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					Packing list

This is just a jumping-off point--adapt this list to the type of trip/vacation you’ll be taking.
There are free iPhone apps which start with a lot of items and you can edit and add and
delete, then just tap the items when you’ve packed it (uPacking Lite is one and another is
Frommer's Travel Tools).

Pack light
Pack light and only bring as much as will fit in one suitcase and a daypack, tote or purse--most
airlines now charge for checked luggage when flying domestically. With international you can
usually have one checked suitcase for free (but not all routes—refer to your airline’s website).

You should be able to load your suitcase on and off buses and trains by yourself, into hotels,
and into the overhead bin on the plane (practice by lifting your suitcase up on top the
refrigerator). If you’re on an itinerary with train travel, bring the smallest suitcase you can since
luggage space is limited. When checking a suitcase, include a change of clothes in your carry-on.
Valuables and medications should always be with you on the plane, not checked. Traveling with
a companion and checking your suitcases? Pack half your clothing in each other’s suitcase.

Clothing & accessories
Be considerate of cultural differences and pack accordingly. Keep in mind some religious sites
require that shirts cover the shoulders and arms, do not allow short skirts or flip-flops, and may
require the head to be covered.
           Comfortable walking shoes, flip flops or similar
           Shirts (short, long sleeved, tee)
           Pants/jeans (lightweight)
           Skirt
           Socks/hose and underwear
           Pajamas/nightie
           Lightweight nylon jacket or fleece (rather than bulky sweatshirts)
           Lightweight scarf (for women)
           Watch
           Spare set of contact lenses/glasses (if applicable)
           As appropriate for the type of trip or time of year:
               Winter boots
               Dress shoes
               Bathing suit(s)
               Sarong/pareo (for women)
               Zip-off pants
               Sun hat / baseball cap
               Sunglasses (if you have prescription sunglasses, you may want to bring them in
               case you lose or damage your regular glasses)
            Dressier outfit(s)
            Raincoat and/or umbrella
            Winter jacket or coat, gloves

    3.4 oz or less (check for current security requirements): toothpaste,
     shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream, deodorant, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and so
     on. You can purchase more at destination or use hotel toiletries; if checking a suitcase
     you can pack larger sizes. Traveling with companion—share.
    Toothbrush
    Hairbrush/comb
    Earplugs
    Medications (plus a copy of the prescriptions)
    Basic staple drugs like vitamins, antibiotics, ointment, bandaids, aspirin/tylenol/motrin,
     immodium, benadryl

 Credit cards (2) and ATM card (call the bank and credit card companies prior to
  departure to alert them of the trip; foreign purchases will result in a freeze)
 At least $50 converted to foreign currency of the first county you’re visiting
 Pouch for storing money and passport under clothing (available at travel stores)

    Alarm clock (many hotel rooms won't have one)
    Miniature flashlight
    Camera with extra memory cards, rechargeable batteries, chargers
    Electronic book reader (included in iPhone)
    Cellphone
    Netbook/laptop
    Adaptor and/or converter (available at travel stores)

     Odds and ends
    Travel laundry line
    Laundry soap (or use shampoo or hand soap)
    Couple of plastic hangers
    Cable ties
    Bubble wrap, small duct tape (or some wrapped around a pen)
    Fold up extra bag/tote

 Airline tickets, boarding pass (if you’ve checked in online)
 Passport. Bring a photocopy of it (in case it is lost) and leave one copy with
 Visas (if applicable and not stamped or adhered in passport)
 Reservation confirmations, cruise pass, pre-purchased tickets, and suchlike
 Printed directions to get from airport to hotel and each subsequent sets of transfers
 Copy of your itinerary (leave one copy with relatives or friends)
 List of important phone numbers and addresses (to send postcards home; I like to have
  the addresses already printed out on labels)
 Insurance card(s)
 Copy of any prescriptions (all medication should be carried in its original container as
  customs officials may want to verify a container's contents match its label)
 Travel journal/notepad

    In your purse/tote/daypack
   Passport
   Airline ticket/boarding pass
   Cash, credit/ATM cards
   Other documents (as above)
   Baggie with 3-1-1 items
   Toothbrush
   Hairbrush or comb
   Medication
   Earplugs
   Any valuables including camera
   Paperback book(s) or ereader
   Contact lens/glasses case (to sleep comfortably on the plane)
   A change of clothes (in case luggage is delayed)

  In your suitcase(s)
 Your itinerary--just in case the airline needs to deliver the bag—place on top of clothes.
  If the bag is lost, the itinerary will tell where to deliver it. Have heard of bags being
  delivered back to the traveler's home because they didn't know where else to deliver it.
 On luggage tag write address where you’ll be spending the first night. Then change it to
  home address, unless you are flying to another location, then put that address on the

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