Field_Trip_Request_Template by xuyuzhu


                                                Field Trip FIELD TRIP REQUEST
 School:                                                                                                                                       Date:

 Teacher Making Request:
 Principal's Signature :                                                                                                        Date of Approval:
      (Approving Trip)

 Central Office Approval:                                                                                                       Date of Approval:

County Nurse Signature:                                                                                                        Funding SourceL

 Date Trip is       Group, Class,         Number of           Number of                                                               Number of            Departure and
                                                                                             Destination of Trip
  Planned               Etc.               Students           Chaperones                                                                Buses               Return Time

Lunch Plans:

Curriculum Trip Correlation:

                   A Letter of explanation of the trip may accompany this form.

                   This form must be completed (with principal and nurse signatures) before approval
                   will be considered.

(Wayne County Board of Education, pending the state of terror alert or any other factors concerning safeth of the students, reserves the right to cancel this field trip.
Due to this concern, arrangements should be made so that money can be refunded or travel insurance can be offered to students/parents.)

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