Smart Smart Review A Presentation By by tangshuming


									Smart Review

 A Presentation
 By Brad Miller
 Goals
 Zero Tolerance
 Property
 Safety
 Presentation
 Performance
 Customer Service
 Sales PT 1 & 2

SuperCheap Auto Goals
Macgregor Store Goals
Team Member Goals
My Goals
  Super Cheap Auto Goals
   To become Australasia’s largest and most highly
   regarded retailer of automotive and leisure
    To achieve annualized sales of $800 million by
     June 2008, and $1 Billion by June 2010.
    Macgregor Store Goals
                         Customer Focused
 Friendly customer
  atmosphere             Out do the new
 Increase sales        Autobahn next door
 Implement fresh new    Lift average sales
                        Life customer
 Have A1 store         average
                        Actively promote the
                        “Product Of The
      Team Member Goals
• Friendly team member atmosphere
• Further Develop Trust & Respect between team
• Initiate Praise & Encouragement in recognition
  of excellence
              My Goals
Short Term:
 Immediate increase in sales by embracing &
actioning fresh new ideas and implementing them

Long Term:
 To achieve 90% or above SOS Review
 To become a Store Manager with SuperCheap Auto
 Further develop and enhance my management
skills from within SCA
 Review & Adjust Accordingly
Zero Tolerance

 Loss Prevention
                    Loss Prevention
A zero tolerance will be taken on loss
prevention. This includes:
 Actioning bag checks where any
bag that is over A4 paper size, is to be
checked, mandatory, no ifs or buts.
 Additional security calls over the PA
System to further deter would be
thieves from committing an act of
 Prevention through customer
Breakages in store
Internal Theft:
stealing by team members

External Theft:
 100% Ticket Compliance
 100% Pricing Integrity
 O.O.S Report
 “Bay A Day”
 Implementing bulk purchases around
holidays times
Battery O.O.S
 Waste Management -Wanless Waste.
 Care of Max / PDT units
 Care of servicing and maintaining items
 Contractors – inspecting! & signing off on it, only once inspection of
maintenance has taken place.
Workplace Health & Safety
Ensuring the entire shop floor and storeroom are OH&S free
of any:
 trip hazards
 boxes
 electrical cabling
 Maintaining Overheads / Capping is of a suitable nature
and not overstocked, with safety hazards such as falling
objects, unstable items, incorrectly stacked products etc
                  Store Presentation
Quadrants – Tidy at 2. Presenting the store every day from 2pm to 4pm
ensuring all quadrants are presented.
Storeroom – Maintaining a clean and safe storeroom free of any clutter and
safety hazards.
Customer service area – First point of entry, most crutial – First impressions
last. If the front service area is tidy, instantly our credibility is lifted. It also helps
our customer service operators perform their tasks easier as there are no
objects or hazards in their way.
Floors – Sweeping of the floors during the tidy at 2 process of presenting the
Shelving – Ensuring all shelving is free of any excessive overstocks, or opened
Ticketing – All bays will have tickets through actively doing a “Bay A Day”
Performance Management
Outline steps required to maintain team member performance
Ensure that team members meet or exceed expectations
Succession planning through developing team member
By doing this, we eliminate Loss of Sales / Productivity
Customer complaints
IR Consequences
As the team members won’t embrace a lack of understanding
Lack of Training
Lack of Motivation
Lack of Care
               Sales PT1
 We all know, that by doing these
 initiatives, we boost sales through
 product knowledge and customer

 Bigger sales means
   Bigger bonuses
   More staff
   Happier customers
       Sales PT2

“The   right   stock”, in
“The   right   place”, at
“The   right   time”, at
“The   right   price”, in
“The   right   quantities.”
          What I Wish To Stop
• Unnecessary clutter in
  the aisles
• Untidy customer service
• Overheads / capping
  being over used
• Display ends with
  O.O.S’s scattered
  throughout them
     What I Wish To Continue
• Friendly customer service
• Friendly team members who have developed
  a strong sense of trust and respect from
  each other
• Praising and recognising excellence
• Consistently above average merchandising
            What I Wish To Start
 Filling stock on a Thursday night
 Better inventory control
 Daily presentation
 Structured week
 Stronger emphasis on the Product Of The Week
 Encouragement program – Team Member Of
  The Month etc
 Utilising the chalkboard outside the store for
  further entice prospective customers into the
 Quarterly performance appraisals
Thank you

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