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									By Mass Media I mean ‘the whole
  body of media reaching large
      numbers of public’.
Until recently mass media was clearly defined and
was comprised of the eight mass media industries:

• Books,
• Newspapers,
• Magazines,
• Recordings,
• Radio,
• Movies,
• Television and
• The Internet
     The history of Mass Media
• The first newspaper was printed in China, but due to the
  high cost of paper and illiteracy amongst people, it didn’t
• Regarding the origin of the Mass Media, Europe can
  boast to be the primary source. It was Johannes
  Gutenberg, who for the first time printed a book in a
  printing press in 1453.
• Gradually, during the period post-Second World War,
  radio, television and video were introduced. Gradually,
  during the period post-Second World War, radio,
  television and video were introduced.
The Internet

      • Internet also known as
        the “World Wide Web”,
        is the newest type of
        Mass Media there it
        reaches world wide.
      • The Internet has help
        million of people like
        me to finish their work
        more efficiently and I
        short time.
        Advantages & Disadvantages
• Advantages:        • Disadvantages:

 - Communication       - Theft of personal
 - Information         information
 - Entertainment       - Spamming
 - Services            - Virus threat
                       - Pornography
     • Communication - we
       can communicate in a
       fraction of second with a
       person who is sitting in
       the other part of the world.

     • Information - any kind
       of information on any
       topic under the sun is
       available on the Internet.
• Entertainment - when
  people surf the Web, there are
  numerous things that can be
  found. Music, hobbies, news
  and more can be found and
  shared on the Internet.

• Services - many services
  are now provided on the
  internet such as online banking,
  job seeking, purchasing tickets
  for your favorite movies and
  hotel reservations.
      • Theft of personal
        information – name,
        address, credit card
        number can be accessed
        by other people.

      • Spamming - refers to
        sending unwanted
        e-mails in bulk, which
        provide no purpose and
        needlessly obstruct the
        entire system.
• Virus - is a program
  which disrupts the normal
  functioning of your
  computer systems.
• Pornography - is
  perhaps the biggest
  threat related to your
  children’s healthy mental
• In our opinion, the internet is the best thing
  that human-beings ever invented.
• We think that we aren’t able to live without
  internet, because it became the fastest
  way of communication and information.
• Although we know it affects us, we will
  always use the internet.
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