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									Getting Rid Of Your Acne In Six Easy Steps

Acne is not a fun thing to deal with. You can get rid of your bad complexion by following these six steps and
changing a few bad habits. Start taking action now, and you could get a better complexion in only a few weeks.

Some unhealthy foods can cause your skin to produce more oil than usual, which causes breakouts. Avoid foods
too rich in fat, sugar or oils. This means you should stay away from fast foods, processed foods, sweets and
sugary drinks. Replace these with healthier alternatives and eat fruits, vegetables and lean meat instead.
Drink plenty of water so that your body can eliminate the toxins that might be blocking your pores.

Keeping your skin clean makes a huge difference. Look for a cleaning product with a neutral PH; other products
might interfere with the acidity level of your skin and lead to a higher production of oil. Clean your face
when you wake up and before you go to bed. Cleaning your face more than twice a day can dry your skin and
cause it to produce more oil to compensate. You should also look into using topical products to kill the acne
bacteria on your skin. Read reviews of different products and try different ones until you find something that
works. Go to a dermatologist to get a prescription for a stronger product if nothing seems to work.

A lot of natural remedies are efficient against acne. You can create a paste with water and baking soda; boil
these ingredients, let the paste cool off and apply it on your face. Any kind of toothpaste with baking soda
in it is a good remedy against zits; apply a small glob of toothpaste on your skin and the zit will be gone in
two hours. If your acne looks infected, apply a wet bag of green tea to cure the infection. You can also clean
your pores thoroughly with a green clay mask or by scrubbing your face with sugar or sand. Do more research
about natural remedies; you will be surprised at how efficient they are.

Wash your pillow case and your bedding regularly. If you don't, these items will soak up the oil from your
skin and cause new breakouts every night. You should also keep your clothes clean, especially if you tend to
get acne on different parts of your body. Avoid wearing clothes that cover your face such as scarves or hats.
If you do, keep these items clean and do not let them rub or constrict your skin, or your skin will become
irritated and produce more oil.

Natural supplements are a good way to keep your skin healthy. Several vitamins contribute to making your skin
healthy; select a good multivitamin supplement or a product designed to reduce acne. Take your supplement
regularly and get extra vitamins from the sun by spending some time outside. The sun will help dry your skin
and get rid of the excess oil. Do not spend too much time outside without a good sun screen on your face.

An excessive production of oil can be caused by an hormonal imbalance, which is either a sign of stress or
puberty. You can make efforts to reduce your stress by learning how to deal with your anxiety in positive
ways. Find a hobby that relaxes you and stay away from stressful situations if you can. Do not smoke or drink
coffee to get rid of your stress; these products will only make your skin worse. If you are a young woman, you
can actually do something to counteract the effects of puberty on your hormones by taking birth control pills.
You should talk to your doctor about this solution.

Try these remedies and keep looking for new solutions. Make efforts to get rid of your bad habits, and
eventually you will get a better complexion.

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