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If you are planning to transfer, you can meet with our advisors for help in finding
information about 4-year institutions, the transfer process, financial aid and
transitioning into a new school.

Transfer Planning: Step-by-Step
    Meet with a counselor each semester prior to registering for classes (link:
    Begin taking General Education courses in your freshman year (link:
    Explore majors (link:
    Search for colleges (link:
    Research admission requirements (link:
    Narrow down your choices (link:
    Create a Transfer Plan - choose classes that will transfer smoothly (link:
    How and when to apply - applications, essays and request MC transcripts &
      letters of recommendations (link:
    Search for resources to pay for college (e.g., scholarships and financial aid)
    Making the transition (link:
Academic Advising
Academic planning is the process of setting your educational goals and determining
the best path to meet them. It is critical that you play an active role in this process
from start to finish during your time at Montgomery College.

Below is a helpful guide for Academic Planning. Select the credit hour links for more

Use this guide in conjunction with regular counselor/advisor visits (link to:

Academic Planning – Skills and milestones required for success

By 15 credits
    Use the schedule of classes and catalog to plan course selection
    Locate and use campus support services
    Manage time - balance school, family, work & other responsibilities
    Understand college responsibilities, regulations, procedures found in Student
      Code of Conduct & MC Policies and Procedures website

By 30 credits
    Identify appropriate major
    Know how to access transfer resources
    Know where to obtain career related information

By 45 credits
    Know requirements for graduation
      Taken initial steps toward fulfilling transition plan
      Do a degree audit with a counselor

By 60 credits
    Have completed course requirements for graduation
    Transition smoothly into identified goals

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