Weekly Kindergarten Homework Four by tangshuming


									                    Weekly Kindergarten Homework

                            Due: October 30th, 2011

       The activities I send home are designed to reinforce the skills we are
learning in Kindergarten. This list of activities is used to support your child
at home. There will be new activities each week.

       I ask that you do at least 2 – 3 activities with your child each week.
You are more than welcome to do more! On the last page, please write down
which activities you’ve completed. Please let me know how your child did with
the activities. If they struggled I would like to know.


   -   Label things around the house with your child. You can start with just a
       few…some examples could be bed, chair, table, etc. Start with easy ones and
       then add more each week. Notecards work great for the labeling, but use
       what you have! Make sure to write in all lowercase, unless it’s a name. Then
       you can read them with your child everyday. You can talk about the letters
       in the words you’ve written or the sounds.
   -   Practice writing the letters 1 – 10 some more! You can use the number
       poems I sent home yesterday to help them.

Number Sense:

   -   Make or buy a set of number flash cards. Show a number and have your
       child identify (say what number it is) and then count out that many items.

Letter Scavenger Hunt:

   -   We’ve done this before! Please look for the letter D this week! Find at
       least three things around your house!
Please return this sheet to me by October 30th.

These are the activities we worked on this week:

  1. ___________________________________________

  2. ___________________________________________

  3. ___________________________________________

  Your Child’s Name: ______________________________

  Signed: ___________________        Date:_____________

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