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                               The NUDAYO Business
     A powerful, simple way to earn up to thousands a month
with NO selling and NO recruiting, and earn a significant long-term
  income with contractual ownership that cannot be taken away!
Nudayo is a business tapping into the enormous, exploding prescription medi-
cine industry and helping people save money. In 2008 the prescription drug
industry was a $291 billion industry; within three years, by 2011, it had grown
to over $400 billion. Americans currently buy around 450 million prescriptions
a month. 20% of those prescriptions are purchased by "cash" customers --
people who have no insurance and therefore have no discounts applied to
those medications. This represents around 90 million prescription claims a
month by people paying full price who will instantly take the opportunity to
save money if it's offered for free.

Nudayo's business model is focused on driving these "cash" claims through a
discount pharmacy card. The card is given away for free and offers an average
of 59.3% discount at over 64,000 participating pharmacies. All major chains
and many independent pharmacies participate.

Nudayo's discount Rx card offers the highest savings rate of competitor cards
on the market. Because of this, customers will immediately use and continue
using our card for years:

                        Prescription Discount Cards                           Average Savings*

                        Nudayo's Rx Card                                            59.33%                              64,000
                        M.R.C.                                                      47%                                 60,000
                        H.T.                                                        47%                                 58,000
                        B.R.C.                                                      45%                                 60,000
                        C2C.R.                                                      39.5%                               59,000
                        P.R.                                                        35%                                 54,000
                        F.R.P.                                                      35%                                 54,000
                        E.D.C.                                                      31%                                 56,000
                        AARP / Walgreen's                                           28%                                 55,000
                        Simple Savings Card                                         26%                                 60,000
                        CVS Caremark                                                24%                                 64,000
                        WellDyne / WellCard                                         20%                                 58,000
                        (Chart Updated: 1/1/2012)
                  * Average savings are actual savings on the top 15 prescribed drugs in the U.S. in 2011

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                                                              The primary customers for our card are uninsured Americans and
                                                              those with high deductible insurance. This market is primarily mid-
                                                              dle- to lower-middle income individuals who have a job but little to
                                                              no health insurance. This market contains over 25 million Ameri-
                                                              cans and is expected to increase as the new health care law gets
                                                              fully in place. Even Seniors on Medicare can benefit as an esti-
                                                              mated 38% of Medicare recipients lack proper prescription drug

                                                              When a customer uses the Nudayo Rx card to purchase a prescrip-
                                                              tion, the pharmacist enters data from the card into its computer.
                                                              This data is compiled through an "Rx Switch" (a database used to
                                                              track certain pharmaceutical information). Every time the cus-
                                                              tomer returns, the information on the card is already stored in the
                                                              computer and when another prescription is filled, another claim
                                                              occurs. The pharmacy pays a fee for each claim processed with the
                                                              card as part of their marketing expense to attract these "cash" cus-
                                                              tomers. Nudayo receives a portion of the claims fee paid by the
                                                              pharmacies and pays it out as commissions to associates.

              Nudayo’s Simple Marketing Process
1. Nudayo has a simple, single product focus: discount Rx cards given away for free! These cards are printed on
   the back of a promotional, advertising card called a SizzleCard®.

2. Cards are distributed by leaving them around town, handing them to people, or printing a free card from an
   associate's replicated website.

3. Each 1,000 cards distributed will generate approximately 50 to 100 Rx claims in the first month and approxi-
   mately 400 to 500 claims within the first 6 months. These claims are generated largely from the same custom-
   ers re-filling prescriptions.

4. Nudayo's objective is to generate as many customer claims as possible; therefore it pays generous commissions
   to associates for the claims they generate.

5. Anyone can earn money with Nudayo since it requires no selling, no recruiting and no talking to people to dis-
   tribute cards. A person who consistently spends about 10 to 12 hours a month distributing around 2,000 cards
   each month can earn around $1,000 a month in claims commissions alone!

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6. Each Nudayo Rx SizzleCard® offers the oppor-
   tunity to learn how to earn money handing
   out Nudayo cards for free. Prospects are di-
   rected to the associate's Sizzle Line® to learn
   more. In this way, the card becomes both a
   customer and associate gathering tool at the
   same time, automatically growing the associ-
   ate's business and income.

7. If one is already involved with an existing
   home business, Nudayo offers a unique oppor-
   tunity. Nudayo's Rx card can be printed on
   the back of regular SizzleCards®. By offering
   SizzleCards and Sizzle Line® messages for any
   business -- wellness, telecom, weight loss, en-
   ergy deregulation, coffee and more -- an indi-
   vidual can get paid to generate prospects for his or her own business every month! And, since the Rx cards are
   held onto for months and years, prospects continually see the SizzleCard advertisement and may eventually
   respond when the timing is right. Finally, leaders who introduce their organization to the Nudayo SizzleCards
   can earn tremendous overrides from the claims their organization generates.

8. Associates can participate for as little as $10/mo.

9. There is no need to travel or do home meetings with Nudayo. Additionally, since individuals can earn a signifi-
   cant income with little time and effort it is expected Nudayo will have an very high associate retention rate.
   This means once you build a referral organization you won't have to keep recruiting and re-building to maintain
   your income as many people in a traditional home business must do.

10. Since the Rx card information stays on the pharmacy's computers and is used each time customers purchase
    prescriptions, long term recurring income can be generated for years to come. (Monthly claims experience will
    vary as some prescriptions are seasonal)

11. Nudayo guarantees new Mar-
    keting Associates will recruit 15
    associates within 6 months or
    they can get a full refund. This
    guarantee is part of Nudayo's
    Marketing and Recruiting Mas-
    tery Course and accountability
    program. There is no risk to the
    associate for participating.

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  Your Legal Ownership & the Rx Card Potential
                                                The Nudayo Rx discount card has an amazing earnings potential for which
                                                you can attain legal ownership that cannot be taken away. Consider the fol-
                                                lowing facts:

                                                1. Every 1,000 Rx SizzleCards® distributed generates approximately 400 to
                                                500 claims within the first 6 months.
                                                (this is a composite based on actual distribution of 100,000 cards plus experi-
                                                ence from users in the field)

                                                2. Each Rx SizzleCard advertises the opportunity to earn money handing
                                                out the cards.
                                                (in addition to generating claims commissions, each card attracts new associ-
                                                ates who distribute Rx cards and repeat this never-ending cycle).

                                                3. It takes approximately 3-5 hours to distribute 1,000 cards and 6-10
                                                hours to distribute 2,000 cards.
                                                (an associate can easily distribute 2,000 cards in a month with limited ef-
                                                fort ... and earn significant income doing it)

If the average associate distributes around 2,000 cards a month, within several months that associate could be gen-
erating as many as 1,000 claims a month or more. To qualify for the Diamond Founder ownership position you
need 500,000 claims a month in your organization. If your associates average 1,000 claims a month you will need
500 associates to qualify.

At the Diamond Founder position you earn contractual ownership of $0.10 revenue-share per claim from all active
associate claims in your referral organization. This revenue-share is permanent (it is not based on your ongoing
performance), willable and sellable ... and guarantees you a portion of the sales price of Nudayo if Nudayo is ever
sold. At $0.10 per claim and a minimum 500,000 claims monthly required to qualify, the minimum initial bonus
would be $50,000 a month. This is in addition to all other earnings for which you qualify.

Nudayo is committed to giving back to help oth-
ers in need. For this reason, a minimum $0.20
per claim is donated to charitable foundations
and distributed to worthy causes.

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Description: The NUDAYO Business - A powerful, simple way to earn up to thousands a month with NO selling and NO recruiting, and earn a significant long-term income with contractual ownership that cannot be taken away!