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       A Selling Strategy For Women

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The color pink is normally associated with love or passion. It’s
a really womanly color that shows love or affection. Throughout
the years, different colors come into fashion. Colors are
strongly connected to defined periods and events.

Pink together with red is typically used on Heart’s Day. It is
notable that you will see pink in various shops marketing
unique gift items. Heart-shaped balloons in the color pink, are
likewise a very typical décor in the month of Hearts. The
packaging of chocolates is also mostly pink and red for Heart’s
Day. Cakes and doughnuts are normally iced in this feminine
color as well. Popular flowers, especially roses come in all
shades of pink and red to match the event. Valentine’s Day
cards also have assorted designs in the same color. Something
about the color pink adds a positive feeling to the occasion.

On the other hand, pink is likewise associated with baby girls.
Usually girls are well identified with the color pink. From birth,
baby girls are done up in various shades of pink. It’s simply
pretty to look at a baby girl in pink clothing paired with pink
socks and pink shoes. Something about the color pink makes a
baby girl look like a doll.

                        Today even gadgets can be seen in the
                        color pink. Various brands of popular
                        electronic makers have began
                        producing laptops in pink tones,
                        matched with digicams and portable
                        music players in the same color too.
                        The logic behind this is that pink
appeals to women, and because women are thought of to be
addicted to shopping, it is meant to attract more attention to the

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pink line of electronic devices. It is generally, a marketing
strategy that has shown to be very effective (case in point: hello
kitty games).

The color pink is also widely used for cosmetics. Typically you
will see pink blush, lipstick and eye shadow. In summer, many
women like to put on pink lipstick to go along with the climate. A
lot of pink apparel and swimsuits can also be spotted anywhere
in summer time. The fashion industry has likewise used pink to
attract women’s attention. You can purchase almost anything in
the color pink today.

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