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					Glissandra Skincare Celebrates Mother’s Day 2012 With a Special Offer

Glissandra Skincare begins its month-long countdown to Mother’s Day 2012
with the launch of a new promotion.

Vancouver, Canada, April 17, 2012 -- Glissandra Skincare, a product-
driven MLM company with a strong international presence, invites its
valued independent distributors and friends to celebrate the women who
gave them life with these exclusive, limited-time offers.

Until Mother’s Day (May 13, 2012), active distributors who purchase one
complete set of Glissandra’s 3-step skincare system (Glissandra Serum,
Face Cream, and Eye Cream) will receive a special, one-time Mother’s Day
bonus of 68 Incentive Dollars (IND), credited automatically to the
purchasing distributor’s account. IND may be redeemed on eligible future
purchases of Glissandra products.

In the same time period, new distributors will enjoy two special offers:
1) a reduced membership fee of just $1, and 2) the Mother’s Day Bonus of
68 IND, credited automatically to the purchasing distributor’s account,
when they purchase the Quality Enroller Bonus package (Glissandra Serum,
Face Cream, and Eye Cream) upon registration. The membership fee is
regularly priced at US$30.

Glissandra Skincare always welcomes new distributors to join its growing
team. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the company’s website,, for more information on this exciting opportunity.

About Glissandra™ Skincare Inc.

Glissandra™ Skincare Inc. is a network marketing company (also known as
multi-level marketing, MLM, direct sales, or community commerce)
dedicated to providing effective anti-aging skincare through its holistic
approach to skin health. Glissandra’s comprehensive skincare system is
the result of over 20 years of research and development at the Hong Kong
University of Science and Technology, led by Professor Robert Ko, PhD
(University of British Columbia). Over 100 research papers have been
published on its proprietary key ingredient, Glissandrin™, a suite of
natural compounds extracted from the Schisandra berry. In-vivo and in-
vitro studies have proven the ability of Glissandrin™ to address
mitochondrial decay, the leading cause of aging, and to enhance the
cell’s natural ability to fight oxidative damage (

Contact :
Glissandra Skincare
305-5811 Cooney Road
Richmond, BC
Canada V6X 3M1

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