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									QFrog! Convert your Qwerty Keyboard into a One Handed FrogPad

Convert your QWERTY keyboard into a one-handed FrogPad! Change your
typing posture and eliminate the causes of typing fatigue.

Houston, TX, April 17, 2012 -- QWERTYFrog, aka QFrog, for PC users, keeps
the functionality of the regular keyboard while allowing the flexibility
to type one-handed. The software and clings convert the 15 center keys on
the Qwerty keyboard into a one-handed FrogPad keyboard. Simply download
the software, peel and place the clings on the center keys, and Voila!
one is ready to start typing. Go one-handed!

QWERTYFrog works just like the One Handed FrogPad, providing the option
to choose left or right hand. Challenge yourself to this new way of
typing. For current FrogPad users, the typing method will be an easy
adjustment, and new users will find it easy to master. And think if it,
you change your posture completely and eliminate the causes of typing

QWERTYFrog is a user-friendly learning tool that is practical for those
who still want the functions of a regular keyboard. With QWERTYFrog, with
the ability to switch back and forth from a two-handed to a one-handed

QWERTYFrog allows Frog typing method either left handed or right handed
on a traditional keyboard at a minimal cost; The one-handed Bluetooth
FrogPad keyboard, FrogPad2 will be available in late summer 2012.

Training First Shooter Game can be found on the web site, h

What will you do with your other hand?

About FrogPad Inc.
FrogPad Inc., based in Houston, Texas, is an innovator in one-handed data
entry methods for mobile computing and multi-touch applications. It is a
private company delivering its products through global partners. This
document may contain forward-looking statements, relating to the
company’s future, based on FrogPad’s projections. These statements are
not guarantees of future outcomes and involve risks and uncertainties
that are difficult to predict, and/or are beyond FrogPad’s control. iPad
app available on iTunes for free.

FrogPad and QWERTYFrog and QFrog are the trademarks of FrogPad, Inc. in
the United States and other countries. Other product, service, and
company names may be trademarks or service marks of others mentioned.

Contact :
Mark Parthie
FrogPad, Inc.
Houston, Texas

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