tamaki team works with samoan trust by donating much needed

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					                                               Tamak i T ransf ormaT ion Pr ogr amme                                         oCT o Be r 2009

glendowie students                               tamaki team works with
scoop national
film-making award                                samoan trust by donating much
A group of year 13 Glendowie College             needed supplies
students recently won the national
                                                 The Tamaki Transformation Programme housing workstream’s team, led by
Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD)
film competition. The small group was by         Programme Coordinator David Vui-Talitu, donated supplies to the
led Hohepa Hemara (18) to produce a              o Le Lafitaga Trust. These supplies were sent to help the families in samoa
dramatic five-minute video clip depicting        impacted by the Tsunami.
the horrors of drunk driving.
As the director and writer, Hohepa filmed                                                              “A number of New Zealand organisations
some of the clip in one of the student’s                                                             and people have helped us. For example,
family home and the remainder in a                                                                   Primal Youth helped pick up supplies from
crashed car. The film featured several                                                               Housing New Zealand tenants across
Glendowie students as well as members                                                                Auckland – East, South, West and North.”
of the Panmure Fire Brigade and the Glen                                                               Brenda adds that despite time pressures
Innes Police, to add realism to the story of                                                         to get the goods to Samoa before November,
a drink driving accident.                                                                            everyone rallied together in support of the
  Michael Vass and Brennan Harland                                                                   families over there. This approach to building
Smith ably completed the filming and                                                                 and supporting families is in line with the
editing while Georgia Young, Annaleisha                                                              Trust’s work.
Rae, Carla Momic, Hamish Wilson and Karl                                                               “The Trust was originally created to support
Woodhams were the actors.                                                                            Samoan families settling in New Zealand,
  Hoehepa’s passion for film-making                                                                  such as helping them access information
motivated him to get involved in the                                                                 and services. Many were challenged by our
competition. The high-impact drama is                                                                systems and the New Zealand ways of doing
aimed at a teenage audience and it was                                                               things,” she says.
shown to the school, where it received a                                                               “Today we’ve grown to work with a range
very positive response.                                                                              of partners such as schools, and we provide
  “We are delighted with the success                                                                 a broader range of services to Samoans
of the short film. It was a student led                                                              such as counselling services and providing
project, which very powerfully shows the                                                             courses on budgeting and parenting skills.” n
consequences of driving while drunk,”
                                                 Housing New Zealand Director of Operations Celia
says Glendowie Deputy-Principal, Gordon          Patrick and O Le Lafitaga Trust Managing Director
Robertson.                                       Brenda Simmons were pleased that New Zealand was            inside this issue ...
  “All the students involved are                 able to help in some small way.
congratulated for their initiative and
                                                                                                       n NEWS
organisation in producing such a quality         O Le Lafitaga Trust Managing Director Brenda
                                                 Simmons is tremendously appreciative of the              Glen Innes organisation works hard
piece of work.”
                                                 donations made by Housing New Zealand’s                  to connect communities
  As part of the prize, the film will be
shown on national television next year.          staff and their friends, family and whanau.              Local students join programme
However, Hohepa says “the best part                “We’d like to thank everyone for working               identity journey
about making the film was the importance         together to provide food, clothing, blankets
of working with the whole group to achieve       and bedding. We were able to send packages            n OUR PEOPLE
something important and relevant to              over to families in Samoa to help them begin             Meet our Board: Patricia Reade
today’s teenage society”. n                      rebuilding their lives,” says Brenda.                    and Martin Udale

                                transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                              01
Programme meets
with panmure
action group                                    glen innes organisation works
MeMBers of the Tamaki Transformation
Programme team met with the Panmure
                                                hard to connect communities
Community Action Group (PCAG) last              ka mau Te Wero (kmTW) Charitable Trust’s commitment towards
month, to discuss what the Programme            working together to build communities, local leadership and harness
means for the residents of Panmure.             pride is represented by two community-focused events planned for
  “It was very good meeting PCAG
                                                october and november.
members to discuss the Programme and
what we hope to achieve for the Tamaki          In the first event, the Music and Arts Glen
area. We talked about ways to better            Innes Centre (MAGIC) project group is
engage with Panmure residents to ensure         organising fund-raising movie screenings of
the Programme has positive outcomes for         Twilight and New Moon on Wednesday,18
Panmure communities,” says Community            November.
Engagement Manager, Jenny Chilcott.               “The MAGIC group was formed by
  “We realised from the meeting that we         community workers to collaborate on
still have some work to do around how           establishing a music and arts centre in
we communicate with and ‘define’ the            Glen Innes (GI),” says KMTW Community
communities that make up Tamaki. It’s not       Projects Manager, Tess Liew.
about a one size fits all approach. We’re         “There is so much creativity and
currently working through some of these         talent within our area that we believe a
challenges and look forward to reporting        centre would work extremely well. By
back to the group at a later date.”             establishing a quality community facility and
  At the meeting, the Programme’s               programmes in music and arts, as well as
                                                                                                 Mrs Dong (right) of the GI Chinese Friendship
Housing workstream Project Lead, Stuart         providing opportunities for youth education,     Group and Tess Liew were at an event for the
Bracey, talked about the Programme and          development, training and enterprise,            International Day of Older Persons in October –
its commitment to the area. Matt Riley and      we will create and maintain a vibrant and        another community area of interest for Tess.
Andrew Beer, who have been seconded             burgeoning music and arts sector in GI. As
from Auckland City Council as part of the       the centre is focused on presenting great       infrastructures for increasing community
Placemaking workstream, also updated            opportunities for the youth of the area, we     health, wellbeing and cross-cultural
the residents about their plans and             felt the popular youth-based movie choices      connectedness. New ties were built, while
Auckland City Council’s focus for Tamaki.       would work well as a fundraising event!”        others were strengthened and expanded,”
                                                  In another community initiative, the          adds Tess. n
Frequently asked                                2009 Neighbours Day project proposal
questiOns                                       from Lifewise was well-received by KMTW
                                                                                                     Diary dates ...
> How will the programme affect                 members.
                                                  “It offered a great opportunity for KMTW       > The MAGIC double movie
    those of us who live in panmure?
                                                to progress the original aims and objectives         fundraiser will start screening at
    The Programme is about working                                                                   9.30pm on Wednesday, 18 and
                                                of its deferred 2008 GI FANS (Friends and
    in bold new ways with central and                                                                12.01am Thursday, 19 November
                                                Neighbours) project,” says Tess. “KMTW
    local government, agencies and the                                                               (approximately).
                                                was happy to participate in this new
    community, to achieve better results
                                                regional collaboration to celebrate local
    for the people of Tamaki. It’s a 20-year                                                     > The annual GI Vision Stakeholders’
                                                initiatives, while building connectedness in
    programme.                                                                                       Appreciation and Accountability
                                                communities and promoting wellbeing.”
                                                                                                     hui will be held on Wednesday, 09
    We have not developed a single plan           The event was held on Saturday, 17
                                                                                                     December, 10am to 1pm.
    about what we want to do, but are           October and encouraged Glen Innes
    working with the community to find out      neighbours and friends to come together          n If you would like to know more
    what it wants and needs from us as we       to socialise, share information and build            about KMTW and its initiatives,
    need to get this right.                     on their individual and collective sense of          or offer any support or services,
                                                belonging and community.                             please contact Tess Liew at
   Continued on page 3                            “It also allowed us to build upon social           521 8436 or

                              transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                             02
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> Why does only half of panmure
   appear to be included in the
   programme’s geographical
   The area defined as Tamaki is
   where Housing New Zealand and
   Auckand City Council are the principal
   landowners. This includes the
   northern half of Panmure, but not the
   southern end which is predominantly
   in private ownership.

> When and where is new housing
   being built?
   There are no solid plans yet. New
   housing will be built in Tamaki to meet
   growing demand – but Housing New
   Zealand will be working through the
                                               local students join
                                               programme identity journey
   Programme, and with the community,
   to determine where it should be and
   what type of housing is needed.
                                               The Tamaki Transformation Programme has been working with local
> Are there plans for high density             schools and members of the community to create an identity for the
   housing in Tamaki?                          20-year Programme. Through this process a visual identity as well as
   Like the rest of Auckland, Tamaki’s         a brand story for the Programme will be developed.
   population is growing rapidly. This
   Programme is about ensuring that            Glen Innes residents Alfred Ngaro and                and to see the pictures they drew, as it shows
   as change occurs in the area, it is         Mike Ikilei (also a Board member) have               us what they feel about their neighbourhood.
   shaped and managed to achieve               been working together with Programme                 All of their stories will be captured in some
   the best possible future for the            Communications Advisor, Justine Banfield, on         way by the visual identity and brand ‘story’,
   community. The nature of new                the first stage of the process.                      once we’ve completed this journey,” he says.
   housing in Tamaki will be shaped by           “The schools that have been involved so far          The next step was a creative workshop
   working with the community.                 have been amazingly supportive, particularly         held at the Programme’s offices with well-
                                               as many students are under real exam                 known community artist Terry Klavenes, Pita
> What is the relationship between             pressure. We are tremendously appreciative           Turei, Tamati Patuwaui, Alfred, Mike and
   the programme and big projects in           of all the hard work and input we’ve had so          Tamaki College and Selwyn College students
   the area that are being driven by           far,” says Justine.                                  and teachers. The students who attended
   other agencies, such as roading?              As part of the first stage, local primary          were Krissy Rangi, Tyrone Tangata-Makiri,
   The Programme is a multi-agency             school students (age 7-12 years old) were            Emma Brown and Alan Mulia.
   initiative and it would work, where         invited to write about ‘My neighbourhood’.             The students were invited to work with
   this fits within the Programme’s            This has given the Programme and its                 Terry to create a logo for the Programme by
   goals and objectives, with its              stakeholders insight into how younger                bringing their personal views and impressions
   partner agencies on projects in             children in the area view their neighbourhood        of Tamaki, as well as artistic input, to the
   this area. However, initiatives             and what living in Tamaki means to them.             workshop. Similar to the primary school
   planned by other agencies, such as            Alfred says clear themes came through the          students’ works, this will be included in the
   major infrastructural works, will be        artworks and stories created by the children.        creation of the final visual identity and will be a
   driven by the agency it falls under.        These themes included: people; food; church;         core part of the overall brand story.
   The Programme will aim to build             the natural environment; artworks; and the             “It was good to get the high schools’
   relationships around other major            facilities in the areas, specifically the Internet   design students involved in this as it gave
   initiatives that fall outside of the        Cafe and the Glen Innes library.
   Programme. n                                  “It was exciting to read what they wrote              Continued on page 4

                             transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                                     03
       Continued from page 3

   them experience of how the creative process around branding
   develops and evolves. What was valuable to us was seeing, and being
   part of, how the students view their environment.
      “The idea is to help build a process that works for the future of our
   young people, so they can perhaps see a pathway for themselves and
   then reap the benefits as much as the Programme will from their input,”
   says Mike.
      SchoolsInc Producer, Robb Munnick and his team filmed the
   students during this first stage, as part of a planned documentary
   celebrating the process. SchoolsInc seeks to raise student
   achievement through film and provides students with the opportunity
   to share their learning with their local and wider community.
      As a co-designed initiative between the Programme and the
                                                                                                                                                  I can
   community, the creation of the programme identity will ultimately be
                                                                                                                    g is interesting. Every day
                                                                               “In  my neighbourhood everythin                                    r
   depicted by a logo, a brand story and other artworks telling the story of
                                                                                                                say ‘G’day mate’ or ‘How’s you ”
   the Programme while being representative of its stakeholders. n             just walk up to a house and                     their day has been.
                                                                                                                 reply on how
                                                                               day been?’ and they would
                                                                                                                                                  e we
                                                                                                                ht for me because every tim
                                                                                “My church is a real highlig                       eaten. If I said
                                                                                                                ask me if I had
                                                                                have a feed, people would                                  m with my
                                                                                ‘no’ then they would ge     t a plate a fill it to the bri
                                                                                                                  e and some Sa     moan pancakes.”
                                                                                 favourite foods like coco ric

My Neighbourhood
                                                                                                                                                nded by
                                                                                                                 e places. The ponds surrou
                                                                                  “We have beautiful natur                            to dance happily
                                                                                                                   t you just want
                                                                                 bushes are so beautiful tha will feel happy.”
                      erful            stories                                   and when you are all done
extracts from the wond
                                cause they are clean and
                                                              have                                                shines on our beautiful be
“I like the swimming pools be                                                      “I love it when the sunlight                           the Creator of
                                                                                                                  use we learn about
fresh air for me to breath
                                 in.”                                             ... Church is very cool beca
                                                                                                                  heads off.”
                                                                                  the Earth and we sing our
                                    rary because I can get                                                                                           even
“I also like the Glen Innes Lib y about the books I read.”                                                            like Tongan, Samoans and
 smarter and I can tell my
                                  famil                                            “We have different cultures everything there.”
                                                                                   more. In GI it feels like we
                                 use I can learn and know                                                                                          h lots
 “I like going to school beca                                                                                      it is a great open space wit
                                                                                    “Our hood is good because                                 stay in.”
 everything.”                                                                                                       the place you want to
                                                                                    of smiling faces and that’s
                                    cause it has heaps of                                                                                           lous
  “I like the Internet Cafe be                                                                                       you should be. It has fabu
                                   on everything like Glenbrae                      “My neighbourhood is where s wonderful beaches. Does
  computers and you can go                                                                                         o ha
  School Blog.”                                                                      food, kind people and it als                       -schools from your
                                                                                     your neighbourho    od have churches with pre h pre-schools
                                                                  e is                                               es has churches wit
                                    cause of my cousin Tyla. Sh                      own language? Well, Glen Inn erful place.”
   “I like my neighbourhood be                        h and to talk
                                   to play games wit                                 in our own language. It’s a
   my best cousin. She is fun
   about your feelings wit     h. That’s why I like her.”                                                                                             pool.
                                                                                                                    of the library and swimming .
                                                                                      “I love Glen Innes because                                   s too
                                      ne is when I went to Tuhuna                                                    new words and hard word
    “The best thing I’ve ever do                                                      The library helps me learn                                       o get
                                    out different kinds of birds
                                                                  .”                                                    d in my head and I can als
    Torea Reserve to learn ab                                                         While I am reading I can rea k sometimes I get distracted
                                         bakery shop. I always go to                   some peace. When I read a
     “My favourite shop in GI is the pay day. We always go in                          so that’s why I like going to the library.”
     the bakery when it’s my Da
                                      walk in the dark.”
     the car, but sometimes we
                                      cause of my friends. They
       “I like my neighbourhood be                           the way
                                       and they respect me                             thank you
      helpful and kind and gentle
                                       I have so much fun learning
      I am ... I love school because
                                         r and speak a bit better.”
                                                                                       Thank you to glenbrae and Pt england Primary schools for
      and I can talk a little cleare                                                   being involved in our programme identity project. a special
                                         n, we did some at school, we                  thanks goes to the teachers who worked with their students
       “Artworks all around the tow                                                    to produce such wonderful stories and pictures.
       felt really proud.”

                              transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                                   04
bOard member prOFile

                                                          “in the end, it is all about the people and the
                                                          community and remembering who it is that we’re
                                                          doing this for.”
                                                          – PaTriCia reaDe, founDing memBer


Opportunity to                                                           all levels – from Central Government to the communities on the
make real change                                                         ground – all genuinely working together to develop a common

on the ground drives                                                     understanding of the vision, purpose and aim of the Programme.
                                                                           “There is absolute commitment to involving the community

board member                                                             at a really fundamental level. We are constantly challenging our
                                                                         processes and approaches to make sure the community is not
a passion for influencing positive change                                only heard, but is involved and the people of Tamaki are truly
has helped Work and income Deputy Chief
                                                                           This focus on community goes back to the early days of her
executive, Patricia reade, work her way up                               career when the previous recession propelled Patricia in to the
from employment advisor to her current role.                             public service – a sector she found suited her far more than
                                                                         she’d anticipated.
Patricia’s personal desire for improving people’s lives, as well           “I was working as a recruitment consultant, but with
as her professional perspective, influence and expertise, offer          unemployed numbers growing, employers didn’t need
great value to the Tamaki Transformation Board.                          consultants anymore,” says Patricia.
  “As I have visibility across the Ministry of Social Development          “A friend suggested I look at working for the New Zealand
I’m able to bring a ‘whole of Ministry’ perspective to find ways         Employment Service. It was good advice and over time it
in which we can contribute to the Programme,” she says.                  has opened up a whole new range of possibilities, like the
  “I’m in a position where I can co-opt the support and the              opportunity now to be a part of the Tamaki Transformation
contributions of other parts of the Ministry, like Social Sector         Programme.” n
Policy and Family and Community Services, and Research and
  In addition to this resource, Work and Income’s networks                    from 1999 to 2004, patricia held the position of
and connection to communities (including Tamaki), as well as                  Deputy Chief executive specialist services at the
regional office level support means “we’ve got on the ground                  Ministry of social Development and from 2004
connections and networks and therefore a good understanding                   studied fulltime towards her Masters of public
of the needs of the local communities we serve”.                              Management, graduating in 2006. she was appointed
  Patricia adds that this complements the Programme’s                         to the Deputy Chief executive Work and Income
approach as it is the first initiative of its kind that has support at        position in 2007.

                          transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                          05
bOard member prOFile

                                                            “This Programme is very much about future
                                                            collaboration and partnership between the
                                                            public and the private sector and recognising
                                                            the strengths and limitations that each has. Both
                                                            do what they do very well; but it is deciding who
                                                            does it in the best way and taking a few risks to
                                                            achieve rewards around this approach.”
                                                            – marTin uDaLe

tamaki’s urban                                                              that Tamaki should have happened some while ago and yet for many
                                                                            reasons it has not!

space opportunities                                                           “As it continues to grow, it is very important that Auckland starts

motivates board
                                                                            working as a city and working well – from Orewa through to Bombay.
                                                                            Auckland is extremely dominant in the New Zealand context so many

member                                                                      other places will be looking for us to pave the way.
                                                                              “When we think of the future of our city and the communities
                                                                            that make up Auckland, we should be focusing on regions and not
many of those who work with martin udale will
                                                                            the political boundaries of local government. I understand and am
be aware of his frank, forthright approach when                             motivated to ensure that our towns, cities and institutional environments
speaking about urban regeneration and the potential                         are developed as valuable and enduring places that deliver benefits to
the Tamaki area offers, as part of a greater auckland.                      all those who live, work or visit in them.”
                                                                              With a strong understanding and appreciation for the future of cities
As a “property development professional with a difference”, Martin’s        and their communities, Martin’s work in Australia made him familiar
interests lie in the “creation of enduring places based on strong design    with a range of urban development agency models that delivered great
principles, an understanding of community desires and needs, both           places based on public and private sector partnering.
for now and the future, all founded on an innate understanding of the         “This Programme is very much about future collaboration and
commercial reality as to what is possible”.                                 partnership between the public and the private sector and recognising
  “My interest lies in urban places and the development of Auckland as      the strengths and limitations that each has. Both do what they do very
our city, and the economic and social benefits this can bring. I believe,   well; but it is deciding who does it in the best way and taking a few
as a Board member, my personal interest, passion and experience in          risks to achieve rewards around this approach.”
the whole urban space enables me to bring a fresh perspective to the          Martin adds that the Programme is unique as “it’s about focusing on
Programme,” he says.                                                        the outcomes and getting all the people together to make it happen. It’s
  “I genuinely believe by transforming different areas, we’re able to       about doing things differently – and a need for action”. n
make them into productive hubs that work well for the people who live
there. This Programme presents us with a large urban canvas to do this
                                                                                  Martin is a Trustee for the Auckland Community Trust.
– the challenge is for us to get it right.”                                       some of his current or previous positions include: The
  With more than 30 years’ experience in commercial and residential               Auckland Mayoral Taskforce on urban Design; pCNZ
property development and investment in the UK, Australia and New                  urban Issues and Infrastructure Committee; Auckland
Zealand, Martin is well aware of the urban renewal challenges facing              City urban Design panel; The Mission in the City
the Tamaki area.                                                                  Judging panel and start up governance committee;
  “In general, New Zealand cities have some way to go towards true                Committee for Auckland; NZ government Taskforce
urban renewal. When I first came here I kept trying to get my head                on urban Intensification; and sustainable urban
around Auckland and how it was structured. It seems so obvious                    Development unit working group.

                             transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                                   06
meet Our team

planners come on
board to focus on
THe TAMAKI Transformation Programme has
welcomed its new Placemaking team, who have
come on board from one of the Programme’s
                                                    Matt Riley, Andrew Beer and Yvonne Rust look forward to
partner agencies Auckland City Council and          the challenges the Programme will bring.
further afield, at Rodney District Council.
  Placemaking Workstream Manager Yvonne
Rust, Urban Desginer Matt Riley and Open
Space Planner Andrew Beer collectively bring
                                                  scale” that also attracted Andrew.
                                                    “My role focuses on park planning and
                                                                                                          skills snapshot
considerable planning, community and design       the Tamaki area presents some great                     The team brings great breadth
experience to the Programme.                      opportunities to create really high quality open
                                                                                                          of professional experience
  The Placemaking workstream aims to              spaces for the community to get active, relax,
capture all of the “possible future physical      improve the environment and enjoy their
                                                                                                          and skills to the Programme
changes for the area, identify the overlaps or    amazing spot in Auckland,” says Andrew.                 along with a genuine focus on
gaps and set a direction for how to achieve                                                               community. This includes:
the Tamaki vision in a long term plan”,           envirOnmental OppOrtunities
according to Yvonne.                              As planners, the team has been struck by                n yvOnne Working with many
  Yvonne says the role’s challenge, as well       the rich heritage and future potential and the              different communities both in New
as the opportunities offered by being part of a   natural beauty of the Tamaki area.                          Zealand and in Australia, with each
small team, are two of the many reasons she is      “Through my work at council, I’ve spent                   community and place having its
excited about working within the Programme.       some time in the communities of Panmure,                    own character and feel. She has
  “I am keen to contribute to a programme         Glen Innes and Point England over the last                  worked at several local authorities
that can deliver results over a long time.        18 months. As someone who didn’t know                       (Waitakere, Manukau, Rodney)
In this case, it is important to lay a strong     the area that well previously, I was first of all           since moving to New Zealand with
foundation for thinking about the community       struck by its great natural beauty, from the                her family six years ago, and on
and working out how ideas can be generated        Tamaki River, to Point England Reserve, to                  major projects such as the New
that can be built upon, while supporting          Maungarei and Panmure Basin,” says Matt.                    Lynn Rail Project and development
growth in the area as well as delivering            “Having started on the Programme, I’m                     of a new town centre at Westgate.
improvements to the area,” she says.              getting to know all the other rich layers of
  Matt echoes this, adding that the               Tamaki – most importantly its people; meeting           n matt Working as a planner and
“Programme is one of the few chances in           long time residents and community leaders                   urban designer at Auckland City
New Zealand to get involved in a project          and understanding their passion for the area                Council for four years involved
where there is a commitment to deliver on         and interest in its future. The more time I                 working with the community and
some really bold aspirations”.                    spend here the more I get excited about the                 the development sector, often
  “As an urban designer / planner, I sometimes    opportunity to work with the community to                   dealing with strategic urban form
get involved in projects that (for various        build on all that’s great about Tamaki.”                    and planning issues.
reasons) don’t get delivered, or don’t get          Programme Director, Jenny Oxley adds:
delivered the way I’d thought,” he says.          “It’s tremendous that we’re able to benefit             n andrew Working in the open
  “This programme offers the chance to            from this level of experience and skills within             space planning team at Auckland
work with the community to see real and           the Programme.                                              City Council, which focused on
tangible change on the ground, not only             “I know the team will find their involvement              buying new parks and developing
in the short term, but to put in place the        in the Programme to be worthwhile while,                    policy on the provision of open
mechanisms to make sure positive change           in turn, they will bring their experience and               space based on what the
continues to happen.”                             add value to the overall team to produce the                community wanted around how
  It is this opportunity to work on an            positive results we’re striving to achieve for              they would like to use their parks.
innovative, “groundbreaking project of this       the people of Tamaki.” n

                            transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                                07
quick nOtes                                                               quick nOtes

Local group seeks                                                         eco-friendly state house
                                                                          hosts celebratory tour
maori input to promote                                                    A traditional 1950s state house in Glen Innes received an eco-

Gi healthy kai                                                            friendly retrofit as part of a national competition and a celebration
                                                                          of the completion was attended by around 50 people this month.

programme                                                                 Sustainable Habitat Challenge involves 10 teams across the
                                                                          country exploring ideas for new and retrofitted housing to
                                                                          support more sustainable living. Called Team Housewise, it is a
The glen innes Healthy kai’s (giHk) working group is
                                                                          partnership with University of Auckland, Landcare Research and
seeking a part-time maori community coordinator to                        the New Zealand Housing Foundation.
promote the benefits of making healthy food choices.                          “This is an excellent project that shows true collaboration
                                                                          between the project partners, and a genuine partnership between
GIHK is a health promotion programme that aims to help prevent            the partners and Barbara, the tenant,” says Housing New Zealand’s
obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease in the community by            Housing Workstream Programme Director, Graham Bodman.
creating a healthy eating environment within the Glen Innes town              The competition is being run by Otago Polytechnic. The
centre. The working group that supports GIHK is made up of                winning house will be announced at a ceremony in November. n
residents and town centre business representatives, as well as health
organisations such as the Auckland District Health Board.
“The town centre is a key part of the community as it is used by          Get in touch with the team
locals as a meeting place to catch up with friends, family and            The Tamaki Transformation Programme team consists of a number
whanau. Those who visit also use the retailers’ services – specifically   of highly committed and experienced professionals, many of whom
fast food from takeaway retailers,” says Tamaki Healthcare, Public        have a long history of working with the people of Tamaki. They are:
Health Coordinator, Matt Appleyard.                                       n    Programme Director, Jenny oxley –
  “Because the working group recognises how popular the centre       
is and that many people buy fast food from there, we’re looking for       n    Programme Manager, Alison schulze –
the right person to help us engage with the Maori community and      
promote the programme as well as healthy eating messages.                 n    Community Engagement Manager, Jenny Chilcott -
  “We would also like to improve the community’s knowledge and       
motivation to choose these healthier foods.                               n    Senior Communications Advisor, Justine Banfield –
   “As there is a strong local context around this initiative, it is 
important to us that the person who is successful in this role has the    n    Housing New Zealand, Programme Director Tamaki, graham
ability to work well with the Maori community groups as well as the            Bodman –
Glen Innes community.”                                                    n    Housing New Zealand, Programme Leader Tamaki, stuart
  The Maori community coordinator position is available for six                Bracey –
hours, per week for 12 months. There will be training available for the   n    Placemaking Workstream Manager, Yvonne rust –
successful applicant. n                                              
                                                                          n    Programme Administrator, Anita sarich –
look for the hook when
eating at the G.i. town centre
                                                                                You can email any of the team at the above addresses,
Choose tasty, healthy food that will help you:                                  email or call
n Feel great – have more energy                                                 0800 222646. The Tamaki Transformation Programme
n look great – better body shape                                                office is based at 171 Pilkington road, Panmure.
n be healthy
n live longer – be there for your family
                                                                                tamaki transformation programme:
                                                                                The Tamaki Community; Mana Whenua; Housing New Zealand;
    for more information, please contact matt appleyard,                        Auckland City Council; Ministry of Social Development;
    09 307 0516 or                                 Auckland District Health Board; Ministry of Education; Ministry
                                                                                of Pacific Island Affairs; Te Puni Kokiri; NZ Police.

                           transforming tamaki together • i s s u e f o u r • O c t o b e r 2 0 0 9                                               08

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