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					General Questions about 5LINX®
Q: Who is 5LINX®?
A direct marketing company

Q: Where is 5LINX® based?
Rochester, NY

Q: How long has 5LINX® been in business?
Launched operations in March, 2001

Q: What does 5LINX® mean?
5 principles (Freedom, Integrity, Vision, Opportunity & Success)

Q: Is 5LINX® publicly traded?
No, 5LINX® is a private corporation

Q: What about the 5LINX® management team?
Over 30 years direct marketing experience
Over 50 years corporate Telecommunications experience

Q: Is 5LINX® a pyramid scheme?

Q: What do I get when I sign up for $249?
Starter Kit with marketing and support materials to start your business
Personal website (24 hr virtual toll booth)
1 on 1 training from proven 5LINX® leaders through 5LINX® University
Ability to market fortune 500 telecommunications services
Potential to receive income from the signup of other representatives and their customers

Q: What do I get when I sign up for $99?
Personal website (24 hr virtual toll booth)
1 on 1 training from proven 5LINX® leaders
Ability to market fortune 500 telecommunications services

Q: If I sign up as a CR ($99) how can I upgrade to IMR ($249)?
There are 3 ways a representative can upgrade from CR to IMR
Within 30 days from initial signup the representative can pay $150 to upgrade, this will
treat the representative as if they had been an IMR from their initial sign up date
Outside of 30 days from initial signup the representative can pay $249 to upgrade, this
will give the representative a new start date and allow them to build their business as such
                                                                                    ves from
prior to their new start date will be counted toward promotional bonuses
At any time a CR can acquire 20 personal customers and 1 personally sponsored,
enrolled and qualified IMR, this will automatically update the CR to the IMR position
Q: What are the advantages to starting a 5LINX® business?
No Boss No Monthly Quotas
No Employees No Territory restrictions
No Inventory Tax Advantages
No Limit on Earnings Low Investment
Q: How do I get started?
Any major credit card, Check or Money order

Q: Are there any additional fees?
There is an annual renewal fee of $99.00 (if not a Platinum Services subscriber)
Up to $49.95 per month for 5LINX® Platinum Services

Q: How do I get trained?
5LINX® gets you started in business for yourself but not by yourself
You have a support network that has a vested interest in your success
Conference call training held every day
5LINX® has ongoing trainings, locally, regionally and nationally

Q: What if I have questions after I get started?
5LINX® has representative support services available Monday through Saturday for
additional questions. Just call Representative Services at 585-359-2922.

Q: How do I make money with 5LINX®?
There are many revenue streams.
Weekly Bonus payouts when a new representative qualifies.
Monthly Residual payout
Monthly Bonus payouts for acquiring new customers.
Monthly incentive bonuses

Q: How much money can I earn?
There is no limit on your income

Q: How much do I get paid when I sign up a customer?
There are many variables - You can earn from 10¢ up to a $9.75 residual bonus paid out
each month per customer. 5LINX® has the most lucrative payout plan available today.
Q: How does 5LINX® track commissions?
State of the art multi-million dollar software commissioning system. You can see real time
access to all your current and future commissions.

Q: Do I need to become a telecommunications expert?
NO! 5LINX® has a training system in place to help you in building your business.
There is no prior experience required

Q: How much time will I need to put in to be successful?
You will get paid based on the results you produce. There is no predetermined time

Q: Why is it important that I do not procrastinate in making a decision to join 5LINX®?
The timing and positioning of 5LINX® in the Voice over IP and wireless industries right
now is the key. Just like the PC industry’s millionaires in the 1980s.

Q: How does the 50/100 customer club work?
Once a representative has acquired 50 or 100 personal customers they are eligible to
receive a monthly bonus
In order to receive this bonus the representative will be required to maintain at least
50/100 customers and add two (2) new distinct customers each month
Both customers must be submitted within the calendar month in which you are
attempting to earn the bonus
Both customers must show active in the 5LINX® system by the 10th of the following month
Q: What 5LINX® products are counted as customer points?
The following service(s) count as personal customer points
GLOBALINXTM Residential VoIP
     to 4 points per name/address/account

Wireless Service

5LINX® Home Security
Satellite Television
High-Speed Internet Service
5LINX® ID Guard
5LINX® Energy
5LINX® Business Elite Services
5LINX® Services

Q: How do I get paid for the customers I acquire?
The following service(s) pay monthly residuals for the life of the customer
5LINX® Home Security
5LINX® Standard & Platinum Services
Wireless Service
Satellite Television
5LINX® Energy
5LINX® ID Guard
5LINX® Business Elite Services
The following service(s) do not pay commissions at this time
Broadband Internet Service
Q: How long will I receive credit for the customers I acquire?
You receive credit for the following residual customers as long as they remain active and
billing on the service
5LINX® Home Security
5LINX® Standard & Platinum Services
5LINX® Business Elite Services

You receive credit for the following products for a finite period of time. Once purged,
these customers can be re-acquired by completing an upgrade or placing a new order.
Post paid cellular – 24 months
Satellite television – 36 months
Broadband internet – 36 months
5LINX® Energy – 6 years
National registration – until the conclusion of that particular event

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