards           hats, ink pens, business cards, info cards and more…
                                                             Reorder cards when you need them
Info Cards- you get 500 free, use them like fliers           You can even find posters and signs to use for local trade shows or marketing
This is one of your best tools. Inexpensive and effective.   events.

Brochures-print online for handing out to prospective
           Join Our Family of Sales Reps and Directors Today!

You may not be able to join the crew on this cruise, but you can certainly join our crew and team.

                                  Yogi Bera said- "when you come to a fork in the road, take it"!
                                  In this case, the fork is simple…it's either yes let's do it or no not now.

                                  Pictures are worth a thousand words . We do not discriminate based
                                  on age, sex, race or religion. Fact of the matter is, we are interested in anyone that wants to
                                  earn more money!!!      We think this product and program appeals to almost all
                                                             group.           retirees.
                                  walks of life in every age group Especially retirees We understand that
                                  you may even be gainfully unemployed, or whatever. We think you still might
                                  want a little challenge or purpose and the extra income that comes with it.

           There is no better time to take a step to do something different, fun and challenging.
           You don’t have to do this full time, you don’t have to give up the fun things you do every day and the really nice thing
           about this opportunity- it really doesn’t get in the way of leading whatever life you choose.

You can spend a few hours a day, a week                                                     Join our family
whatever. The more you do the more                                                          Of Sales Reps and Directors today.
you make…it' as simple as that.                                                             Earn cash quickly. Easy. Fun.
                                                                                            You will enjoy the new experience
Give it a try, you will be surprised how easy it is                                         with friends, family and neighbors.

When it comes to selling Yum Drops ® age doesn't matter as long as your at least 21 old.
          The Future, You, Us and Yum Drops®
                          You've come back to port where all great cruises and voyages end. Hopefully the journey was a pleasant one,
                          and enlightening for you. We want to share a few of our own personal thoughts before we end the voyage and
                          the cruise ship story line.

                          Do you know why so many people are afraid of the future? It's fear of the unknown. Take a look
                          at the stock market and the economy, and is it any wonder why there is concern for the future.

                          This income opportunity should appeal to a wide range of people; housewives, single mothers, retirees,
                          young and old. We are all living today in what I call a "fractional economy". Our 401 K is now a
                          201-K, our net worth is a fraction of what it use to be and our monthly income on investments is shrinking
(Mike Snitka President)   and others are losing there income all together. Now, you have a choice and can help yourself.

A little more income can help offset the economics of today's fractional economy. We want people who are conscientious, want
to do something productive and are socially active. For people who want to work…       on their terms and conditions.

This is a legitimate product offering and compensation plan. This is not a scheme or mlm co.
Sure, you can sponsor two Sales Reps on your team under this plan once you qualify, but the plan
is not about recruiting.    It's about sselling products. We promote an entrepreneurial culture
with a ground floor opportunity that lets everyone earn as more money with more effort.

"I had 450+ employees in my last company, before I sold it. People enjoyed working for me and
they made a great living in the process. For me this business is more about using my skills sets,
my passion for Entrepreneuring and to provide an income model where you can earn extra money".                (George Napoli- CEO)

For Mike, it's a chance to diversify and to grow another business in his area of expertise, while
using his skills. Mike knows the future in flavoring and trends and wants to grow professionally with this new business.
Do's, Don'ts and Things- At a Glance

The core of your marketing campaign is centered around using, sharing sampling and selling the products
products with people you know, people you've just met, friends, family, neighbors and associates. Giving
sample products away is always good business if it leads to an order, but that is not required by you.

Remember, Yum Drops® is a very visible product, the more you use it, the more buzz you create about it.
And best of all…the more you sell…the more income for you.

All of our products come with tamper proof safety seals. Never sell any products that do not have this safety seal

Never just put a flavor drop in someone's beverage without first asking their permission. Then we always
recommend, putting one in your beverage and then tasting it. it first before you share the product with people.
Then it's the right time for you to share with prospective customers. Always mention all natural flavorings, 0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 fat.
The product is fun, tastes great and is easy to use, easy to carry and best of all, only pennies a serving.
There are approximately 65 serving per bottle…that's only penny a servings.

Use flavoring drops for water at health clubs, golf courses, restaurants, wherever you go and talk about the flavor

Sales Reps or Directors should never state or imply that they are the "Official Site of Yum Drops®."
Sales Reps or Directors should never state or imply discounted prices only available though them.

Give flavoring drops as gifts, always mention and using your SIC number.
Let's Sum It Up
First Class Service…Give it a Try!

First class company, leadership team and vision for the future

Entrepreneurial environment…we understand people want to earn more money and this is the right company,
product and culture for that opportunity.

Wide range of flavorings.        More coming every month.

4 Different Flavoring Profiles:
          Yum Drops® flavoring for water and hot or cold teas                  Natural
          Yum Drops® flavoring for coffees, dairy products and deserts         Natural
          Yum Drops® flavoring desert and dairy products                       Natural

Lucrative Industry with broad appeal and high consumption rate.                Multiple streams of income:
                                                                               Sales Consultants    1st tier
Work from home part time while keeping your job.                               Sales Directors      1st, 2nd and 3rd tiers
Online Technology to make selling easy.

Three tiered commissions        Tier 1- $1.oo a unit sold        This is you
                                Tier 2- $.50 a                   This is the sales consultant you sponsored on your team
                                Tier 3- $.25 a unit sold         This is your sponsored sales reps first line team member

A product that is easy to use and sell just by sharing and sampling with family, friends, neighbors and associates.

A Chance for you to write a new chapter in your history book about your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                           Sales Rep E-kit Material List

Quantity   Description                                                               Retail Value Total Value
           Yum Drops® Natural Flavoring For Water, Teas, Dessert and Dairy
     2     Flavor Pack- 3 1/4 oz bottles: berry, lemon, cranberry                    $      8.95   $      17.90
     1     1/2 oz bottle Lemon                                                       $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle lemon/lime                                                  $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle strawberry                                                  $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle cranberry                                                   $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 mango passion                                                         $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle grape                                                       $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle raspberry                                                   $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle lime                                                        $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle peach                                                       $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle berry                                                       $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle root beer                                                   $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz natural amaretto                                                   $      5.95   $       5.95
     1     1/2 oz natural dark rum                                                   $      5.95   $       5.95
     1     1/2 oz natural Irish Crème                                                $      5.95   $       5.95
     1     1/2 oz natural coffee liqueur                                             $      5.95   $       5.95
               Yum Drops® Natural Flavoring for Coffee, Deserts and Dairy Products
     1     1/2 oz bottle Belgium Chocolate                                           $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle French Vanilla                                              $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle Chocholate Mint                                             $      6.95   $       6.95
     1     1/2 oz bottle Hazel Nut                                                   $      6.95   $       6.95

    21     Totals                                                                                  $     145.95

           Balance Due                                                                             $        -

           250 Business Cards                                                                      N/C
           250 InfoCards                                                                           N/C
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