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					                      Enroll in
                 University Experience
     Former students are glad they did . . .

        University Experience was
        very informative, not only              The best class I’ve ever
           about class-related                   taken to make new
                                                  friends and learn
       subjects, but with everyday
                                                  about college life.
       problems that people face.

Rob Heil                               Evan Jones
Education                              Business

                                               Without this class I might
         This class is extremely                have been stuck in my
       helpful in introducing new              dorm room, not knowing
      students to the campus and                 where to go for help.
      making them feel at home.

              Stephanie Lewis                          Carrie Patnode
              Mass Communications                      Psychology

        I recommend this course                      I think that
     because it presents questions             University Experience
     right away that I never would              is the reason for my
      have thought about asking.                    good grades.

                                                           Kyle Fratzel
     Jessica Faris                                         Open Options
     Family Studies & Human Services
No matter how well you performed in high school, college will                               How does it work?
be an entry into an exciting new world. You’ll be living and
working in a brand new environment and will be on your own
for the first time. You’ll also be making more decisions during       University Experience is a graded, elective course that fulfills one of the
these few years than ever before, such as:                            K-State 8 requirements. It combines an orientation to the university
                                                                      with academic skills instruction and direct application of study
                                                                      techniques to targeted subjects. The course is divided into 3 parts:
              What should I major in?
             What courses should I take?                              Lectures are large groups that meet once each week with informative
           What organization should I join?                           speakers and videos on topics of concern to new students.
           How can I study most effectively?
            How can I prioritize my time?                             Recitations meet once each week and involve small groups of 30
              Where can I go for help?                                or fewer students. They focus on general academic skills such as
                                                                      managing time, reading textbooks, taking notes and preparing for tests.
University Experience will give you the information and
resources you need to make these important decisions and
                                                                      Labs are an option for students who want to practice specific strategies
make the most of your first year at K-State. It will help you . . .
                                                                      to use in other courses they will take. University Experience with the lab
    Read more efficiently                                            option is referred to as Enhanced University Experience. Students may
    Take better notes                                                choose 1-2 labs in conjunction with the following courses:
    Remember more from lectures
                                                                                ANTH 204           GEOL 125            MATH 100
    Increase your memory powers
                                                                                BIOL 198           HIST 251            PSYCH 110
    Be better prepared for tests
    Improve your test-taking skills                                            GEOG 100           MATH 010            SOCIO 211
    Earn higher grades                                               Students who enroll in two labs will earn 3 hours of credit in University
    Be aware of available resources                                  Experience while getting valuable help in their other courses. Students
    Communicate better                                               who choose one or fewer labs will earn 2 hours of credit.
    Be more creative
    Think more critically                                            The choice is yours. Now that you know about University Experience,
                                                                      you’re the one who must decide to take advantage of this opportunity.
    Make better decisions
                                                                      Ask your advisor to sign you up or contact the Academic Assistance
    Set personal goals
                                                                      Center for more information.
    Explore careers
    Take responsibility for learning
 University Experience could be one of the most important                              Academic Assistance Center
courses you take your first semester. Not only can you earn 2-3                             101 Holton Hall
academic credits, but you’ll also learn things that will help you
join the thousands of former freshmen who have moved on to
become successful sophomores.                                               

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