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									Update Friday 30 March

We had the most enjoyable and interesting Mufti Day on Thursday. The theme was
“Medical” and many students had been incredibly imaginative in their choice of
costume and make-up. Particular mention must go to the whole of Year 7 all of
whom were in costume and some must have attracted some interesting comments
from fellow passengers on the train! Students from other year levels sported a
variety of scars, wounds, gashes, bruises, bandages and plasters and we had 2 in
full HazMat contamination suits. Luckily there were several ‘qualified’ doctors on
hand and 3 Army medics! In addition to the fun we raised in excess of $240 for the
Relay for Life. Good luck to Alexandra Gadd, Rochelle O’Donnell and Holly Williams
as they take part in that event over the weekend.

Student Planner Focus
The theme for the week beginning Monday 2nd April is ‘My Family’ and the following
link will enable parents to become fully informed about the aims and objectives for
the week’s learning.

Speech & Drama Lessons
I am delighted that from Term 2 Marsden Whitby students will be able to take
private Speech & Drama lessons. These are a wonderful and fun way to develop
public speaking, performance and group work skills. Further details and the
enrolment form can be found at the very end of this update.

From the Environmental Club
Earth Hour happens this weekend! Tomorrow night at 8.30pm we are all
encouraged to turn out the lights for one hour to give support to a sustainable
future. For more information see the website http://earthhour.org/

Fiji Fundraising Fair/Village fete
There will be a traditional Parish Fete and Fiji Day on Saturday 21 April and we
need around 20 student/staff/parent volunteers to assist with running stalls and
activities on the day. Volunteers need to be free from 9am to 3pm although there
will be regular timed breaks throughout the day so you can enjoy the Fete
yourselves. If you are able to assist please contact Anne Winnall at the school

Whitby Parish Fete and Fiji Day
Saturday 21 April 10am to 3pm.
All are welcome to a good old-fashioned, glorious, rain or shine Village Fete with
food, fun, activities, live entertainment, photo booth, ‘Dunk the Vicar’ (and other
notable community leaders and friends!), There's a Pony at My Party and
punting/kayaking on the lake PLUS a wonderful display of Melanesian culture in
support of our Whitby community and work with missions, schools and landless
Melanesian communities in Fiji.
Offers of assistance, donations of Resene Paint test pots & paint, books, plants,
clothing, toys, household items and things for auction will be gratefully received. We
also need to borrow 3 bar fridges for the day.
For details, collection of items or to bring your stall or act call Sharon on 04 234
7898 or email Sharon.callaghan.nz@gmail.com.

Mathletics and Mathsbuddy
Information about using the Mathletics website has been emailed to the parents of
all Year 7 and Year 8 students. Included were instructions on how to access your
son or daughter’s account. If you have not received this please email Mrs Monk
jenny.monk@marsden.school.nz. Students in Year 9 to 13 Mathematics classes have
been issued with Logins and Passwords for the Mathsbuddy Website. This is a very
useful resource for students both for revision and for catching up during and after an
absence. If your son/daughter is having trouble accessing the website please email
Mrs Monk who will pass the information on to Mr King.

Student Competitions
The Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet are running a photo competition, with some
great prizes, including a Panasonic camera for the best photo by an entrant under
18, along with vouchers etc. for category winners. The categories are Nature,
Recreation, Human Impact and Artistic: any subject. Parents are also invited to take
part - there are separate sections for adults and young people. More information and
entry forms are available from the Guardians of Pauatahanui Inlet website
www.gopi.org.nz. The competition closes on 13 April.

Short Film
Porirua City Council is running a short film competition on the theme “Porirua City –
My City”. The winning film-makers win $500 and all finalists will have their films
screen at Pataka on 23rd May. Mrs Winnall has Entry Forms and Guidelines for Entry
in her office.

Wellington School of Cricket (WSC) is now accepting enrolments for April holiday
programme. The programmes are based on cricket skills but not limited to
cricketers as they are designed in such a way that anyone can take part. Visit the
website http://www.cricketwellington.co.nz/content/school-of-cricket/holiday-
programmes.aspx for more details and easy enrolment.

Marsden Whitby Parents’ Association
Entertainment Books
Don't miss out! Pre-order to receive over $140 in additional offers.
There are only a couple of weeks until the NEW 2012 | 2013 Entertainment™ Book is
released. Pre-order by 31 March 2012 and be among the first to receive your new
Book, PLUS receive six Bonus Offers valued at over $140 that can be used straight
away! Support our school's fundraising efforts for new outdoor seating and shade
sails. Tell your friends, family and workmates about it - they can all order through
us online at https://www.entertainmentbook.co.nz/orderbooks/108p276.
For any queries, please contact Caroline Walker on 04 234 7432 or e-mail her at


Monday 2 April                    School Swimming Sports
Wednesday 4 April                 Y7-13 Parent/Teacher Interviews, M-Z, 4-7.30pm
Thursday 5 April                  End of Term 1
Friday 6 April                    Good Friday
Monday 23 April                   Term 2 begins
Wednesday 25 April                Anzac Day (school closed)

TechSpot (8)

Those pesky accents!
Annoyed by typing errors on your touchscreen? Do you find it difficult to insert those
language accents? Don’t like the poor built-in input methods? Now you have a
choice! TouchPal Input, a wonderfully innovative soft keyboard for your
smartphone. After installing TouchPal Keyboard in your mobile phone, you can
download the TouchPal Spanish Pack so you can use a Spanish keyboard.
Where can I get it? It’s free in the new area of Google called Google Play.

Would you like to record some of that new vocabulary you are learning and send it
to your teacher? Would you like some feedback on how a rôle play you have
recorded with a friend sounds? Why not Vocaroo it!! Google Vocaroo and give it a
Vocaroo - The premier voice recording service.

Of Interest

Thank you from the organisers of the WHITBY WALKFEST to everyone who
took part in the Walkfest 2012. It was a great afternoon. Special thanks to all those
involved with the publicity. Thank you all for coming and enjoying a delightful
walking experience in our special environment.

School Holiday Computer Classes
Create 3D games, animations and graphics. Design webs, edit video, learn to
program or build a PC. Enjoyable and educational one day to one week holiday
computer classes for ages 5 to 15. Free transport from Lower Hutt and Petone. For
further information call Ed Brown on 499 2211 or www.grandtraining.co.nz.
WELLINGTON – Grand Training, Level 2 James Smith’s Building, Corner Cuba and
Manners Street; HUTT – free transport from home or office in Lower Hutt and
Petone (small charge if Upper Hutt or other areas). Pick-up is from 8.30am and
drop-off from 4.45pm.

Kapiti Island For Kids - exciting new school holiday programme
A uniquely New Zealand holiday experience in one of our most precious nature and
marine reserves.
     A three-day fully supervised nature adventure on Kapiti Island, staying at
        Kapiti Nature Lodge at the north end of the island.
     NZ wildlife and conservation including identify NZ native birdlife and marine
     Kiwi spotting in their natural habitat
     Fishing & fish smoking skills
     Kaimoana gathering
     Sea kayaking (April program only)
     Moderate energy bush walks
DATES: April 15 -17 (boys), April 18 -20 (girls); July 1-3 (girls), July 4-6 (boys);
Sept. 30 - Oct.2 (boys), Oct. 3-5 (girls).
COST: $490 includes: Accommodation (quad share), conservation programme,
tours/talks, activities, all meals and snacks, ferry and DOC permits. The staffing ratio
will be in keeping with current outdoor education best practice.
CONTACT: comms2@kapitiislandnaturetours.co.nz

PARENTS: Just think how good it would be if your kids cooked you dinner for a
Are you looking for something fun and innovative to do with your kids these
holidays? Let us help you teach your kids to cook and give them food skills for a life
time - a child that can cook is much more likely to make good food choices.
We have two options for you. Either:
1.      You can be the tutor (in your home, using your food, using the daily online
contact, competitions and interaction). We will help you motivate and inspire your
child to cook dinner for the week.
2.      You find a student tutor and you can relax while the student tutor acts as role
model to your kids - you can come home to a cooked dinner each day!
The It's My Turn To Cook Tonight Bosch School Holiday Cooking Program runs April
16th - 20th. It costs $45 or $25 to register and you get amazing step-by-step
resources including books, videos clips and tutor sheets. For more information check
out www.FoodSavvyKids.com

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is at Coasters Musical Theatre from Tuesday 17 –
Thursday 19 April, 11am and 1.00pm daily. All seats $10.00. Contact Andrew,
General Manager, The Academy of Dramatic Arts for bookings.

Porirua GymSports has Trampolining, Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics at the
Te Rauparaha Arena. Registrations are open to the public from the 6th April for
Term 2. Call Rachael at Te Rauparaha Arena on 04 237 3811, to register or visit our
website at http://www.terauparaha-arena.co.nz, under Programmes.

Details of Speech & Drama classes follow below:-

Jan Avison
L.S. B. Teaching Speech and Drama
Accredited Assessor Speech New Zealand

Ph:           (04) 562 7941
              (021) 446 600
Email: jan.avison@vodafone.co.nz

                      Welcome to Speech and Drama 2012
The aim of Speech and Drama classes is to give students the ability to express
themselves with clarity, confidence and courtesy.

Skills covered are; reading aloud, poetry speaking, impromptu and prepared talks,
improvisation, role-playing, drama and an overall appreciation of literature. These
are valuable skills which will develop students’ confidence and give them sound oral
skills for future personal, social and career paths.

The Year 7 to 10 programme covers:
Preparation and practice in Terms 1 and 2 for a Drama Festival for which successful
students receive a drama badge.
Preparation in Terms 3 and 4 for the Speech New Zealand examinations in which
their work is assessed against a national standard by an independent examiner. A
certificate and badge is awarded by Speech New Zealand to successful candidates.

The Year 11, 12 and 13 programme covers:
Preparation throughout the year for Speech New Zealand examinations which at this
level are sat in 3 modules – May/September and early November. A certificate and
badge is awarded to successful students.

Students have the opportunity to work towards diploma level by Year 13.

A Speech NZ lapel badge is available to students who succeed in the Initial grade to
Grade 8 examinations.

The lessons are part of a full year programme and homework is set each week.
Students are encouraged to participate in all speaking opportunities such as school
debates, class speeches and drama productions.
For further information please refer to the school website or contact me.

To enrol please complete and return the attached form to the School Office.

                           SPEECH AND DRAMA 2012

Student’s name:


Tutor Teacher:

Home Address:

Home Phone :                                 Work Phone:

Email address:

Name and Address to whom the account should be sent:

(Mr. Mrs. Ms)_______Initial____Surname___________________


Lessons will be on rotation on Thursdays in Room 8.

Fees are set on a pro rata basis based on the group size as listed below:-

        Number in class                  50 minute lesson
        1-2                              $41.00
        3                                $28.50
        4                                $22.00
        5                                $19.50
        6                                $19.00

Classes begin week commencing Monday 23 April 2012.

I accept the conditions of the contract attached:

________________________ (Signature of Parent/Guardian)

Return completed form to the School Office by Thursday 5 April
Speech Contract:
This course is a full year’s programme. There are four terms per year with a total of
approximately 36 classes. The lesson duration is 50 minutes. Class lessons take
place on Thursdays in Room 8.

Accounts are sent at the beginning of each term and are due 14 days from the date
of invoice. The fees are for a full term’s tuition and are based on the number of
students in the class, as shown on the return form, and the number of lessons
available during that term. Lessons missed will not be refunded and are not made

Payment is due in advance. Fees are invoiced at the start of each term and are due
21 days from date of invoice. Invoices will include a 10% late payment fee which
will be deducted if paid within 21 days of the date of invoice. If payment is not
made within the period the client will be liable for all costs of recovery and any
collection fees.

If the student wishes to withdraw from Speech & Drama classes a term’s notice in
writing to Jan Avison is required.

Added to the Term 1 account are:-

A $25.00 resource and photocopying fee
Year 7-10 only – Group Drama exam fee of $30.00 per student
Entry fee for the first exam module for Grades 5,6,7,8
Entry fee for ASB, Certificate and theory exam modules.

Added to Term 2 account is:-
Examination fee. This varies according to grade. (The 2011 fee for Grade 4 was

Added to Term 3 account is:-
Speech NZ lapel badges for successful students at Initial Grade to Grade 8, costing
$12.00 each.

Examinations are held yearly in term four and are conducted by an independent
examiner from the New Zealand Speech Board. Module examinations for senior
students at Grade 6,7 and 8 take place in May, September and November, usually
on a Sunday.
If you would like your son/daughter to learn Speech and Drama please fill out the
attached form, sign it and return it to the School Office by Thursday 5 April. If you
require any further information please contact Ms Avison on 562 7941.

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