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                                          OPORD S09-30
                                           30 April 2009

                                                                             Copy    of    Copies
                                                                          8th Regiment – Warriors
                                                                                       LDAC 2009
                                                                                   As of 04/27/09

OPERATIONS ORDER S09-30: (Operation: Ikaika I Mua)


         a. Warrior Forge TACSOP 2009
         b. 8th Regiment leadership and training matrices
         c. Map Sheet Honolulu Hawaii ED. 1-DMA

      Alpha Company (BRM)                Bravo Company (FLRC)

Time Zone used throughout training is Local Hawaii Standard Time

       a. Enemy forces:
              (1) Light/Weather Data
  Date        High      Low        SR         SS                      Forecast
  4/27         78        67       0603       1855                Isolated showers
  4/28         77        67       0603       1855               Scattered showers
  4/29         79        67       0602       1856               Scattered showers
  4/30         79        68       0601       1856                Isolated showers

                 (2) Terrain: UH Manoa lower campus, urbanized, consisting of improved roads,
                 sidewalks and buildings.
         b. Friendly forces:
                 (1) Mission of higher unit: The mission of Warrior Forge 2009 is to train cadets,
                 develop leadership and evaluate officer potential.
                 (2) Left unit’s mission: 7th Regiment is Day 13, conducting STX Lanes.
                 (3) Right unit’s mission: 9th Regiment is Day 5, returning from Land Navigation.
                 (4) Attachments and detachments: None

       Warriors, 8th Regiment, conducts CIF equipment turn in, BRM, and the FLRC in the
       regimental training area NLT 300645APR2009 (Day 9) in concurrence with the Warrior
       Forge 2009 training schedule. Site locations – Cooke Field Range, Murakami FLRC.

                               OPORD S09-30
                                30 April 2009

Intent: By 0835 all members of Warriors 8th Regiment have reported to the training sites
for Basic Rifle Marksmanship and the Field Leadership Reaction Course, and have
completed CIF equipment turn in to the S4.

a. Concept of operation: This is a seven phased operation.
       Phase 1: First formation/Issuing of Regimental order
       Phase 2: Weapons draw
       Phase 3: Cleaning/Maintenance of regimental area
       Phase 4: CIF Equipment turn in
       Phase 5: Movement to & from training sites
       Phase 6: Weapons turn in
       Phase 7: Final formation/Regimental AAR

b. Maneuver:

       Phase 1: At 0645, the 8th Regiment conducts accountability formation in the
       parking lot across from the ROTC building. Upon completion of accountability at
       0650, the platoon leaders from each company are responsible for ensuring that
       their squad leaders begin issuing the regimental order at the lowest level to their
       subordinates. From 0650 to 0710, the squad leaders will brief their orders, to
       include the use of visual aids. Phase 1 terminates at 0710; both companies must
       report to the arms room NLT 0715 for weapons draw and the execution of the
       remaining phases.
                        OPORD S09-30
                         30 April 2009

Phase 2: From 715-0730, the company commanders coordinate with each other
to complete weapons draw for the entire regiment. Key leadership is
responsible for ensuring that all weapons cards are given to the S4 and that all
weapons are cleared onsite. Company commanders must also provide a list of
serial numbers to their company TACs. Phase 1 terminates at 0730; both
companies must arrive at their designated cleaning areas NLT 0735 to begin
maintenance of the regimental area (See figure below).

Phase 3: From 0735 to 0750, each platoon draws cleaning supplies from the
storage room and conducts maintenance of their respective areas. Cleaning
consists of: sweeping the floors inside buildings, rearranging dislocated furniture,
wiping down chalk boards, restocking the latrines and police calling outside
areas. At 0745, platoon TACs will begin inspecting the regimental area to ensure
that standards are being met. Phase 3 terminates at 0750, with all cleaning
equipment being returned to the storage room. Once this is complete, both
companies will reconsolidate and begin movement to their separate CIF
equipment turn in locations, arriving NLT 0755 (See figure below).
                        OPORD S09-30
                         30 April 2009

Phase 4: From 0755 to 0810, each company conducts equipment turn in. The
turn in location for A CO is the Air Force supply room and the turn in location for
B CO is the parking lot adjacent to the ROTC building (See figure above). At
these CIF locations, the S4 shop will have labeled containers setup for each piece
of equipment. Those that need to return items (MSIs/MSIIs) will file through and
drop off their equipment accordingly, signing their hand-receipts upon
completion. Phase 4 terminates at 0810. After completion of turn in, both
companies begin movement to their separate training sites, arriving NLT 0815:

       Alpha Company – Cooke Field Range
       Bravo Company – Murakami FLRC

Phase 5: Upon arrival at their training sites, the company commanders will be
issued a FRAGO and must return back to the arms room for weapons turn in,
arriving NLT 0820. Both companies essentially have 10 minutes, from 0810 to
0820, to move from CIF, to their training sites and back to the arms room. Phase
5 terminates at 0820 upon arrival at the arms room.

Phase 6: From 0820 to 0835, both company commanders must renegotiate
weapons turn in for the entire regiment. This task includes: clearing all weapons,
returning weapons and redistributing all weapons cards. TACs will also verify the
turn in count with the numbers that were previously provided by the company
                                          OPORD S09-30
                                           30 April 2009

                commanders. Phase 6 terminates at 0835. Both companies must be formed up
                and ready for final formation at the parking lot NLT 0840.

                Phase 7: From 0840 to 0855, the regiment will conduct an AAR as a whole in a
                “U” formation, led by the company commanders in conjunction. AAR comments
                must include:

                        1) What was supposed to happen?
                        2) What actually happened?
                        3) Sustains and improves for the company leadership

                All cadets are involved in the AAR process and can speak up to address the
                regiment at any time, as regulated by the company commanders. At 0855, the
                regiment is called to attention for the change of command ceremony. After new
                leadership has posted, C/LTC Vadovsky will address and dismiss the regiment for
                TAC time. Phase 7 terminates upon dismissal.

         c. Task to maneuver units: N/A

         d. Coordinating instructions:
                (1) Timeline:
  From         To                      Event                            Location            Uniform
  0645        0650          Accountability formation                Main parking lot           B
  0650        0710               SLs issue OPORD                    Main parking lot           B
  0710        0715                  Movement                    In route to Arms room          B
  0715        0730                Weapons draw                         Arms room               B
  0730        0735                  Movement                   In route to storage room        B
  0735        0750         Cleaning of regimental area              ROTC buildings             B
  0750        0755                  Movement                         In route to CIF           B
  0755        0810              Equipment turn in            Air force supply/parking lot      B
  0810        0820     Movement to and from training sites      In route to Arms room          B
  0820        0835               Weapons turn in                       Arms room               B
  0835        0840        Movement to final formation        In route to Main parking lot      B
  0840        0855      Final formation/Regimental AAR              Main parking lot           B

                (2) Uniform. Class B (ACUs, soft cap, LBE w/2 full canteens, pens/pencils,
                leadership books, TACSOP, FM 7-8, terrain model kits). Cadets without issued
                uniforms must wear appropriate clothing (long sleeves, long pants and hat with

       a. General: No initial supply or resupply assets available.
                                     OPORD S09-30
                                      30 April 2009

       b. Material and services:
              (1) Supply
                      Class I: Water available in regimental area
                      Class II: N/A
                      Class III: N/A
                      Class IV: N/A
                      Class V: N/A
                      Class VI: N/A
                      Class VII: Aid bag located with cadre at training sites
                      Class VIII: N/A
                      Class IX: N/A
                      Class X: N/A
              (2) Transportation: N/A
              (3) Services: None
              (4) Maintenance: Cleaning supplies provided by S4
              (5) Medical Evacuation: Report any injuries to cadre immediately

       c. Personnel: N/A

       d. Misc: N/A

      a. Command
            (1) Location of higher unit commander: PMS LTC Lazlo in regimental HQ
            (2) Location of second in command: C/LTC Vadovsky in regimental area
            (3) Succession of command: BC C/LTC Vadovsky, XO C/MAJ Gaston, A CO C/CPT
            Freyou, B CO C/CPT Mount


                                                                 Vadovsky, Stephen
                                                                 C/LTC, OD


Carl, David
S3 Assistant
                                    OPORD S09-30
                                     30 April 2009

ANNEX A – 8th Regiment Leadership Matrix

          Day 9 Leadership - Alpha Company            Day 9 Leadership - Bravo Company

CO        Freyou                                CO    Mount
XO        Reece                                 XO    Ramos
1SG       Velasquez                             1SG   Rasmussen
          1st Platoon      2nd Platoon                1st Platoon         2nd Platoon
PL        Teruya           Faavae               PL    Mercado             Diegel
PSG       Yi               Morgan               PSG   Greenford           Massey
1SL       Dizon            Eggleston            1SL   Hong                Cash
2SL       Downes           Barajas              2SL   Coleson             Santos
3SL       Sonido           Bressler             3SL   Matos               Incle
4SL       Gerakas          Heglie               4SL   Manding             Jonescu

          Day 10 Leadership - Alhpa Company           Day 10 Leadership - Bravo Company

CO        Kim                                   CO    Choi
XO        Lester                                XO    O'Neal
1SG       Dizon                                 1SG   Coleson
          1st Platoon      2nd Platoon                1st Platoon         2nd Platoon
PL        Rasmussen        Weisbecker           PL    Holly               Jonescu
PSG       Kawk             Booher               PSG   Meaole              Incle
1SL       Fogovai          Freyou               1SL   Velasquez           Mount
2SL       Moli             Faavae               2SL   Rueber              Ramos
3SL       Caruso           Eggleston            3SL   Mercado             Diegel
4SL       Reece            Morgan               4SL   Hong                Cash
                                    OPORD S09-30
                                     30 April 2009

ANNEX B – 8th Regiment Training Schedule

                      D             D            D       D           D
                      5             6            7       8           9
 Training Day

                                                                 Cooke Field
                   LN TNG          TOT         LNW2


                                SQD TNG                            FLRC
                                                       US WPNS

 8TH                LN D1                       PRF   US WPNS     TAC Time
 RGT     AFT                                    G/O      RDF
                                  LN D2         PRF     LN D3
                    LN N1         LN N2
                                                        LN N3

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