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									                                      Project Proposal

                                                                             Heather Hardin
                                                                           October 26, 2004

Project Description:

The project will consist of the integration of word processing, database, spreadsheet,
presentation programs, and online research. Students will search for their future career;
create a letter to be mailed to family and friends informing them of the career they have
choose. Then a budget will be created using spreadsheet and the online research to find a
car, place to leave, and average utilities for the area they live. Finally, the students will
create and present a 5 to 7 minute presentation on the information they have obtained.

Project Objectives:

Students will be able to
    Key and format letters using standard business format.
    Compose and format letters using the English writing process steps.
    Edit documents using techniques such as delete, insert, typeover, block, move,
       and copy.
    Enhance documents by using different fonts and features.
    Create a database by defining fields and designing formats.
    Process material using database features such as sort and merge.
    Enter data and formulas into a spreadsheet program.
    Edit data within the spreadsheet.
    Analyze data.
    Create graphs and charts to visually represent data.
    Create a presentation using a theme or background.
    Enhance a presentation using graphic features
    Identify and prioritize some of your personal and financial goals
    Identify the steps you can take and the resources you will need to achieve your
    Identify and examine your current spending behaviors and patterns
    Understand what it means to budget, and identify the reasons to maintain a budget
    Create and maintain a personal budget that supports your personal and financial
    Set up a budget that includes rent, moving expenses, and the expenses associated
       with setting up a household
    Understand the rights and legal responsibilities of a tenant
    Understand the rights and legal responsibilities of a landlord
    Read and interpret various clauses in a lease
      Compare benefits and drawbacks of renting and buying a home
      Develop a knowledge of the home-buying process
      Understand steps involved in applying for a mortgage
      Understand and compare various types of mortgages
      Identify actions to take when selling a home
      List some of the costs of owning and operating a car
      Given a budget, decide how much you can afford to pay for a car
      List some of the things you should research and some decisions you should make
       before you begin to shop for a car
      Understand the differences between various kinds of warranties and service
      List some steps you can take to resolve warranty and service contract disputes
      List some of the factors to consider when shopping for a car loan
      Calculate the total cost of various car loans
      Understand what a co-signer is, and describe when one is necessary
      List the responsibilities of a co-signer and of the person getting the loan
      List some of the factors to consider when shopping for car insurance
      List some of the factors used to set car insurance rates
      Understand the circumstances under which a vehicle can be repossessed, and list
       the legal rights and responsibilities of the creditor and of the debtor
      Given a budget, decide how much money can safely be spent each month to own,
       operate, and maintain a car
      Know the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a motor vehicle

Materials and Methods:

      Computers
      Internet Access
      Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, and Presentation Software
      Printer
      LCD Projector
      Remote Access
      Online Discussions
      Class Lectures
      Online Research
      Computer Based Examples
      Practical Money Skills CD
      Checklist

Justification for project:

This project integrates all the components that are used in a computer applications class;
also it brings real world examples into the classroom. Which in return will help students
to make good decisions. Projects may focus on the development of a product and it alls
the student to organize their activities, conduct research, solve problems, and synthesize
information. Students and teachers benefit from the projects and will learn more in the
long run.

Criteria for Evaluation:

The project will be broken into categories and deadlines. Each will be given a checklist
of items that needs to be completed. SO there is no guessing on what does or does not
need to be included. Extra items are always welcome.

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