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A bounty hunter, also known as a bail enforcement agent or a fugitive recovery agent, tracks down

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									How To Be A Bounty Hunter
Become a Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters, also known as bail enforcement agents, are people who find bail-secured fugitives
and bring them to justice. They work with bail bondsmen to find criminals who have skipped out on
bail. A career in bounty hunting can be dangerous, yet rewarding. There are several things you need
to do to get started as a bounty hunter.

Things You'll Need
License, if necessary

Stun gun, baton and bulletproof vest


Computer with Access to the internet to research criminal information

A badge, shirts and hats identifying yourself as a bounty hunter

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Head to the public library and read about bail law. To be a bounty hunter, you need to know as much
as you can about the laws involved in bail investigations.


Find a mentor. The best way to learn about bounty hunting is from an individual who already does the
job. Spend time with an experienced bounty hunter or perhaps have a clerical job in a bounty hunter's
office to get a feel for the business.


Take an online course in bounty hunting. Various companies offer online courses in bounty hunting
where you will learn about surveillance, negotiations, skip tracing, apprehension and fugitive


Get licensed. In some states, you need to have a license to be a bounty hunter. Research the laws in
your own state and meet the requirement to receive your license.

Team up with other bounty hunters. Many bounty hunters are part of a group of bounty hunters,
working together out of the same office for a particular bail bondsman or group of bail bondsmen. If
you would rather start your own bounty hunting business, you can venture out on your own, but it may
be more difficult to get customers.

Start hunting. Put the skills you have learned to a test and start your bounty hunting career.

Tips &; Warnings

Get testimonials from former students before paying one to teach you about bounty hunting.

Follow all the laws and regulations. Bounty hunting can be a dangerous job.

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in Florence, Alabama

How to Be a Bounty Hunter

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Nov 15, 2011

'; I threw it on the ground! ';


Nov 11, 2011

I would like to be a bounty hunter I've always had jobs that most people couldn' t handle.

Jul 26, 2011

shaolin kungfu fighter 3rd degree blk belt.


Jul 26, 2011

And then u woke up! Lmao hahahahaha jk


Jul 26, 2011

I use to be a bouncer in bigbear lake for a bar.. Had to defend myself 1 day so I lift the guy up threw
him through the window andgrabbed him and pulled back through the window. My adrenalin waas
pumping and I picked him upand slmammed him to the ground.. Im fit to be a bounty hunter lol.

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