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									How To Hire A Bail Bondsman
Hire a Bail Bondsman

Jail. The word alone can make a person shudder. If a member of your family or a friend ends up in
jail, an initial and primary consideration is going to be how to hire a bail bondsman. In a very real
sense, hiring the utmost effective, efficient and reputable bail bondsman is a must. There are specific
steps you must take to ensure you engage the most suitable bail bondsman in the shortest amount of
time. Your freedom depends upon it.

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Things You'll Need
Cashier's check for bond amount (or credit card)

State-issued ID card

Title to automobile if requested

Title to real estate if requested

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Get references for a bail bondsman. That you don't want to wander around blindly and nab just one to
provide you with bail bond assistance. You need to choose a person who is responsive, ethical and
affordable. If at all possible, obtain a reference or a recommendation.


Call the bail bondsman and explain the circumstances of the person incarcerated. Because of the
nature of the business, the typical bail bondsman is available around the clock, everyday of the year.
You need only place a call and discuss the situation briefly with the bail bondsman. He will contact
the jail or court and determine what needs to be done for bail.

Make an appointment with the bail bondsman. Frequently , that appointment will occur at the jail. The
typical bail bondsman is going to be happy to meet with you at whatever location is convenient for


Complete the application for the bond. Keep in mind that by arranging for bail maybe you are asked
by the bail bondsman to guarantee the bond itself. In other words, you will cosign the bond and be
responsible for payment to the court or to reimburse the bail bond company if the defendant violates
the conditions of the bond.

Pay for the bond. Typically, the cost of a bail bond is between 10 and 15 percent of the total bond
assessed by the court. For example , if the bond set by the court is $10, 000, then the bail bond is
going to be between $1, 000 and $1, 500. This money is not returned to you.

Execute paperwork that gives the bail bondsman a lien on an automobile or real estate, if required.
Depending on the size of the bond placed by the court, the bail bondsman may need additional
security for the bond. In this regard, the bail bondsman may request a lien on a car or on real estate.

Tips &; Warnings

If you cosign a bail bond, you personally have the effect of paying the outstanding bond if the
defendant fail to appear in court. The bail bondsman will come after you for reimbursement of the
money that he paid to the courthouse if the defendant fails to comply with bond terms. If you use your
car or real estate (your home) for collateral, you also run the risk of losing your car or home if the
defendant violate bond terms.

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