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It's a bit like expecting your mother to know anything about Goggling!

Do you know what business owners & managers waste more money on than anything else,
when they do their printing?

o It's not ordering more printing than they need.

o It's not ordering their printing in small amounts.

o It's not printing a 20 page brochure when 10 pages would have done the job.

In fact, it's got nothing to do with the printing process at all.

So what is it?

"It's the utter garbage some use for copy in their sales & marketing literature"

Some business owners & managers spend many thousands of dollars and a bucket load of
time & effort on printed marketing material without paying any attention whatsoever to the
words used in the copy.

And this is an extremely costly mistake because...

One piece of advertising or marketing material can pull 2, 3, 5 or 17 times the response of another
- simply by changing the words.

These are proven facts!

But not 1 in 100 business owners or managers truly understands how to do this.

You should see some of the rubbish that comes across my desk, it doesn't have a hope in the
world of attracting a decent response.

I've been in the printing industry all of my working life, some 39 years - Gee, I feel tired all of a

And during that time I've seen some rippers... and I've been caught!

Many times earlier on in my career, when chatting with the customer and confronted with this type
of copy, I would blurt out a subtle comment like -

"My god, who wrote this garbage"

Only to receive the customer's response something like - "My wife wrote it"


It also happens frequently when being handed a logo for a new, small business.

"Yeah, my boyfriend designed our logo, it's good isn't it?"

Ah... no.

It's bad enough writing bad copy for a general marketing brochure or flyer, but when it's used in
direct response marketing material, you may as well have thrown the money that it cost to print,
out of the window.

Writing good copy seems easy, but it is most certainly not. It's an art.

Some of the better copywriters working for large ad agencies earn huge salaries. While some earn
the same size salaries by just writing headlines.

The guys that write the headlines for Cosmopolitan magazine are know to be paid humungeous

The publishers know that if the headline doesn't grab the reader, the article will bomb.

Good sales copywriting should stir the emotions & "pull the reader in" with attention grabbing
headlines, compelling, benefit ridden descriptions & strong calls to action.

In my experience, sending thousands of brochures out to the market with badly written copy will
result in a nil response.

So... don't waste a $2,000 printing job and achieve zero sales by scrimping on the copywriting.

Pay for a good copywriter & get your money back 10 fold.

Here's some interesting information about Who Not to Trust for printing advice.

Peter Kirkham is a Qualified Printing Trade Specialist and Commercial Printing Broker with Print
Acumen Pty Ltd in Perth, Western Australia.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Peter provides a valuable collection of insider tips &
proven methods that will save you a substantial amount of money & time on company printing.
His FREE Printing Guide, Printing Secrets Exposed is freely available for everyone to download.

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