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									Kimberly J. Harris________________________________________
1008 Glenbrook Drive                                                                     C) 201-220-4604
Grand Prairie, TX 75052                                                        

Result-driven, proactive and resourceful administrative management professional with 14+ years experience providing program and
project support. Ability to work independently or as part of a team to meet project deadlines, with excellent communication and
computer skills, Multicultural awareness with a high level of adaptability. Skills include administrative oversight, program/project
management, logistics, contract/grant administration, organizational management, quality control, and process improvement.
Hands on experience with: Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Projects, charts, graphs, and reports.

Organizational management                                              Staff motivation
Strategic Planning                                                     Inventory systems
Reporting capability                                                   Employee training and development
Management analyst                                                     Project planning
Spreadsheet development                                                Self-starter
Microsoft Office skills                                                Meets/exceeds goals
Attention to detail                                                    Critical thinking
Team building

University of Phoenix-online Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership start date January 2012

University of Phoenix-Online Master of Arts in Organizational Management graduated 2003

City University of New York Bachelors of Science in Sport Medicine/Pre-Medicine graduated 1997

NJW Associates (Contractor for FAA ASW Airports Division)                             6/11/2009- 3/31/2011
134 N LaSalle, Suite 1030
Chicago, IL 60602
Supervisors: Kelvin Solco 817-222-5600 and Cameron Bryan 817-222-5610 You can contact

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program Manager - Excelled within deadline-intensive Federal Aviation
Administration environment, ensuring accurate and on-time completion of 45 airport improvement grant projects totaling $150
million. Established successfully; effective systems for document and data retention by creating database for daily correspondence
tracking. Implemented new standards for department documentation system, so staff and auditors could easily locate information in
all project folders. Coordinated meetings with other department managers and served as main liaison between airport staff,
sponsors, and engineering staff. Audited department files to insure compliance with agency goals for transparency. Handled,
processed and distributed confidential sponsor information. Performed regular telephone calls, teleconferences, and distributed
newsletters for airport sponsors to discuss status of reporting and project guidance. Designated validation authority over data
submitted by airport sponsors in Analyzed and gathered critical data and statistical samples for FAA executive
administrators, the President of the United States, and congress on ARRA related projects. Full time 40 hours/week ending
salary $83,500

NetStar-1 LLC (Contractor for ASW Logistics Division)                                            8/21/2007-06/11/2009

9713 Key West Avenue Suite 400
Rockville, MD 20850
Supervisor: Keith L. Moore 817-222-4300 You can contact

Site Manager -Oversaw daily office operations for staff of 22 employees. Developed and implemented performance tracking system
to manage and increase company efficiency and productivity. Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction; by implementing an
employee cross training and employee incentives program. Consistently, praised by management and government client for the
quality and timeliness of reports, attention to detail, exemplary customer service delivery and team-player attitude. Created
databases and spreadsheets to improve management and reporting accuracy of employee workload. Reduced the overall staff work
deficiencies by more than 35%, by creating a new quality assurance process. Managed and distributed hundreds of task assigned to
logistics service support contract by Federal Aviation Administration.
Full time 40 hours/week ending salary $58,000

KH 3 Property Inspection Service                                                          6/30/2005-6/1/2010
Home Office 1008 Glenbrook Dr.
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

President/owner/operator – Negotiated pricing with customers regarding property inspections services. Communicated regularly;
with clients, Realtors, and builders; via phone, email, and in person to obtain payments and for scheduling of inspections. Product
provided was a well organized and comprehensive report of property deficiencies to be utilized for property purchase. Full time for
3 years 40 hours/week, currently license inactive $65, 000

Federal Aviation Administration                                                          10/14/1997-6/25/2005
1 Aviation Plaza Jamaica, NY 11437
Supervisor Gene Orlando (retired) 718-553-3050

Logistics Management Specialist (Lead Capitalization Specialist) – Processed, procured, and maintained equipment for NAS
construction projects. Reconciled the charges expensed in DLPHI with TSSC (Technical Service Support Contracts). Served as the
Logistics Management Specialist for the Regional Management Team; oversaw all Work In Progress construction projects, to ensure
proper creation of project files/asset. Coordinated with TSSC point of contact/engineer to ensure that all charges were allocated in
the properly asset ledger. Purchased, scheduled, accounted for depreciation purposes, deposition of property, and capitalized
property in fixed asset accounting system using PRISM/DELPHI, DOCMAN, and REMS. Maintained and assigned program fiscal data
utilizing various software systems, including but not limited to PRISM, DELPHI, Regional Information System (REGIS), Mysite, and
US Bank. Reviewed all TSSC accounting and obligation documents and data prior to approval and entered into the accounting or
procurement systems. Used the PRISM to review and obtain copies of contracts, purchase orders, and credit card orders in voices
and batches. Interpretation of Acquisition Management System, Logistics Management Desk guide, Tort Laws, Property management
orders and regulations to ensure that the FAA mission was adhere to. Coordinated and consulted with engineers on required and
excess equipment. Assigned work, trained, delegated work, and oversaw the work processes of 6 contractors. Provided and applied
quality assurance procedures and process review of all contractors work. Member of a team of federal employees to design,
implement, and test a new document imaging database, currently known as DOCMAN. As a collateral duty I also served as the
Employee Wellness Chairperson for five year. Full time 40 hours/week ending salary $59,245 G/H

Honors: Regional Capitalization Team Award, Regional Co-worker of the Year Award

Automated Information Management, Inc (Contractor for AEA Logistics Division)                                1/20/1992-6/5/1995
(Now Netstar-1)
10003 Derkwood Lane Suite 110
Lanham, MD 20706
Supervisor: Audrey Tatum 718-553-3096 You can contact

Materiel Manager Specialist –Provided logistical support for the entire Eastern Region Logistics Division property disposal,
personal property, real property, and contracts for the Federal Aviation Administration. Maintained electronic and physical property
records for airport facilities and airport construction projects. Designed and launched a database to track project requisitioning
records. Conducted and audited inspections of physical inventory for five FAA facilities. Created property disposal batches,
transferred equipment between facilities, and donated equipment to civilian organization. Full time 40 hours/week salary $52,

United States Army Reserve Officer                                              4/21/1988 -6/25/2001
(Currently Inactive Veteran)
Fort Totten Army Reserve Base,
Fort Totten, Queens, NY 11365
Commander: Evert Johnson 718-557-4350 (Retired)

Executive Officer (last duty held) – Executive Officer (last duty held) – Managed the day to day operations of 150 soldier
unit. Managed and administered unit military security clearance system. Proctored and managed the units Army Physical Fitness
Program, and reviewed/designed fitness progress programs for delinquent soldiers. Managed property, arms room access, and key
control logs for security sensitive areas; granted access for all security sensitive areas. Managed and prepared nine
noncommissioned officers performance evaluations. Other duties held as military reservist. Other duties held as military reservist:
Physical Therapy Specialist, Unit Administrative Assistant to the Commander, Platoon Leader for Transportation unit, and Assistant
Patient Administration Officer for MASH unit. Part time 16 hours/month salary $450 month, activated for Operation Desert

Soldier of the cycle award during Officer Training Course

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA)

1. Knowledge of and ability to effectively utilize various agency or commercial office, accounting, and database management
hardware and software.
   Implemented new database work assignment system, which accurately accounted for all employees workload.
   Managed the internal control process of all ARRA funds; assisted and oversee the allocation and execution of approved budget
    and monthly/quarterly financial reporting to

   Contributed to the development of a new region wide electronic document management system for what is know now as
    (DOCMAN) and quality assurance database system.


2. Ability to present clear and concise information consistent with the targeted audience.
   Facilitate region wide teleconferences for consultants and sponsors for the dissemination of information, regulation, and
   Designed and implemented standard operating procedures for ARRA planners and engineers.
   Successfully coordinated and organized a team of 15 for an after hour crisis control program. Created the system, designed
    standards of operations, and monitored the responses on a monthly basis.
   Established a physical fitness, physical education, and health program AAHPERD standards for a private elementary school.
    Reduced average obesity of entire student body by 25% in 5 months.
    3. Ability to establish and maintain effective personal relations with coworkers, customers, etc.
   Managed and over sight with hands on evolvement of four contracting specialist, including day to day workload for national LSSC
    contract in Southwest region.
   Assisted all staff members with the development of prioritizing of workload and individual goal setting to use as a benchmark for
    performance evaluation.
   Chaired and directed a 45 person team of federal employees, which included executive managers and supervisors, in the
    development, design, implementation, and maintenance of an employee wellness program.

4. Ability to identify resource materials in order to interpret and apply policies and procedures.
Assigned and managed task orders/work orders for technical and administrative staff
   Contributed to the revision of the Logistics Management Capitalization Desk Guide currently being used as standard operating
   Interpreted the American Recovery Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed into law April of 2009; and integrated a system of
    oversight and transparency for grants administered to all Southwest Regional local airports.

   Provided oversight for over 40 Southwest Region Airport Improvement Projects Funded by the American Recovery and
    Reinvestment Act Funds. Projects totaling $200 million.

5. Ability to solve problems with persons inside and outside an organization to find mutually beneficial solutions.
Supervised and assisted LSSC contractors with prioritizing assigned work
   Managed over $1M in construction projects for the FAA and capitalized over $34M to meet agency goals. Requisitioned material
    for 500+ projects. Reduced the agency project backlog by 43%. Contributed to the development of a new region wide electronic
    document management system and quality assurance database system.
   Collaborated with several public organizations i.e. Department of Public Health, Workman Compensation, and American Heart
    Association, to identify, resolve, and implement regulation for all government employees utilizing wellness center.

6. Ability to organize, analyze and manage large quantities of data.
   Studied and implemented labor relations issues, including workers’ compensation and contractor liability for federal employee
    fitness center.
   Trained, approved data, and provided oversight for airport sponsors on monthly ARRA report 1201 C.

   Assisted sponsors with the completion of federal reporting template quarterly of 1512 report; also validated data.
   Assisted Management with complex management and operational issues directly related to ARRA improvement projects.


Facilitated orientations process of new employees by scheduling training, answering questions and processing paperwork.

Process Improvement
Oversaw implementation of new federal grant program (ARRA) for Federal Aviation Administration; processes and procedures were
disseminated to other regions as a guide.

Investigated and analyzed Southwest Regions airport sponsor complaints to identify and resolve grant issues.

Data Organization
Improved office organization by compiling quarterly and monthly data reports, financial progress spreadsheets, organizational charts
using advanced Microsoft Excel and ACCESS database functions. This allowed management to monitor progress and compliance of
over 40 airport grantees.

Computer Proficiency
Designed PowerPoint presentations, successfully used for business development. Presentations which, were also used as handouts
for breakout session attendees at annual conferences. Maintained ACCESS database that provided reports and statistics of grantees.

File Management
Audited project files, completed internal final audit of files for government wide audits by OIG, GAO, and OMB. Designed and
enforced standard documentation procedures that adhere to and met all government compliance orders.

Inventory Management
Oversaw government personal property and National Air Space equipment; for construction projects from the requisition phase to
deposition phase. Conducted monthly audits and provided management with reports.

Policy Development
Participated on a team, that developed and implemented employee desk guide procedures; outlining newly created capitalization
policies and procedures for all airport equipment.

Chaired a team of managers, employees, and consultants to design, launch, and maintain an employee wellness program.

Other Qualifications
   Project Management Course, currently pursuing (13) courses out of 24 completed.
   Fundamentals of Finance for non finance professional, currently pursuing
   Certificates, Six Sigma Green and Black Belt: Villanova University-Online, 2005.
   Commissioning for Officer Leadership, United States Army 1995, Graduated with honors, ranked 2nd out of 50 co-ed soldiers.
   Texas Real Estate Commission, Licensed Professional Inspector, 2006.
   Managing Projects within Organization 2009
   Project Process Groups and Initiating Projects 2009
   Monitoring and Controlling Projects Scope 2009
   Estimating Activity Resources and Durations 2009
   Defining and Sequencing Project Activities 2009
   Create Work Breakdown Structure 2009
   Project Requirements and Defining Scope 2009
   Integrated Project Change Control and Close 2009
   Integrated Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control 2009
   Integrated Initiation and Planning 2009
   Project Management Process Groups 2009
   Reports for Funds 2003
   Internal Auditor 2004
   Capitalization FAA 1997
   Managing your Workload for Success FAA 2004
   Quality System Orientation 2004
   Basic Quality Improvement Tools 2004
   Improvement Teams 2004
   ISO 9000:2000 2004
   Project Accounting FAA 1998
   Fixed Assets FAA 1998
   Facilitator Tools for Effective Meetings FAA 2000
   Improving Work Processes FAA 2003
   Personal Property Management FAA 1997
   Field Logistics FAA 1997
   Beginning and Intermediate ACCESS 2003


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