Network Marketing Training Overview

					        Profit Builders Inc.

    Helping You Out-Think, Out-Perform and
Out-Earn the Competition-Risk Free & Guaranteed!

                Earn At Least $150,000 Annually in
             Network Marketing Through IBO Training!
Who should take this training?

       You – if you’re prepared to be open-minded, willing to drop preconceived ideas and
        ready to learn new concepts, study and then take action.
       You – who understand the power and potential of network marketing
       You - if you’re looking for proven principles, tried and true techniques proven to work in
        your business
       You – who want to double, triple and quadruple the bonus check you’re currently
       You – who demand proven, powerful, and real world “How To” information on building
        a Hugh network marketing organization.
       You - if you want more dynamite hands-on, how to ideas to build your business bigger,
        better, faster than you’ve ever dreamed.
       You – who love having fun
Most people want to strike it rich, but at what price?

Few of us are willing to sacrifice our health, family lives, and happiness by working for someone
else and getting little in return. But what if you discovered a business coupled with excellent
training that offers a substantial income, and the freedom to pursue the life you’ve always
dreamed of? Wouldn’t you want to learn about that kind of incredible opportunity and training?

This training we’re offering you is full of practical nuts and bolts taken from 20+ years of
business building experience. There’s no beating around the bush. You’ll get the facts. We’ll

show you how it is and how it can be. We’ll focus on what’s possible and what is necessary for
you to do, step-by-step to earn at least $150,000 annually in network marketing.

It is up to you to take action. That is your responsibility!

You can take this training over and over again. The “How Tos” you’ll learn are true and proven
from our own experience. Fact is, few people want to have the whole truth and nothing but the
truth. But those who fail, fail to get the facts, and fail to understand that the obvious experience
of the past won’t be successful in the future.

There are many people out there who will give you advice about network marketing – but ask
them this one question: “Have you ever succeeded in network marketing?” Listen to those who
have been there and done it successfully. Follow them step-by-step. They are the Masters.

If you are hired in a business office, normally there’s a guide to show you “How To” do that job.

There’s an instruction manual created y someone who did those same steps over and over. That is what
this training will cover. It is step-by-step instructions on exactly “How To” succeed in network

Being successful in network marketing means changing from the inside to the outside!

Education allows you to develop your inner self, which in turn reflects what you desire to accomplish.
Your thoughts determine what you receive in life and work.

      The degree of success you achieve is directly related to how well you can
     Training others to do what you have done. It is called being “duplicatable.”
What does financial freedom mean to you?

“To us it means: being in the position of having your financial needs met, whether it’s $50,000 or
$500,000 or $1 million annually. Being able to receive the income whether you work this week or not!
It’s being able to have financial income and freedom of time simultaneously.”

This opportunity training gives you both income and financial freedom.

We are offering you a series of priceless programs which contain vital information that is guaranteed to
brighten your future. If you want to start any business, improve any business or build a direct sales
business. This training provides the principles, ideas and attitudes that will free you financially, so you
can live the life you want.

These proven training programs for achieving financial liberty will show you how to make BIG money,
without spending your valuable time slaving away in your business. Never before has growing or starting
a network marketing business been so easy. If you’re ever struggled to make ends meet or worried
about the financial stability and welfare of your family, these training programs will help you take the
necessary steps to becoming independently wealthy through network marketing.

These programs have build over seventy thousand independent businesses in the US, Canada and
Europe. They have moved over $150 million in wholesale products during just a three year period and
have resulted in netting their users millions of dollars in profit.

Success magazine states “These are great training programs. They contain the principles procedures and
attitudes that will help you start you company or improve your current business.”

These Training Programs Cover Everything You Need to Know in Order
     to Make At Least $150,000 Annually in Network Marketing.


Based on our experience, you might as well begin right here and now know that you already
have what it takes to be a Master. Napoleon Hill said,

                  “When you are ready for a thing, it will make an appearance.”

These training programs shares with you the ideas that success is not luck… that leaders are not born.
We share our own personal experience, so you can see what we’ve endured to get where we are today.
Allow us this honor of being your teachers and mentors. Let us be your guides in your life and business.
It’s been said that:
                           “When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

Here is a suggestion: Give a few of our ideas a try. If even one idea works for you, Great! Use it! It’s
yours. If the idea doesn’t work for you, let go and move on. Take the best and leave the rest.

You may not agree with what we teach but what we teach isn’t taught to please anyone. We are not
selling anything. We’re just giving you the facts we’ve learned from 20+ years of experience.

If you in fact find yourself disagreeing with something we’re teaching pay special attention! That could
be the very thing that changes your life for the better forever!

                                                “How To”
This training will be one you will refer to over and over and over again as you rise to different
levels in your business. You are going to get a ton of great ideas in these programs.

The training promises to take you to the next level in your business and the next and the next.

This is training to give to your new IBOs. So get ready. It’s all here. We’ve walked the walk, so
we get to talk the talk.

This training will inspire you to throw open the door of the present open wide, step on trough
and take control of your life. Quite waiting for someone else to make it happen!

A bright future awaits you in network marketing. Take it.

Now review our training programs. Then contact us to get started.

Here’s to your bright, successful future!!! Remember, life is not what happens to you, it’s what is
happen right now – this minute. Life is what you make of it. So make the best of your training.

[1]: How to Earn at Least $150,000 a Year in Network Marketing

In this program we cover:
     1. What you need to know first
     2. Getting started
     3. Survival training
     4. How to talk with people
     5. Secrets to successful presentations
     6. Conducting powerful and effective meetings
     7. The follow-up and follow through process
     8. Building depth
     9. Using tools to build faster
     10. Building BIG month long distance
     11. Advanced leadership strategies
     12. Building a better you

[2]: Recruiting 101 So You Earn at Least $150,000 a Year in Network Marketing

   1.    Meeting people
   2.    The list creation process
   3.    The invitation process
   4.    Secrets to successful presentations
   5.    The successful follow up process
   6.    Building PV and BV circles

[3]: Financial Freedom Weekend to Earn at Least $150,000 a Year in Network Marketing

   1.    How to build a large organization
   2.    Business orientation
   3.    Cost of not having a dream
   4.    Business building secrets
   5.    The prospecting pipeline
   6.    Eleven factors in the mind of your prospect
   7.    Managing your group
   8.    Counseling
   9.    Presentation Hot Seats
   10.   Questions and Answers
   11.   Prosperity Workshop
   12.   Ten steps to becoming financially free

[4]: Training topics we cover in “One-On-One” Training and Group Meetings include

  1. Getting Started
  2. Goal Setting
  3. The Four Basics
  4. List Building
  5. Contacting and Inviting
  6. Showing the Plan
  7. Follow Up & Getting Started
  8. Building Structure through the Eagle – Double Eagle and Ultimate Eagle Programs
  9. Creating Volume
  10. Prioritizing Your Buying
  11. Ordering Tips
  12. Ditto Delivery System and Service
  13. Business Support Materials
  14. Relationships and Sponsorship Lines
  15. 30 Day Action Plan
  16. The Concept of the Peoples Franchise
  17. Network Marketing and the American Dream
  18. The trends shaping your future
  19. Why network marketing is the hope of the future
  20. Back to the Future
  21. Women in Network Marketing
  22. They System as the Solutions
  23. The Critical Factor
  24. Residual Income – Residual Impact
  25. A goal bigger than you
  26. Influencing with integrity
  27. Managing your networking wealth wisely
  28. Developing your game plan
  29. Five reasons why people fail
  30. The importance of motivation
  31. Dare to dream
  32. The sponsoring process
  33. The eleven factors in the head of your prospect
  34. Thirty five habits to make more money in this business
  35. How to be a master network marketing leader
  36. Vital facts you should know about this business
  37. How to be a master recruiter
  38. Power prospecting
  39. Five step sponsoring
  40. Killer parties
  41. The power of team building
  42. Keeping people involved
  43. Handling the big “R”
  44. Showing up for success
  45. Getting stretched

  46. The slight edge
  47. Tortoise and the Hare
  48. Single daily action
  49. How to be a network marketing trainer
  50. How to have meetings and events
  51. How to handle conflict and disappointment
  52. Using music to ignite your passion
  53. How to be a master of praise, recognition and appreciation
  54. How to take yourself from being average to being a champion
  55. Retailing is “right now money”
  56. Why the products appear to be expensive
  57. The 300 solution
  58. Don’t sell – Promote
  59. Integrity Selling
  60. Take Action Now
  61. The network marketing success formula
  62. Five steps to successful sponsoring
  63. Ten steps you need to take this year
  64. Why some succeed and others fail
  65. Leadership – where to find it and how to develop it
  66. How to set up a referral system
  67. Saturation
  68. The corporate pyramid
  69. Legal issues – Networking vs. Pyramid schemes
  70. Franchises and Network Marketing
  71. Network Marketing- a Business Overview
  72. Network Marketing is it right for me?
  73. No Help Wanted
  74. Network Marketing as a career for youth
  75. The opportunity meeting
  76. Selecting a Network Marketing opportunity
  77. Selecting an up-line
  78. Do you have the right stuff
  79. Handling disappointment
  80. Eight habits for Network Marketing Success
  81. Selling: Holding on to your vision
  82. What you need to know
  83. Everyone’s your customer
  84. Network Marketing failures
  85. Consistency is the key to prospecting
  86. Using media for prospecting
  87. Networking discount buying services
  88. Uncle same owes you
  89. Company profiles
  90. Management teams
  91. Awards and highlights

   92. Spotlights on Success
   93. New Product Offerings

[5]: Training & Support System

   a. Meetings and Conferences:

      1. Open Meetings: Open meetings are held in cities all over the US and Canada.
         “Opens” are an effective environment for introducing your prospects to the business
         plan, or as a “second look” after a One-on-One or Home Meeting. It is also a good
         way to demonstrate the team environment in which IBOs help each other build their
         businesses. A listing of Open Meetings is available when you contact us. Unless
         otherwise noted, Open Meetings start at 8 PM. Guest are not charged admission to
         these meetings and should be told in advance that the dress code is business attire.
         IBOs are charged an admission fee and will be given a receipt for their tax records.
         This fee is applied to the cost of the room, sound equipment, and any other expenses
         associated with the meeting. After each seminar, guest will have an opportunity to
         meet with the speaker and ask questions. The speaker then conducts a training
         session, lasting for about an hour and open to any IBO who wants to take advantage
         of it. This not only benefits you locally but also provides access to training for people
         on your team all over the US and Canada.

      2. Local and Regional Seminars: Seminars are half-day business conferences,
         presented four times per year on a regional basis. These conferences are devoted to a
         single speaker, chosen from the most successful IBOs in the organization. Seminars
         are divided into two parts. In the first half, the speaker tells their story, giving the
         background of their current success as an IBO. The second half is devoted to teaching
         the IBOs in the audience the fundamental steps to success in their own businesses.

      3. Product Education Seminars: Ongoing product education is a key component of
         building a long-term business. Your line of sponsorship sponsors seminars on a
         regional basis throughout North America, along with product experts from the parent
         company. Better Life Institute (BLI) and other groups. These seminars are designed
         to maximize your knowledge about the products and services available through your
         business. Check with your sponsor for the latest information on product seminars in
         your area.

      4. Team Meetings: Team Meetings are usually held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis
         and are designed to provide detailed training on how to get a quick start in launching
         your business. Dates, locations, and times for Team Meetings are announced through
         your line of sponsorship. You will learn to appreciate how beneficial it is to have
         Team Meetings, where successful business team members will teach your team the
         basics of how to make this business work. Many people add new IBOs to their team
         every week or every month, and the Team Meetings will help them get off to the right

     5. Major Weekend Conferences: Major Weekend Conferences are weekend business
        events where thousands of IBOs come together to learn success strategies. These
        conferences are presented four times per year, on a regional basis. Information
        regarding the conferences will be available from your sponsor. These are important
        training events in your sponsorship line and provide a live forum for IBOs to learn
        directly from the most successful business owners. These weekends are packed with
        information covering a wide range of topics, presented by a variety of speakers from
        all walks of life. Because of the diversity there is something for everyone, and
        someone to whom every IBO can relate. Most successful IBOs will tell you that their
        biggest revelations about succeeding in this business came from something they
        learned at a Major Weekend Conference.

  b. Technology:


     Profit Builders Inc. and its sponsorship line provide an online support system to help you
     organize and grow your business. You can find more information on business support
     materials, domestic and foreign meeting schedules, and contact information for all of the
     sponsorship line offices.

     2. Communikate:

     The cutting edge way to stay in touch with your sponsor! It is a unified communications
     system which functions as your very own virtual personal assistant. Now with just one
     toll-free number, you can received voicemail and phone calls (200 messages), managed
     your faxes, listen and reply to your email; list 2,000 contacts; put together a conference
     call with up to 32 associates; program “Kate” to screen our calls, announce the caller,
     take a message or find you at several different locations; and many more features.
     Activated by voice command or using you touch tone pad, it is a new, better way of
     handling all of our communications!

     3. Business Portal:
     Give your business a professional online presence as you get your own personal business
     portal. Your portal provides your prospects, clients and members with information about
     the business opportunity with an emphasis on the great products available through the
     business. It also provides a universal log-in for your sponsorship line and other business

  c. Business Support Materials:

     As an IBO you’ll have access to the entire line of sponsorship tools system, a vast
     selection of educational materials available for you and your team. This collection of
     CDs, video tapes, books, and literature has been developed over the past 30 years,
     offering a wealth of information covering every aspect of building your business. The

       newest tools can be found under “Featured Tools and on the release sheets that are
       packaged with Standing Order deliveries.

   d. Standing Order Talk Program:

       The Standing Order Program is a weekly CD offered through your line of sponsorship
       and is designed to help you and your team educate yourselves quickly and very cost
       effectively. Featuring talks by Emeralds and Diamonds form the US and Canada, the
       Standing Order Talks provide the best, most current information on how to build a
       successful business. Many IBOs listen to these talks while driving, turning on ordinary
       commutes into an extraordinary learning experience. The only way to received Standing
       Order CDs is to ask your sponsor to add you to the program. You will receive your CDs
       once a week unless you request, through your sponsor that you be removed from the

   e. Book of the Month Program:

       The Book of the Month is selected monthly by the Sponsorship Line executive
       Committee. The Book of the Month is selected based on the information it offers on
       personal and business development. In order to receive the Book of the Month, you must
       ask your sponsor to add you to the program. You will then receive the Book of the Month
       echo nth, unless you ask your sponsor to remove your name from the program. This is a
       great way to strengthen your reading habits, and reading is one of the most important
       things you can do for your personal and business development.

       For the current Recommended Readings for BIOs ask your sponsor.

If you’re looking for one of the fastest growing segments of the business world you’ll want to
sign up for your Network Marketing Training Today. If you would like to sign up for any of our
training programs for our down-line independent business owners please contact us. Thank you.


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