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are you unknowingly contributing to your acne problem



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									Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Your Acne Problem?

Do you seem to be plagued by acne no matter what you try to do? Do you scrub your skin all the time, only to
see new breakouts each time you look in the mirror? If so, you may be contributing to the problem without even
realizing it. Here are some of the common ways people help their acne when they intend to be fighting it.

Do you frequently spend time popping your existing pimples? If so, you may be spreading bacteria around your
face as you move your hands around. Try to leave your pimples alone and let them heal through treatment. If
you must pop them, limit yourself to once or twice per day. You should clean your face and hands thoroughly
both before and after you do. You may also consider using a light astringent, such as witch hazel, to close
the pores and kill bacteria.

Do you slather your face with all types of acne cleaners and pimple creams? These may also be a culprit in
your breakouts. Using too many chemicals on your skin can dry it out and make your skin more vulnerable to
future infections. Look for products that are hypo-allergenic and stick to treating your acne with the minimum
use suggested on one application.

Do you aggressively scrub your skin in an effort to remove every trace of dirt and grime? This can be another
contributing factor in your recurrent breakouts. Like harsh chemicals, excessive scrubbing can also leave your
skin vulnerable to infection. Coupled with a gentle cleanser, light scrubbing is all that is necessary to
clean your skin.

Do you skip sleep in favor of other activities? Not getting adequate rest can also make your skin less
resistant to acne breakouts. In addition to getting the right amount of rest, you should also attempt to go to
sleep at the same time each day.

Do you prefer to drink caffeinated sodas and coffees rather than water or fresh juice? If so, you are doing
your skin a disservice. Drinks with caffeine dry out your skin. Choose instead to drink water or juice. Fresh
juice is filled with skin healing vitamins and minerals.

If these things don't apply to you, you may consider seeing a dermatologist. You may have an underlying
condition that needs to be addressed. It may simply be that your skin needs professional care. If you do see a
dermatologist, be certain to follow their instructions carefully. Do not use any other products in conjunction
with what he or she provides unless you have already consulted them about doing so.

You do not have to continue to suffer from painful and embarrassing acne breakouts. If you can see yourself in
the above article, begin making the changes you need. You will be pleased with the results when you take care
of your skin. Remember to treat your skin gently from the inside and the outside if you want to have a
lifetime of acne free skin.

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