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									How To Be A Bounty Hunter In LA
Bounty hunters or bail agents are the licensed professionals who ensure that bailed individuals show
up to their court dates. To act as a bounty hunter in Los Angeles, you must be licensed by the
California Department of Insurance. California requires that its bounty hunters be twenty-one year old
American citizens without a felony criminal record. You must also submit to a background check and
exam based on California laws.

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Complete twelve hours of pre-licensing education on California's relevant laws.


Complete the California State Bail Agent Application with your personal information, including your
Los Angeles choice for the exam location. Complete the Notice of Appointment form for every surety
company you intend to work with as a bounty hunger. Complete the Form List describing all of the
forms you will you will use as a bounty hunter.


Mail the applications and forms with the current form fees and exam fees to the California Department
of Insurance at the address indicated on the bail agent application.


Pay an approved fingerprint vendor to scan your fingerprints and submit them to the state of
California for background testing.

Receive the testing information by mail after all of your submission materials have been reviewed by
the California Department of Insurance. Pass the written exam, demonstrating your knowledge of
California's penal, insurance and regulation codes. Receive your California bail agent credentials by
mail after the California Department of Insurance receives notice that you have passed the exam.
Tips &; Warnings

If you fail the written exam, you will have to pay the exam fee to take it again.

Fingerprint scanning fees will differ depending on the location you choose to have them done. There
is a fingerprint scanning location at your testing location but it generally costs significantly more to
have your fingerprints done there than somewhere else.

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