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A fax (short for facsimile and
sometimes called telecopying) is
the telephonic transmission of
scanned-in printed material (text
or images), usually to a telephone
number associated with a printer
or other output device.
Fax nowadays:
Nowadays fax machines are one of the most important office
equipment. This fax machine usually sends and receives a
document through a telephone line. Using fax machine
(facsimile machine) we can send documents to any point of the
world as very convenient and easy. The important feature of the
fax machine is that printing technology. Nearly all the fax
machines use plain office paper. Inkjet faxes can usually print,
copy and fax the text in color. Laser fax machines are also
available usually to print sharper text
Original document is scanned with a fax machine,
which treats the contents (text or images) as a single
fixed graphic image, converting. In this digital form,
the information is transmitted as electrical signals
through the telephone system

Sometimes it is important to receive a document as quickly as possible. Fax
machines are a great option if it is a paper that can not easily be sent through

Using a fax machine is much faster than sending an item through the U.S. Postal
Service. This can be important if you are working on a deadline and need to ship a
document somewhere quickly. Instead of paying the additional cost for express
shipping, you can fax it to the recipient.

Efax Services
If you do not have a physical fax machine, you can turn your computer into a fax
machine by signing up for an Internet faxing company such as efax. With efax, you
receive software on your computer that allows you to use it as a fax machine
Phone Connection Reliability:

Using a fax machine puts you at the mercy of the reliability of phone lines, or Internet
connections in the case of using efax software. If there is a network outage for either of
these, shipping it via express mail would be more reliable.

Requires a Human Recipient:
You don't have to worry about just your own fax machine when you are faxing a
document. You must be concerned about the availability of the fax machine of the
person to whom you are faxing a document. To avoid possible problems with paper
jams or a lack of ink in the fax machine, another person must be able to confirm receipt
of the fax and that it printed
Fax machine is used to send and receive a copy or image of
important documents such as contract, receipts, legal documents
and forms necessary in business transactions. The trend in faxing
right now is internet fax, where in fax documents are transmitted
over the internet instead of the phone line

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