Student Employee Handbook REVISED 1.9.12 by xusuqin


									                 Student Employee Manual

Dr. Martha Warfield, Vice President for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

                          Revised: January 9, 2012

                                         PURPOSE OF MANUAL
This manual was developed to assist student employees regarding procedures for student employment.

Definition of a student is listed below and on Career and Student Employment Services’ website:

Only Western Michigan University students may be hired. For student employment purposes, that is defined as
an individual
     currently taking at least one credit-bearing course in any semester or session, OR.
     If a new student, has applied and been accepted to the University and intends to enroll.

FICA exempt student employees are students enrolled half time with 6 credit hours/semester or 3 credit

If a student withdraws from the university, graduates, is academically dismissed or is separated by any other
method, he/she must immediately stop work.

Student employment within ODI is:
    Developmental; creating continuity and providing an opportunity for skill building,
    Supportive; providing a sense of belonging in a flexible environment,
    Supplemental; helping students reach their academic goals.

Student employees working in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion gain professional experience, add to their
resume, and learn more about the institution.

                               WORK-STUDY AWARD ELIGIBILITY
Work-study awards are a need-based financial aid program funded by the Federal Government, the State of
Michigan and Western Michigan University. The awards are granted to students based on need who are enrolled
at least half-time during the period of their employment. Unlike grants and scholarships, work-study awards are
earned and paid through the payroll process in the form of a bi-weekly paycheck. Work-study awards and
amounts are subject to eligibility requirements and fund availability.

The amount of the work-study award, the hourly rate of pay, and the number of weeks worked during the
semester/session will be the primary determinants of the number of hours a student employee whose
appointment is funded by a work study award may work each week. The Financial Aid Office provides
notification of the work-study awards. Student may also locate this information through student accounts. If a
student employee was hired with the understanding that the appointment was funded by a work-study award,
once a student has received the full amount of the award through the payroll system, the student may no longer
work unless an alternate funding source is identified.

       “Diversity at WMU encompasses inclusion, acceptance, respect, and empowerment. This means
       understanding that each individual is unique and that our commonalities and differences make the
       contributions we have to offer all the more valuable. Diversity includes the dimensions of race,
       ethnicity and national and regional origins; sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic
       status, age, physical attributes, and abilities; as well as religious, political, cultural, and intellectual
       ideologies and practices.” (Diversity and Multiculturalism Action-DMAP, pg. 11)
Purpose of Student Employment
    The Office Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) provides student employment opportunities to allow students
      to gain work experience, develop good work habits (such as punctuality, understanding and following
      directions and working effectively with others) as well as help finance their education while enrolled
      here at Western Michigan University (WMU).
    Student employees may be offered professional development opportunities. Student employees may be
      able to attend a professional development activity as part of her/his workload for ODI.

Student employees in ODI assist with the following:
     Providing quality service to staff, faculty and students;
     Enhancing the image of ODI through interactions and/or communications with other WMU
     Serve as an ODI representative throughout the campus

                                             JOB DESCRIPTIONS

Job descriptions vary depending upon which immediate supervisor the position reports to. Student employees
will receive a job description from his/her immediate supervisor. A majority of the student hires will be
interviewed and selected by the Office Associate and then assigned an immediate supervisor. However, each
student employee is expected to assist the Vice Presidential area as a whole and may be asked to perform job
duties for a staff member who is not the student employee’s immediate supervisor.

                            GENERAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

Prior to your employment with ODI, the following information must be completed and submitted to the ODI
Office Associate:
    Financial Aid Award Letter (This can be obtained via your GoWMU account)
    I-9 information indicating that the student went to Human Resources and provided the appropriate
       documentation for completion of the I-9 form.
    Application
    Signed offer letter

    Student employees are expected to exhibit a high degree of professionalism while working in the office.
       Many workspaces are within public view, therefore conduct must reflect positively upon ODI and the

Dress Code
    Student employees are expected to present a neat, professional appearance. If a supervisor believes that
       a student’s dress/hygiene is not appropriate for the office, the student should be asked to leave or change
       their clothes. The student may receive a written complaint for their file.
    Inappropriate Workplace Attire includes:
           o T-Shirts with slogans or obscene/offensive sayings or images, sexual or alcohol slogans
           o Attire promoting other colleges or universities
           o Torn, dirty, crumbled/wrinkled clothing
           o Ripped/faded jeans, sweat pants
           o See-through clothing which reveals too much, halter tops, short shorts
           o Muscle shirts, shorts, pants that show underclothing

Confidentiality Agreement
      As a part of the position, at times a student employee may have access to confidential information regarding
       students, employees, recruiters, or alumni. Unauthorized use of this information is strictly forbidden and could
       result in immediate dismissal if misused. Student employees are required to sign and comply with a
       confidentiality agreement.

Customer Service:
    Student employees are expected to make customers of ODI a priority. That includes customers who are
      presenting in person, over the phone, or via e-mail. Any work or direction that occurs with a co-worker
      is secondary to the needs of the customer.
    When answering a department phone, the student employee should answer in a manner similar what
          o Good (morning/afternoon)! Office of Diversity and Inclusion (student employee name) speaking.
              How may I help you?
    If a student employee has an emergency and needs to place a call, s/he needs to be speak to the
      immediate supervisor first as personal phone calls should not be made during work time.

    Student employees will receive evaluations each semester. Evaluations will be used when considering
      promotions and pay rate increases. They may also be used when student employees request references.

Food Policy:
    Food should be eaten in either of the kitchens during break times.

    Studying or homework during work hours is not allowed unless permission is granted by the immediate
      supervisor. This is rarely allowed as the student employee positions are valuable in accomplishing work
      for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Technology – fax, phone, computer, printers:
    The equipment is for professional office use only.
    Please refer to the Downloading Policy.

    Personal visitors are not allowed in the office areas unless the student employee receives permission
       from the immediate supervisor.

                                    WORK SCHEDULE AND HOURS
Timing and Clock:
    A good work ethic includes being dependable, reliable, and having the initiative to get the job done
      correctly in a timely manner. Student employees are expected to clock in and out at the start and finish
      of their daily shift. Student employees managing the multicultural center have another procedure for this
      process. Please refer to the multicultural center policies and procedures. After clocking in, report
      immediately to the immediate supervisor. Student employees are expected to arrive promptly during
      scheduled times and be ready to carry out responsibilities upon arrival. Student employees are expected
       to clock out at their designated time unless given approval to continue work by the immediate
      Time worked must be recorded daily using the time clock (unless the student employee is a multicultural
       center manager where other policies apply). If a student employee neglects to clock in or out, the student
       employee must write the time on the card and obtain the initials of the immediate supervisor next to the
       hand-written information.
      The student employee must sign the time card at the end of each pay cycle. The immediate supervisor
       will verify the time and provide and approval signature on the time card as well.
      Before the beginning of each semester, student employees are expected to provide a preferred work
       schedule to the immediate supervisor and discuss a finalized work schedule so that the office is
       appropriately covered.

    For every four-hour shift a student employee works, s/he are entitled to one 15 minute paid break (4
      hours = 15 minutes). Students who work an eight-hour shift are entitled two 15 minute paid breaks (8
      hours = 2X15 minutes or 30 minutes). Break periods may not be accumulated and are not to be used to
      arrive to work late or to leave early.

   If a student employee works over four hours at one time, s/he is required to take at 30-minute unpaid

Make Up Hours:
   A student may request to make up hours that were missed. Make up hours are allowed at the discretion
     of the immediate supervisor and will be based on workload, budget and/or work study award balance
     and the needs of the office.

                                       PROBATIONARY PERIOD

All student employees are employed as temporary employees with the university and on a probationary status
for the first thirty days. This probation period begins immediately after the date of hire. During this period, the
immediate supervisor is expected to train student employees on job duties and responsibilities. The immediate
supervisor will complete a job performance probation report, which will serve as the basis for maintaining or
terminating employment.

                                             RECEIPT OF PAY

All student employees will receive pay in the form of a pay card or direct deposit within an account. Payroll is
processed every two weeks on Tuesday. To register for direct deposit, log into the Gowmu portal and proceed to
the self service tab on the left of the home screen. Upon orientation, you will be provided a payroll schedule
with the dates for the beginning and end of pay periods and dates for when that specific payroll is issued. The
pay schedules are located on Payroll’s website.

                            TIME AND ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES

Absences, tardiness or early departure:
    If an emergency arises and an absence is anticipated, the student must contact the immediate supervisor.
      If the immediate supervisor is unavailable, the student must attempt to reach another staff member. If no

       one is available, the student employee should leave a message either via e-mail or voice mail with the
       immediate supervisor AND leave a voice mail message on the mail line at (269) 387-6313.
      Requests for temporary schedule changes and/or time off should be made at least 24 hours in advance.
       This allows the supervisor time to plan for the absence.
      A student employee is late if s/he is not punched in and working by the scheduled work time.
      Absences and tardiness or early departure instances may be documented in the employee file. Excessive
       instances that are not excused by the immediate supervisor can result in disciplinary action or

Schedule Changes:
    Immediate supervisors must approve any variance to work schedules. All variances and/or permanent
      changes must be submitted in writing to your immediate supervisor prior to the variance and/or change.
      Once approved by the immediate supervisor, the office associate will update the central schedule so that
      all employees are aware of the change.
    Students are not typically scheduled to work during final exam week. If a student chooses to work
      during finals week, please submit a schedule to the immediate supervisor the Friday before finals week
      for planning purposes.

Resignation, termination, or appointment end date:
    Continued employment is contingent upon satisfactory performance. The student employee
      appointments are “at will.” The University has the right to terminate an appointment without cause.
    If a student employee is appointment for a specified appointment period, (for example, the academic
      year), the appointment end date will be indicated in the offer letter. The appointment terminates
      effective the date indicated in the offer letter.
    Should a student employee wish to terminate employment, the student employee must notify the
      immediate supervisor in writing two weeks prior to the effective date.


      Student employees are to utilize designate work areas to complete tasks.
      A mailbox is designated for each student employee as a means of keeping you informed of meetings
       and/or work assignments. It is each student’s responsibility to check their mailbox. Mailboxes are
       located near the time clock.
      It is each student’s responsibility to inform the office assistant, in writing, of all changes in home
       addresses, home phone number, email address and etc.
      Visitors are prohibited.
      Student employees are expected to become familiar with all offices and functions of ODI in order to
       know important general information.
      Student employees are expected to present a cheerful, efficient, and professional attitude when dealing
       with co-workers, staff members and other University employees when running errands on campus.
      Maintain a neat and organized work area. Before leaving for the day, you must:
              1. Explain any unfinished work to the appropriate staff member or your supervisor.
              2. Clear and put away all supplies used for the project unless the next person needs to use them to
                  complete project.
              3. Straighten work area. Empty trash in your work area on Thursdays.
      Reading and/or studying is permissible only after you have checked to ensure there are no pending work
       orders to be completed.

                                           DISCIPLINARY ACTION

      Inappropriate Behavior Relating to Attendance:
       1. Excessive absenteeism
       2. Tardiness, leaving work early, or extending break periods
       3. Improper use of sick leave or bereavement leave to cover an absence
       4. Failure to properly report the reason(s) for being absent, if no previous arrangements were made
          with the immediate supervisor.

      Unsatisfactory Performance:
       Student employees who demonstrate either unsatisfactory work performance or unsatisfactory work
       attendance may be warned, given time to correct problem, or be dismissed.
       1. Verbal Warning: A demonstration of unsatisfactory performance or attendance will result in the
           student being told in private explicitly how job requirements are not being met, and allowed a
           reasonable period to improve her/his performance with the understanding that unless work
           performance or attendance is improved, her/his employment will be terminated. The immediate
           supervisor will maintain a written record of the verbal warning for documentation purposes.
       2. Written Warning: If the student employee’s work performance continues to fall behind required
           standards, the student will be informed in writing of the unsatisfactory performance.
       3. If improvement is not significant, the student employee may be placed on probation. The notice of
           probation will be provided to the student employee in writing. A copy of the notice will be placed on
           file. The probation period is 30 days, but may be extended. The memo includes the reason for the
           probation, the period of probation, and the consequences of further unsatisfactory performance.
       4. Termination: If the student’s performance has not improved, the student employee may be
           terminated. The student employee will be notified in writing.
                a. It is not necessary to follow the steps listed above to terminate a student employee, but if the
                   immediate supervisor chooses to follow the guidelines above, they can be a tool for the
                   immediate supervisor.
                b. The immediate supervisor may wish to consult with Career and Student Employment
                   Services for direction as well.

      The use of abusive or profane language will not be tolerated. Violation could result in disciplinary

      Attending work under the influence of drugs or alcohol is grounds for immediate dismissal. The student
       employee will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct.

   Student employees may wish to appeal the decision for termination. A staff member of Career and
      Student Employment Services may be hear the concerns and discuss them with the immediate

                                         UNIVERSITY PRACTICES

Supervisor Responsibilities:
    Each student employee will be provided with a job description. A copy of this job description will be
      housed in the student employee file. The job description includes the following information:
           o The name and address of the student’s employer
           o The purpose of the student’s job
           o The student’s duties and responsibilities
           o The job qualifications
           o The job’s wage rate or range
           o The length of the student’s employment (beginning and ending dates)
           o The name of the student’s supervisor
      The student employee must be working at the department’s regular place of operation during normal
       business hours.
      The student employee must receive direct supervision.
           o Some duties may require that the student work independently without the supervisor in the same
              office area. When a situation like this arises, these items must be addressed.
                   The immediate supervisor must be able to verify that the student is working. This could
                      be verified by completion of assigned tasks, a checklist, and/or verbal communication
                      over the phone, written communication via e-mail or memos.
                   The student employee must have access to a staff member. This could be accomplished
                      by having the staff member available via phone during the assigned time.
      Pay rates must be in alignment with the model established by Career & Student Employment Services
       based upon the position and skills necessary to complete the job duties.
      Students should not be compensated for hours of study or other non-work-related activities.
      Student employees should be paid for the time worked in a timely manner. Hours should not accumulate
       when finalizing the details of a student’s financial aid or awaiting paperwork completion. Instead, the
       student employee should not be working until the paperwork is finalized.

Volunteer work within the Office of Diversity & Inclusion:
    The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, prohibits employers (including schools) from
      accepting voluntary services from any paid employee. If a student employee is doing work for this vice
      presidential area, the student must be paid for the hours worked.

Severe Weather:
    The decision to reduce, suspend, or close all or part of the University for reasons such as weather,
       building conditions, disruptive actions, or health risks will be made by the President or his/her designee.
       The first notice will be posted on the WMU Home page, and the university will make every reasonable
       attempt to notify local news media by 6 a.m. in such instances. The emergency and information number
       for the university is 387-1001. Employees may call that number to learn about University closure.
    Student employees will be paid the regular hourly rate for the hours worked during a period of severe
       weather. Student employees will only be paid for hours worked.

                                           Employee Agreement

As a student employee in the Office of Diversity at Western Michigan University, there are policies and
procedures with which you need to be familiar. There are important skills that you will be expected to display
toward people in the department where you are employed.

_____ I understand that my student employment is a real job and I will perform the job as I would in any other
      on/off campus position.

_____ I understand that I am expected to dress in a manner that is respectful to self and others.

_____ I understand that I am expected to be dependable, adhere to my work schedule and be on time. If I am
       late or ill, I will notify my Supervisor prior to my starting time.

_____ I understand that people visiting or calling the department are my customers and should be treated with
       respect, even if they are wrong. I understand that I represent the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and
       that my “customers” may judge the whole University on the interaction they have with me.

_____ I understand that I will work the hours designated and that I may not work over my designated hours
       without prior approval from my Supervisor.

_____ I understand that my Supervisor will assign my daily job activities and I am expected to follow those
       guidelines. I understand that if I unwilling to follow the rules outlined, I could be reprimanded or

I certify that I have read and understand all the statements above and agree to abide by them.

Student Employee Signature__________________________________________ Date_______________


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