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                                   EXPERTS IN ORAL HEALTH CARE
            About Me: Dr. Scott M. Chandler, D.M.D began his career in dentistry at the
            University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Being raised in Southern Idaho from a
            very young age, after graduation in 2001 he entered a solo private practice in Jerome.
            Dr. Chandler has a passion for learning, and continues to stay on the leading edge of
his profession through extensive continuing education. Dr. Chandler addresses the most
advanced cosmetics, or simply oral-systemic connection concerns.

Read more: Dr. Scott M. Chandler, D.M.D |


                      Dr Geoffrey Speiser - Phone 1300 653 335
                      159A New South Head Road, Edgecliff, Australia, 2027

                     Dr Speiser is the brainchild behind Australian and UK Breath Clinics, as
                     well as being the developer of the KForce Balance + Breath Guard
                     Probiotic System to treat Bad Breath. Dr Speiser is Australia's foremost
                     expert on the use of Halicheck Oral Chroma. All studies involving new
products and techniques are developed at the Sydney Clinic. Dr Speiser holds a Bachelor of
Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney 1980.

Dr Speiser is also currently carrying out all the Online Consultations with patients in the UK. A
consultation is free and can greatly enhance the results of our system.

Patients report that the clinic offers a professional and comfortable environment, with staff being
very approachable about this sensitive issue. The clinic charges a one time fee for consultation,
and patients are welcome to return as often as needed to tenure their program is successful. There
is no added consultation fee for these extra visits. Head Office at Edgecliff is exclusively limited
to Halitosis treatment and accepts referrals from dentists and doctors, and other healthcare

Dr Roland Chia - MALAYSIA

                 Dr Roland Chia Ming Shen - Phone +6 016- 8300 183

                  Roland is proud to open the first Malaysian Breath Center under the personal
                  supervision of Dr Speiser. Dr Chia has attended full training at the Sydney
Breath Clinic by Dr Speiser and is able to fully diagnose and treat all bad breath, halitosis and
taste issues using the innovative protocol developed by Dr Speiser.

Dr Chia will be happy to help any patients that wish to visit his clinics in Malaysia with not only
their breath issues but also any other dental issues.

Clinics will be available in East Malaysia and West Malaysia. Contact Dr Chia for full details.
Dr Lance Knight - UNITED KINGDOM

                             Dr Lance Knight - Phone: 0161 831 9670

                             Lance has established a powerful reputation within his industry and one
                             that has been backed up by each patient that has received treatment from
                             his Manchester Dentists Surgery.

Lance qualified with honours and distinction in his final exam and in his time at university he
was awarded the prestigious John Forrester award for his work in Sports Dentistry. Since
qualifying Lance has based himself in the heart of Manchester city centre but has a client base
that stretches internationally

Lance focuses his work in Cosmetic Dentistry and Sports Dentistry as he has enormous passion
for these areas. He is now excited to add the unique UK Breath Clinic Protocol to his regime to
treat all cases of Bad Breath and Halitosis. Lance has undertaken to do further study into this
new and exciting area, and expand its benefits throughout his practice.

                                              WHO IS DR SPEISER
"Dr Speiser is a Sydney University graduate with over 25 years experience in the treatment of
                    all dental conditions. He has a special interest in bad breath and halitosis".

Dr Speiser graduated in 1980 from Sydney University. He worked as a general dentist in Canberra for 2 years
before opening two dental practices in Sydney's eastern and southern suburbs. These two practices were merged
in 2003 in a new "state of the art" facility in Edgecliff, Sydney. The practice is centrally located on the train line, and
is accessible to all of the Sydney metropolitan area.

Dr Speiser noted in his years of practice that many people suffer from the embarrassing condition of bad breath
and halitosis, and that there were no treatments available for these long term chronic sufferers. In 1997 Dr Speiser
began to associate with researchers to develop a breath system to help this embarrassing condition.

Apart from treating dental patients, Dr Speiser is also an advisor for (an Internet site that offers
free advise for health problems). He also personally answers questions posted on the BreezeCare web site. This
web site achieves over 2500 hits per day, from people searching problems such as bad breath, halitosis, post nasal
drip, dry mouth, sour taste and taste disorders, ulcers and sores of the mouth and tongue.

Dr Speiser also undertakes "breath consultations" at his Edgecliff clinic. In these consultations patients undergo
personalised lifestyle examination, saliva quality testing, breath testing and dental examination (if necessary) to
determine the best possible treatment for the patient. Such consultations are only necessary for patients that are
severely chronic, or who might have associated medical conditions that may hamper treatment. Dr Speiser has
been able to develop complete systems that are effective for the majority of people without the need or added
expense of a personal visit.


Jon L. Richter, D.M.D., Ph.D.

The ProFresh® BreathCare System was developed by Dr. Jon. L. Richter, the Founding Director of the Richter
Center for the Treatment of Breath Disorders in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Richter's program has achieved international
recognition as the first facility of its kind in the world devoted exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment, and research
of breath disorders.

Dr. Richter has lectured internationally, published numerous technical papers in medical and dental journals and is
recognized as a leading authority on breath disorders. He has successfully treated thousands of patients through
his clinic. The ProFresh® BreathCare System was developed directly from the clinical program. Independent
laboratory studies have proven ProFresh® to be highly effective in eliminating bad breath odor.

Dr. Richter's work in the treatment of bad breath has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America and 20/20.
He has also been recognized in numerous national publications such as Reader's Digest, USA Today and the New
York Times.

                                                 About Dr. Katz

Dr. Harold Katz, founder of the California Breath Clinics, is the leading expert in the fields of bad breath, sour/bitter
taste and dry mouth.

Over the last few years, his oxygenating compounds have been used by over a million people around the world to
eliminate their bad breath problems and taste disorders.

                           Dr. Katz is a 1975 graduate of the UCLA School of Dentistry and holds a degree in
                           Bacteriology, also from UCLA (1971). After establishing a private dental practice in
                           Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Katz began his own research into the truth about bad breath
                           in 1994, after he was unable to help his own 13 year-old daughter with her breath
                           problem. Highly advertised commercial mouthwashes were making her breath more
offensive, and despite immaculate oral hygiene (brushing 5-6 times daily with the most popular toothpastes and
flossing several times a day), the problem persisted. His background in bacteriology assisted him in realizing that
bad breath is caused by a group of Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria which breed beneath the tongue's surface
and in the throat. Under certain conditions, these bacteria initiate the production of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds
(VSC's) found in bad breath and taste disorders. Bad breath does not come from the digestive system, as some
highly advertised products falsely claim.

Dr. Katz and TheraBreath products
have been featured on a variety of
television news, talk shows, magazines,
and newspapers around the world.
Armed with this knowledge, in 1994 Dr. Katz began to experiment with various compounds that would attack the
Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria within the mouth. The resulting products -- refined over and over throughout
the past 12 years -- are nothing short of astonishing. Clinical tests of Dr. Katz's patients have repeatedly resulted in
a complete elimination of over 98% of the VSC's within their mouths.

Since 1994, no one has helped more people fight bad breath than Dr. Katz -- nearly 13,000 have been successfully
treated through his California Breath Clinics in the US and internationally. Over 1,000,000 people in 68 different
countries have used his TheraBreath System formulas to eliminate balitosis (bad breath) and regain their lost


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