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Rental Agreement: Please read the terms of this agreement and the
terms and conditions carefully and submit with your payment!

All payments made through Paypal on our website at

A non-refundable reservation deposit of $150.00 is required at time of
booking. This deposit is deducted from your trailer rental rate.
Rental to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to rental period (there may be exceptions for
extenuating circumstances) .

A damage deposit of $ 300.00 must be paid 2 weeks before the rental period.
Failure to pay this deposit 2 weeks prior to rental is a breech of contract and the full rental fee
will apply. This deposit will be fully refunded within 2 weeks after the rental period if no
damage is detected and if the trailer is clean.

Damage caused by negligence or abuse will be your responsibility.
Damage to any and all components of the trailer and its contents will be deducted from the
damage deposit and further charges to your credit card may apply.

$200.00 will be charged if the trailer is not cleaned to pre rental condition.

To avoid late charges the unit must be vacated or returned by 10:00 am at
the end of the rental period.
Late charges at $ 50.00/hr will apply. No refunds on early returns. Peak season rentals run
from Sunday to Monday.

The unit is not to be moved within or from the campground where we set it

RENTAL:            Kelly and Monica Winston, Okanagan Outdoors RV
AGENT              Camping Holidays

Signed:                                               Date:
E-MAIL:                                                   Address:

City:                              Province:                  Postal:
Cell:                       Home Phone:

From:                                  Arrival time

Campground Information: Private:               BC Provincial:


Site Number:                Reservation Confirmation Sent:

Hook ups:

water: yes     no
sewer: yes     no
power: yes     no

Number of People: Adults                      Children:

Rental Fee:                        $

Extras:                            $

Delivery/Set up:                   $           150.00

Less Rental Deposit                      -$           150.00

DAMAGE DEPOSIT:                    $           300.0
(Paid Separately and
refunded after your holiday)

TOTAL DUE:                                  $
By signing you are agreeing to the provisions set out in the rental agreement and in the rental
terms and conditions.

Signed:                                                Date:

If you are unable to sign electronically, by emailing this form you are consenting to all
provisions in both the Rental Agreement and the Terms and Conditions and are
acknowledging you have read and understood each provision and condition. Receipt of
your email will constitute a legally binding contract.
okanagan outdoors                         rv camping holidays

Rental Terms and Conditions

Insurance and Liability

The trailer is insured, but personal contents are not covered. Okanagan Outdoors RV
Holidays, Kelly or Monica Winston, or their agents are not responsible for any personal
injury or damage to personal items including, but not limited to operating the trailer and
its components or while in the trailer or the campsite or campground. All repairs require
inspection and preauthorization
 and a Police report must be filed in case of vandalism
or theft and by signing you agree to financial responsibility for any and all damage
caused by yourself, or others, known to you or not. Okanagan Outdoors is not
responsible for contents damaged or stolen from the trailer.

The trailer is not to be moved from or within the campsite except by Okanagan Outdoors.

Rental Payment

Payment is required in full one month prior to rental date. 
 In the event of a cancellation,
payment is refundable, less deposit, only if unit is rebooked for that time period.
must be cleaned inside and out to avoid cleaning charges of $150 minimum cleaning

Damage Deposit

Travel Trailer - $300.
 Fully refundable if the unit is returned in pre-booking
 Units are smoke free and pet free.

Reservation Deposit

$150 per week deposit for travel trailer. Full refund if cancelled within 24 hours of
booking. and is non-refundable if cancelled less than 2 months prior to arrival date.

Unit Pickup and Return

Peak season dates run Sunday to Monday unless otherwise arranged. We will meet you
at the campsite at 2 p.m. on arrival day. Check out time 10 a.m. on your day of
departure and late charges of $50 hour apply We will do our best to be at the
campground when you arrive. Unforseen circumstances such as traffic accidents and
road closures are not the responsibility of the operator or driver. Ensure we are in contact
and know when you plan to arrive at your campsite.

Units are non-smoking, and you cannot bring your pets along. A $200 cleaning fee will
be applied to your credit card should you be in violation of this term. 
 Units will not be
towed on gravel roads without prior approval and are subject to an extra towing fee.
Awnings are very susceptible to wind and must be put down each night and during the
day if it is windy. Renters are responsible for damage to awnings. You are responsible
for any loss or damage to the trailer or any and all equipment included in the rental
agreement due to neglect, misuse, mishandling, theft, fire, smoke or water damage.

Water System and Sewer

The trailer's water and sewer system are not like at home. Only the supplied RV
toilet paper is to be put into the sewage system and only water is to be put into
the sink. Any blockages or damage done to this system is the responsibility of
the renter. Use water sparingly when dry camping


Your trailer will arrive with the batteries fully charged. If you drain them by
overuse, or due to neglect, Okanagan Outdoors is not responsible and will not
return to the campsite to charge them. It is highly recommended that you rent
the spare battery, or the generator and charger so that you may recharge the unit
if there is a problem.

Additional Delivery and Pickup Charges

Varies according to location. Contact Okanagan Outdoors for specific delivery and
pickup charges if the campground is more than 100km from Vernon, or condition of road
into campsite is particularly rough. particularly rough.

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