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					        How To Build An Email List. Advice From A Internet Marketing Guru ...

How to build an email list.

Hey fellow readers and internet marketers,

When I first started out in internet marketing all I would hear about was "email list" that "email list"
this, and I just didn't truly believe the saying "the money is in the list" was all it was cracked up to
be. I found out fast though I was truly misconceived. See in this quick article I'll tell you exactly
why your making a huge mistake by not starting to build your email list right this second, and how
you can actually start building your email list with hungry subscribers ready to buy, buy, buy, in the
fastest possible way, so grab a pen and paper, lock the doors, and please take advice from a
millionaire marketer like myself, because you can not afford to miss out on this information on how
to build an email list!

First things first, let's talk about how simple making money on the internet is. Here is a simple
formula to help you better understand how generating income online works: traffic+offer=sales....
sales=money $$$.... Now, more traffic=more sales=more money. Now we both know, you can
easily create a great offer that provides great value to your potential customer, after all we want to
provide value, but the problem many marketers have and why so many fail is where to get traffic,
and how to send traffic to their offer to in turn create sales. Now think about if you had "on
demand" hot lead traffic, you could send anywhere, at anytime, or to any offer, to generate huge
amounts of sales. Well that's exactly what an email list is! It's traffic on demand, and let me say
that again, an email list is hot traffic on demand. This traffic already believes in you, they know
who you are, and the trust you because they're on your email list. This is the whole reason they
say "the money is in the list", and why you need to start building one starting right now!

So How to build an email list You Ask?

So now to the second part of our problem, we understand why an email list is so important right?
Right! So now we need to know how to actually build this email list in the fastest possible way,
while still providing value to these people on your list, so they trust what products you recommend
to them. So I am not going to get into the specifics of every detail here, but to build an email list,
you need to capture someones email and preferably name. You can do this in two ways. You can
send someone to a page called a "squeeze page" now a squeeze page is a page where you offer
something to someone for free, and in return they provide their email to you. This free thing could
be a report, a article, a e-book, a video course, or any other digital info. You tell the person what
you're offering for free, and you tell them to get this free item they must fill in the form to receive
their free item, so they feel in their email info and name, they receive their free info, you capture
their email, and the person is happy and has received something valuable from you for for free.
This person now knows you provide value, and anything else you email them recommending they
know it must be of value. Now your email list isn't your personal ATM. You need to treat your list
with respect, like a new born child, and you must not abuse this list, so emailing every offer in the
book will ruin the list, they'll get the idea your just another salesmen trying to take their money.
This is not what were here to do, we want to provide value, and in turn generate money off of it.
Simple enough info on how to build an email list right?

How to build an email list that is hotter than the sun!

Now the second way you can build your list is through selling an information product such as an e-
book or e-course. Now when the person decides to purchase your digital product you capture their
email and name. You now have a hot lead on your email list that you know is a buyer. A buyers list
is one of the most valuable list you can have! These are people you know will buy and that you
have already provided value to.

I recommend Kim Roach's traffic dashboard. She teachs you hand-by-hand, step-by-step, how to
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