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                                   Pet-sitting Terms and Conditions

Please read these provisions and note your responsibilities, arrangements for payments, cancellation terms and
limitations on the liability of TopConcierge and its assigns.

We are in no way whatsoever responsible for your property. It is your responsibility to insure your property and
your pets.

We reserve the right to refuse care of animals that do not meet our criteria with regards to health and
temperament requirements.

Owners must provide suitable collars and leashes for dogs and a basket/transporter for cats.


Whilst all reasonable care and precautions are taken to ensure your pet receives proper care during the period
we will look after it, it is distinctly understood that no liability is incurred by TopConcierge or its assigns in
respect of any loss or damage to the animal/s through sickness, injury, escape, or from any cause whatsoever.

Owners must inform us of any previous deviations from normal behaviour as expected from a house-trained and
domesticated animal.

In the event that the animal causes injury or damage to persons or property, the owner of the pet assumes full
responsibility for the pet’s actions.


Vaccinations must be up to date. Any contagious afflictions such as Kennel Cough must be treated before we
are able to look after your pets. We cannot take the risk of infecting other animals.

If your pet suffers from a manageable health problem, requiring special care or medical attention, please ask
your vet to provide full details of the condition and steps required to treat this condition.

The pet sitter on duty has the right to seek veterinary advice for any animal which develops signs of illness
whilst we are in attendance.

You specifically give us permission to seek veterinary advice if necessary and agree that any veterinary
attention necessary while the animal is in our care will be at the owner's expense.

Please print your name



Please ensure we have contact details and physical address for your veterinary surgeon.

Please print your vet’s name


Telephone numbers: Normal hours                               Emergency

Medical attention or grooming will be given by the TopConcierge staff if required by the owners, for a nominal
predetermined charge.

Where pets require medication, the owner must provide these items in clearly marked containers with clear
instructions. If we provide flea and tick remedies etc. these will be billed to you on your return.

Should pets require special diets the owner must provide these items in clearly marked containers. Please note
this does not affect the quoted hourly or daily rates.
Prices quoted apply at time of writing and could be subject to change at any time.

If it is necessary to extend TopConcierge services while away, please contact us at least 24 hours ahead of the
extension date.

Special rates or date changes may be allowed, at our discretion.

Extra costs incurred while your pet is in our care will be charged to your account and must be settled within 7
days of your return.

Please note that bookings for 3 days or less will be charged at the minimum rate of R300 per booking.

Long term care contracts (i.e. 15 days plus) are accepted on the basis that a special long term contract
including detailed payment terms is signed. These payment terms will include a retainer / deposit paid upfront
and weekly payments for the duration of the contract.


In the event that we must employ legal assistance to recover outstanding amounts, such costs will be for the
account of the owner of relevant pets, on an attorney-client basis.


All dates booked are chargeable unless proper notice is given, such notice period will be specified at the time of
the booking. Cancellation periods will vary depending on the season and advance notice period.


Additional duties, such as cleaning up after dogs, must be detailed in your quotation / invoice and are done at
additional cost.

We do not walk your dogs unless you provide us with their up-to-date vaccination certificates.

We do not provide references as this is in conflict with our client privacy agreement.
Similarly, we will not provide your name as a reference.

If your pet passes our name along to his friends, and they happen to mention your name to us, we might even
send you a little something for your pet/s.

Please print your name


Telephone numbers: Normal hours                               Emergency



                                                   We recommend MediPet Dog and Cat Veterinary

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