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					                     Discussion Question 1

                       Due Sunday, Apr 22
Is leadership an inherited trait or a developed skill? Support your

A leader might use strong communication to let staff know what the
organizational goals are. This is a key point. Senior leadership may
do a great job in defining a strategy and creating driver diagrams, but
if those organizational goals are not shared with the staff it creates
confusion and misaligned goals from the bottom up. Sullivan and
Decker (2009) acknowledge that it is the manager's role to
communicate goals to staff.
 So, if you were the manager who had
to articulate the organizational goals to your staff, how would you go
about it? What would you do if you did not agree with some of the
goals? How might you present them and gain staff buy in when you,
personally, did not agree with the goal?

Sullivan, E., & Decker, P. (2009). Effective Leadership and Management in
Nursing. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
                           Discussion Question 1

                             Due Sunday, Apr 22
     How is leadership different from management? Can leaders
     perform management functions?

Certainly leadership can be developed by educational
opportunities. However, these opportunities may or may not be well
supported by senior leadership. I am sure that many of you have had
the experience of seeing a strong clinical nurse who moves into a
management position. But they likely got very little training prior to
moving into the position and they may or may not have floundered
trying to get their feet on the ground.

Some managers do a great job in seeking out their own educational
opportunities to grow in their leadership development. But often, new
managers get in the role and just are unable to find that time to carve
out and attend conferences. Curtis et al (2011), are strong advocates
for engaging in further educational leadership activities.
would you do if your senior leadership did not want to give you the
extra time to attend leadership conferences? How might you gain
your own education?

Curtis, E., Sheerin, F., & de Vries, J. (2011). Developing leadership in nursing: the impact
            of education and training. British Journal of Nursing, 20(6), 344-352.
Goal setting may be different between a manager and a leader. Let's
look at goal setting for a moment...

Goal setting may sound simple, but it can be more complicated than
you might think. However, it can be a very powerful tool for achieving
great things. Also, those who set goals are more likely to achieve
than those who do not. If you do not have a clearly articulated road
map for what you are setting out to do, you might quickly lose your
 Here are some steps to consider when setting your goals:

1. What is the Situation Now?
 2. How would I like things to be
 3. What is my initial plan for getting what I want?
When will I have this plan completed?
 5. How will I know if I am
 6. What kinds of support or information do I need to get

How might you use these questions in setting goals as a nurse

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