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Moms and Daughters: Having Realistic Expectations by frankielita


									For most of the years that we three children were at home, she did not work outside the home. Therefore, she

had much more time to manage all the tasks of running a home.

· The pace of life was much slower than it is today; therefore it was easier to keep up with all the chores of

running a home. Easier, not easy. It's never easy to keep up with the demands of raising children and running a


· There was no instant access to people with voicemail and email, so there were fewer social contacts to make

on a daily basis. Mom wasn't accessible to others at all times, as is the norm today.

· There were no computers to distract them from getting things done. Not only that, but there was no need to

learn to use new technology like computers, cell phones, email, iPods, iPads, etc., activities that take time, focus

and energy.

· There were fewer activities for children to participate in, therefore children played closer to home and did not

require as much transportation.

· Academic expectations and involvement in extracurricular activities were such that children still had time to

contribute to maintaining the home by regularly doing household chores.

· So, given those differences, does it make sense to aim for the same level of organization and home

maintenance by the same means? In other words, should women still be trying to do it all by themselves in

addition to working outside the home, having more to do because of voicemail, email, computers, etc., more

running around to children's activities and events, and less help? No! That's a setup for feelings of chronic

inadequacy, chronic fatigue, and hating life!

What do I recommend?

By all means, don't compare yourself to your mother! You have two choices: Get more help or lower your

expectations. Remember that times are different and it's imperative that you do things differently to achieve the

results you want. One of the biggest mistakes moms make these days is to carry too much of the load of home

maintenance. Husbands and children get off easy because moms pick up so much of the slack.

Stop it! Ask for help! Hire help! Doing so is imperative today, not optional, given current realities. You have a right

to rest, play and leisure time too! Do it! Your health and the quality of your life and that of your family depend on


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