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									How To Take Better Kitten Pictures

I compare my kitten with my kids and the love for my kids is equal to the
love I have for my kitten, and that is why I make time to take my kitten
pictures as my kittens grown into a lovely adult cat.

When anyone visits my home, they notice how well groomed my kitten is,
and how well treated, and they also notice the collection of pictures I
have of my kitten, I place my kitten pictures all over my home.

Well, this article isn't about me or my kitten, it's about taking better
kitten pictures, and here are 5 tips for doing just that:

1. Always try to avoid sudden movements
If you wish to take better kitten pictures, then you should learn not to
make any sudden movements and always use better quality high speed film,
and use a digital camera with no shutter sound.

2. Lower your camera angle to the height of your kitten
Any kitten picture you wish to take, should be at an angle that is equal
to the height of your kitten. This is for much better pictures and also
some very cute facial expression that your kitten shows once they start
staring down the lens.

3. Always make sure your kitten is well fed
This tip is the most important of all, it is very difficult to take
kitten pictures of a hungry kitten, they won't stand still long enough
for you to be able to get one shot. That is why it is so important to
make sure that the kitten has just been fed, before you try to take any
picture of your kitten. Wait at least 15 minutes after the you just fed
your kitten. It is also very wise to study your kitten movements, that
way you will be sure when you kitten naps, and what time is best to start
taking your kitten picture

4. Always have a couple of their favorite treats on hand
A tip I leant online, was to always have a couple of your kitten favorite
treats with you, that way you will give them a treat anytime they start
to get rowdy.

5. Try to keep thing simple
The best kitten pictures I have taken was when they least expected it. I
try to keep things simple and never ever try to take too many pictures at
a time. The kitten will become frustrated and walks away,and it is very
difficult after that to get your kitten to stand still for any more

Now you that you have discovered a couple of my simple trick for taking
better kitten pictures, you can visit my website and post those kitten
pictures online, so the world can see the love we have for our cats.

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