causes of obesity

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					Causes of obesity
New information from weight loss researchers and nutritionists shows that
over 300,000 people die each year from complications resulting from
obesity. Obesity is a major problem in the United States and now many
other parts of the world. This is where the body accumulates more fat
than is being burned by normal metabolism and this causes fat deposits to
begin to build up in the belly area, thighs, buttocks and even waist. The
problem of obesity is so acute that some schools especially in Atlanta
Georgia have began to offer strictly vegetarian diets to their students
and the students have embraced this diet well. So what causes obesity?

There is one cause of weight gain that is rather unfortunate-genetics.
Sometimes, it is easy to judge people from appearance and form an opinion
that their excess weight is as a result of irresponsible eating habits.
But doctors report that there are people with genetic maladjustments that
cause a problem with the way the body processes food. There are also
problems that cause an under-performing thyroid gland that ultimately
causes the body metabolism to slow and therefore and accumulation of fat.
So one reason why some people are overweight is because of genetic

Another reason why some people might have a weight problem is because
they have an eating disorder. In the same token that there are eating
disorders which cause bulimia, there are disorders that run in the
opposite direction and cause compulsive eating and an abnormal
appetitive. A disorder called Pica even has its victims craving non-foods
(earth, pens, pencils and anything close by). These disorders which cause
excessive eating can be treated and the person can resume normal eating

Another reason for obesity is off course leading a sedentary life of
little or no activity. This is common in the West where people use cars
to go even short distances.

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