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									KBI tangled threads which end in sight

There is one state that is so important but named PT KBI: Clearing Indonesia.

Not because his name was wrong but did get permission from operations as a futures clearing house
over 10 years ago, have not been able to perform its functions.

His job is actually noble but the winding road. Its mission is clear, but blurred in practice.

KBI should take care of "the integrity of futures trading, physical commodity markets, and the integrity
of the warehouse receipt system information" but to this day only 1 percent of its implementation.

Actually if KBI could really advance the success of agriculture and our farm. Our farmers would also
enjoy. We will not miss again. All developed countries hold commodity futures trading. We are still not.

With these fluctuations in commodity futures trading prices of agricultural products could be prevented.
Complaints prices of agricultural products like corn and rice are dropped at harvest can be resolved.
Physical traffic of agricultural products also are not too large. Which would be more back and forth are

More importantly, the results can be monetized farm was not long after the harvest occurs. The volume
of our trade to soar. The calculation of GDP can also be changed.

It is not easy to make a commodity trading system is running. Regional Directors have several times
changed, but the road also could not be found. The idea is so much in the past but everything Kuldesak.

There is a need to disentangle the tangled threads. On Sunday last March that the tangled threads of the
discussion held in my office on the 19th floor of the Ministry of SOEs. The result: a snarl that can not be
parsed, but the sight of which began to decompose.

Tantalizing question in the discussion: how to KBI, as a company, can live over 10 years in the midst of
the tangled threads of that? Apparently the human instinct is everywhere the same: to be able to live.

As with any situation. Any cost. Weighing whatever the circumstances. Segersang any land. Survival
instincts of human capital is indeed the prime of life.

Humans are no exception Surdiyanto Suryodarmodjo who now serves the KBI Director of PT. Sus, so
called, is already trying to revive turn on commodity futures trading. Various ways he did. Various
attempts he traveled.

But because of the requirements of his life was a lot of commodity futures trading, it is not easy to
incorporate. Imagine there are 11 institutions outside the KBI who also had to walk if you want to KBI

Commodity futures trading can work well when the 12 agencies are moving along in a rhythm. Like a car
should have the wheel, gas, brake, engine, its speedo meter, gardannya, wheels, and road rayanya. Also
the driver and fuel. KBI is just one part of it.

In a futures trading system, there should be a clearing house, insurance, settlement bank, guarantor, the
issuer of the certificate, quality guards, warehouse management, real time information systems, stand
by sellers, buyers stand by, and there should be BAPPEBTI (such as the Securities and Exchange
Commission its market capital). Of course there should be a major seller and buyer. Namely those who
would bind themselves to be members of the KBI and a member of the physical commodity markets.

The problem: how to assemble it all in one process. One just does not work, bubarlah this system. No
passage of the concept of warehouse receipts as a means to help our rice farmers, for example, among
others because it is a whole system of commodity futures trading is not already running.

If Sus wait merging 12 agencies, the Regional PT might die first. In order for companies to survive and
employees can still earn a paycheck, while the KBI to run a side business: trading stocks. The results of
this play was very good side.

I could have fun playing PT KBI side and forget the game is the subject of his task. This mess could
generate a turnover of USD 60 billion / year with a profit of Rp 40 billion.

On the one hand I would highly commend this KBI directors survival instinct. Thank you sir Sus! Your
hero and heroine to the company your employees! On the other hand I am certainly concerned that
99% of activity outside the KBI is still the main task.

Sus is also fun is still looked nervous. He is still sane: how to play the side that this be followed forward,
then what's the difference KBI with securities firms. He was also nervous: when KBI can function
according to the glorious field of business.

Conclusion The discussion on Sunday was right: KBI is not possible without improvements in the way
upstream first. Its head is to be prepared. So I decided to fix the state should seriously move upstream.
Let the KBI is not running yet. Let the games continue KBI side first.

In the next year must complete revamping upstream. In order not to much trouble, let state companies
that prepare food that the upper reaches. Slowly, when the market was used, with the private sector
must join this modern system. Three major state program in the field of food, could well be used as the
upstream commodity futures trading system.

SOEs have a successful program ProBeras first. Likewise Yarnen program (pay off the debts of seed /
fertilizer at harvest SOEs), and rice plantation program (printing new field) should also be successful.
Their network is later (including rice mills) that will become members of the KBI, the physical market as
well as a member state komoditi.Kalau food KBI prospective members are in existence and organized,
then we step into a more downstream: warehousing. Without a good warehousing system, it is not
possible commodity futures trading system is running.

All commodities must enter the warehouse. Not the usual barn, but a certified warehouse. Right now,
let alone a certified warehouse, how many potential warehouse available have not yet coordinated.
Warehousing We have to be an important economic force.

Last Monday I need things to Kalibaru East. That's where the PT BGR (Bhanda Ghara Mutual) office. This
is the state-owned enterprises engaged in warehousing. BGR has its own warehouse of 160 pieces, but
the entire warehouse is managed as many as 615 pieces.

It's not enough. Warehouses owned by other SOEs should be in one of coordination. For example
Bulog's warehouse, the warehouse of the Agricultural and Pusri's warehouse. Even government-owned
warehouses, such as the Ministry of Commerce, also should be incorporated in national warehousing

If this year is over laid the upstream sector, warehousing sector's turn next year to be our focus.
Certification from the warehouse to take care of this year, so next year could follow the pattern that has
been pioneered warehousing PT BGR. According to President Director of PT BGR, Mulyanto, our banks
have started to recognize the importance of certified warehouses in the national financing system.

"He is in a certified warehouse can already pledged. We keep proof of residence issued. Evidence of this
store has to be securities, "said Mulyanto.

Because there should be two lines in the upstream and in the middle of work to do with serious and
persistent, it was a new commodity futures trading system could be developed in the third year: 2014.
Alongside the development of warehouse receipt system. We do not wait.

But without the patience to fix the upper reaches, ever commodity trading system would not be

Still a long road, alley-winding aisle, the temptation is so much, but if steps are swung, the goal will be
achieved. Unless there interpellation

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