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A competitively priced comprehensive overview of the energy drinks market in Bolivia


Published by Canadean, the Bolivia Energy Drinks Category Profile comprises of text, data tables and
charts. Supported by market commentary, data includes consumption trends (historical and
forecasts to 2014), segmentation data (carbonated vs still, ready-to-drink/RTD vs non ready-to-
drink/Non RTD), packaging analysis (pack material, refillable vs non-refillable, multi vs single serve),
distribution splits and leading companies’ percentage market share. In addition, market commentary
also looks at the outlook for Energy Drinks, functional products, marketing, pricing including market
value (at consumer price) and new products for 2010.


This report includes historic and forecast consumption trends along with segmentation data,
packaging analysis, distribution splits and leading companies percentage market share.

Reasons To Buy

The Bolivia Energy Drinks Category Profile from Canadean provides a comprehensive overview of the
Energy Drinks market in Bolivia

Priced at just £450, category profiles are a cost effective way of quickly gaining an understanding of
the dynamics and structure of the market.

Key Highlights

Consumption volume (million litres, litres per capita) 2005 to 2010 plus forecasts to 2014F

Market commentary on current and emerging trends plus the outlook for Energy Drinks

Further commentary on functional products, marketing and pricing/valuation

Percentage growth rates (CAGR) 2005-2010, 2007-2010, 2009-2010

Table of Contents :

Bolivia Energy Drinks Category Profile 2011
Table – Energy Drinks Key Facts

- Market Size – Consumption, Million Litres, Litres Per Capita, 2010

- Growth – CAGR% 05-10, CAGR % 07-10, CAGR% 09-10

- Market Value (at Consumer Price), Local Currency/US$, 2010

- Segmentation - Ready-to-drink/RTD vs Non Ready-to-drink/Non RTD, % Market Share, 2010

- Distribution – Off-Premise/On-Premise, % Market Share, 2010

- Packaging – Material, % Market Share, 2010

Chart – Energy Drinks Leading Trademark Owners, 2010

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