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					Single Journey Travel Insurance - BusLine
(Unofficial Translation – Czech Original Valid Only)

insurance conditions single trip insurance                     case, the hour of the contractual signature is to               and/or supplementary Insurance Conditions
(PP-BL-1106)                                                   be specified in the Insurance Certificate.                      and legal regulations, you are obliged, in
                                                          5.3. The coverage commences the moment of                            particular:
general insurance conditions                                   crossing the border of the Czech Republic,             8.1.1.   take all the measures necessary to avert or
1.    introduction                                             but not before the effective date specified                     minimize aggravation of any loss event
1.1.  “We“ (and all derivatives thereof) or “the Insurer“      in the Insurance Policy as the effective date,         8.1.2.   notify us in writing, without undue delay, that
      stands for Evropská Cestovní Pojišťovna, a.s.,           until crossing the border on the way back to                    a loss event has occurred, give us an accurate
      based at Křižíkova 237/36a, 186 00 Prague 8,             the Czech Republic, but no later than the                       explanation thereof, and present us with
      IČ 49240196, incorporated in the Register of             day specified as the expiration date of the                     proofs of the occurrence and the scope thereof
      Companies of the Municipal Court in Prague,              Insurance Policy.                                      8.1.3.   simultaneously with loss event reporting, send
      Volume B, File 1969. Supervision over the 5.4.           Coverage of cancelled journeys commences                        us a duly filledout loss report with original
      insurance sector is conducted by the Czech               the day of premium payment until actual start                   documentation specified in the heading of the
      National Bank, based at Na Příkopě 28, 115 03            of the journey.                                                 report, as well as any other documentation
      Prague 1, Czech Republic.                           5.5. We will automatically extend the insurance                      that we will require from you
1.2.  “You“ (and all derivatives thereof), “the                by up to 3 months, if return of the Insured is         8.1.4.   notify us whether the same risk is covered
      Insured“, or “Entitled Person“ refers to a person        postponed due to an illness or injury that is                   under a policy with another insurer, specify
      who is entitled to benefits as a consequence of          covered under the Policy, provided that the                     the insurer’s name and the amount of the
      an insured event.                                        attending physician’s report is submitted.                      contractual settlement limit
                                                          5.6. In addition to stipulations in the Act, the            8.1.5.   exercise your right to claim indemnification
2.    insurance policY, insured eVent                          Insurance Policy expires:                                       from another party
2.1.  Travel insurance is subject to Act No. 37/2004 5.6.1.    upon expiration of the insurance period                8.1.6.   in the event of a loss event involving a bodily
      Coll., on insurance policies, as amended 5.6.2.          by mutual agreement of the parties                              injury or death, permit us to investigate the
      (henceforth only “the Act“), and other generally 5.6.3.  by cancellation of the Insurer or the                           health condition or the cause of death, using
      binding legal provisions of the Czech Republic;          Policyholder:                                                   reports and medical documentation we require
      general, special, and supplementary insurance delivered up to 2 months following the                            from the relevant medical facility (attending
      conditions, and the provisions of the Insurance          signature of the Insurance Policy; the                          physician), or have them examined or
      Policy.                                                  cancellation period is 8 days, whereupon the                    investigated by our authorized medical facility
2.2.  The Insurance Policy comes into effect upon              Policy becomes void;                                            (physician)
      premium payment, unless otherwise stipulated delivered up to 3 months following delivery               8.1.7.   report to the police, within up to 24 hours
      in the Insurance Policy.                                 of a report about an insured event (claim); the                 following acknowledgement of a loss event,
2.3.  The Insurer will issue an insurance certificate          cancellation period is 1 month, whereupon the                   provided that the given event requires the
      and turn it over to the Policyholder, specifying         Policy becomes void;                                            issue of a police report.
      in it the Policyholder, the type of insurance, 5.6.4.    by withdrawal from the Insurance Policy in             8.2.     If you violate any of your obligations
      the number of the Insurance Policy, the                  accordance with the Act.                                        stipulated in the Insurance Conditions or legal
      duration and scope of cover (name of product),                                                                           regulations, we will have the right reduce the
      the amount of premium, and the effective date       6.   coVerage oF sports actiVities                                   insurance benefits according to the effect the
      of the Insurance Policy.                            6.1. The Insurance applies to insured events                         violation had on the occurrence of the insured
2.4.  The Insurance Policy is subject to the laws of           occurring during normal recreational and beach                  event, its progress, or aggravation of the
      the Czech Republic.                                      sports, such as beach volleyball, hiking on                     scope of its consequences, or identification or
2.5.  Any and all disputes arising from the travel             normal tourist trails up to a height of 3,000                   determination of the amount of benefits.
      insurance will be resolved by the relevant               meters above sea level, common biking trails,          8.3.     If you deliberately give, when filing a claim,
      court in the Czech Republic in accordance with           swimming, using aqua park facilities, and doing                 a false or grossly distorted information
      the Czech legislation. Grievances may be filed           other sports of comparable risk level.                          concerning the scope of the insured event, or
      with the Insurer’s central office or the Czech 6.2.      While conducting sports activities, the Insured                 withhold substantial information, we will have
      National Bank.                                           is obliged to observe the relevant safety                       the right to reject your claim in its entirety.
2.6.  An insured event is a random situation                   measures (precautions), including use of               8.4.     Upon obtaining a report of a loss event, the
      related to traveling, as per definitions in the          functional protective aids and equipment.                       Insurer is obliged, without undue delay, to
      Special Insurance Conditions, which occurred             Violation of this obligation or conducting sports               initiate investigation of the scope of its liability.
      during the effective period and constitutes              activities without a proper authorization/                      The investigation must be completed within
      the Insurer’s obligation to pay benefits/                permit, as applicable, may entitle the Insurer to               3 months following claim report. If unable to
      compensation/indemnification.                            reducing the contractual benefits accordingly.                  complete investigation within the above time
                                                       7.          scope and due date oF claiM                                 limit, the Insurer will be obliged to tell the
3.       preMiuM                                                                                                               Entitled Person the reasons for the delay, and
3.1.     The premiums will depend on the geographic                settleMent
                                                                                                                               pay him a reasonable amount of advance on his
         location covered under the Policy, the age of 7.1.        We will pay insurance benefits to the extent
                                                                                                                               benefits. The above time limit may be extended
         the Insured, and the purpose of the journey.              specified in the Insurance Policy and Insurance
                                                                   Certificate (product name).                                 by mutual agreement. The time limit will be
         The amount and due date are specified in the                                                                          halted, if investigation is impossible or impeded
         Insurance Policy.                             7.2.        The limits of insurance benefits specified in the
                                                                   Overview are the maximum amount that we                     due to a fault on the part of the Entitled Person,
3.2.     The premium will be calculated for the entire                                                                         the Policyholder, or the Insured.
         effective period of cover (single premium).               will pay for one or all insured events occurring
                                                                   during the effective period, unless specified 9.            deliVeries
4.       insured territorY, inured persons                         otherwise hereinbelow. The Overview also 9.1.               Documentation sent by the Insurer to the
4.1.     The Insurance applies to insured events                   specifies the limits of partial benefits and                Policyholder, the Insured, and any other
         occurring in the contractual geographic                   the deductible of the Insured (participation in             person entitled or obligated under the
         territory (Europe, whole world).                          damages).                                                   Policy (henceforth only “addressee“), is to
4.2.     The Insurance may be contracted for journeys 7.3.         We will not be obliged to pay benefits for                  be delivered using licensed postal services
         from the Czech Republic abroad.                           consequences of events that took place prior                (henceforth only “the Post“), as regular
4.3.     Insurance of medical expenses abroad does                 to the effective date but occurring during the              or registered mail , to the mailing address
         not apply to countries where the Insured is               effective period.                                           specified in the Insurance Policy or the mailing
         covered under medical insurance.              7.4.        If you take out several insurance policies                  address disclosed in a notification to the
4.4.     The Insurance applies to persons named in the             with us covering the same risks, we will pay                Insurer by the addressee. Documentation may
         Insurance Policy (Certificate). The Insurance             benefits under one of the policies only.                    also be delivered Documentation may also be
         may be contracted both by citizens of the 7.5.            Insurance benefits for transportation are                   delivered by the Insurer’s employee of another
         Czech Republic and foreign nationals who                  limited to the price of the flight ticket, economy          person authorized by the Insurer; in such
         are not over 70 years old when starting the               class, or a price equal to a corresponding mode             cases, the documentation will be considered
         insured journey.                                          of transportation, unless another mode of                   delivered the day of delivery.
                                                                   transportation is required for medical reasons, 9.2.        Documentation sent to the addressee via
5.       eFFectiVe date, cHanges, duration oF                      subject to prior approval by the Assistance
         coVer                                                                                                                 registered mail will be considered delivered the
                                                                   Service.                                                    tenth day after postage date, unless delivered
5.1.     The Insurance may only be taken out before 7.6.           Insurance benefits are payable within 15 days
         departure for the journey to be covered.                                                                              in accordance with the following paragraphs.
                                                                   following completion of our investigation of                Documentation sent to the addressee via
5.2.     The Insurance Policy comes into effect the day            the extent of our liability. Claim investigation
         following the signature date of the Insurance                                                                         certified mail will be considered delivered the
                                                                   will be completed by disclosure of the results              day of signature on the receipt slip, unless
         Policy. The Policyholder may contract an                  to the Entitled Person.
         insurance policy for himself effective as of                                                                          delivered in accordance with the following
         contractual signature date in the Insurer’s 8.            oBligations arising FroM loss eVents                        paragraphs. Mail delivered to a person other
         office, upon presenting his identity card. In this 8.1.   In addition to obligations stipulated in special            than the addressee will be considered

         Evropská Cestovní Pojišťovna, a. s. • Křižíkova 237/36a, 186 00 Praha 8 • tel. 221 860 860, fax. 221 860 800, •
Single Trip Travel Insurance - BusLine (PP-BL-1106)                                                                                                                     page 2/4

           delivered, if delivered in accordance with legal           in the Mediterranean area
                                                                                                                          special insurance conditions
           regulations on postal services.                   11.1.4. expedition is an organized journey aiming
9.3.       If the addressee refuses to accept a delivery              to achieve special athletic or scientific           a       Medical and related costs aBroad
           of documentation, it will be considered to have            accomplishments
                                                                                                                          a.1     Medical costs (Cost Claims)
           been delivered the day of the addressee’s 11.1.5. chronic illness is a condition that develops
           rejection.                                                 slowly and lasts a long time (contrary to an        1.      The Insurance is limited to treatment
9.4.       If the addressee could not be reached and                  acute condition), which existed when the                    necessary for medical reasons, i.e., medical
           documentation sent via registered or certified             Insurance Policy was contracted, whereby                    care necessary for stabilizing your health
           mail was deposited at the Post Office and                  the health condition was not stabilized and                 condition so that you may resume your travels
           the addressee failed to pick it up within the              need for medical treatment could have been                  or be transported to the home country.
           time limit given, the documentation will be                anticipated before taking a journey abroad,         2.      The Insurance covers only medical care
           considered to have been made the last day of               i.e., an illness that required hospitalization in           provided by licensed medical personnel, other
           the time limit, even if the addressee did not              the course of last 6 months or progressed or                than yourself or your relative(s).
           learn of its deposition or was not staying at              required substantial adjustment of medication;
                                                                                                                          3.      If you become acutely ill or suffer an injury
           the given address.                                         the term “chronic” does not necessarily mean
                                                                                                                                  during your journey abroad, we will pay or
9.5.       If the documentation is returned as                        that the condition is incurable
                                                                                                                                  reimburse your expenses that are common,
           undeliverable, for reasons other than above, it 11.1.6. individual items or set containing several
                                                                                                                                  reasonable, and proportionate for:
           will be considered to have been delivered the              individual items of photographic equipment,
           day it returns to the Insurer.                             video equipment, samples of merchandise, etc.       3.1.    medical treatment or operation, in particular,
                                                             11.1.7. compensation table is a special list of                      physician’s fees, drug prescriptions, induced
10.        eXclusions FroM coVer                                      physical injuries with the relevant percentage              liquids and other drugs, bandage material, and
10.1.      We are not obliged to pay benefits in cases                rates of compensation; it is available at the               use of medical equipment
           involving the exclusions specified in Special              Insurer’s                                           3.2.    physiotherapeutic or chiropractic treatment
           Insurance Conditions, or in cases where the 11.1.8. personal items for personal purposes, such
                                                                                                                                  prescribed by the attending physician
           loss event occurs in connection with or as a               as usually are taken along on a journey and
           consequence of:                                                                                                3.3.    treatment or surgery related to pregnancy
                                                                      correspond to the nature of the journey, such
10.1.1.    deliberate conduct on the part of the                                                                                  and child delivery, up to 2 months before the
                                                                      as clothing, personal hygiene items, handbags,
           Policyholder, the Insured, or another person                                                                           expected date of child delivery
                                                                      books, watches, eyeglasses, telescopes,
           instigated by one of them                                  camera, video camera, tent, etc., which belong      3.4.    treatment or surgery of a prematurely born
10.1.2.    gross negligence on the part of the Insured,               to the Insured or members of his family,                    child, up to 2 months before the expected date
           cases of exlege third-party liability excepting            and furthermore items that the Insured can                  of child delivery
10.1.3.    acting of the Insured under the influence of               prove to have acquired during the journey for       3.5.    plastic surgery or treatment of its
           alcohol, narcotics, or psychotropic substances             personal use and the correspond to the nature               consequences or complications, provided that
10.1.4.    mental or nervous disorder on the part of the              of the journey, such as clothing, personal                  the injury requires hospital care within 24
           Insured or contraction of AIDS                             hygiene items, handbags, books, watches,                    hours following the injury
10.1.5.    leakage of nuclear energy or radiation from                eyeglasses, telescopes, camera, video camera,
           radioactive fuel or waste, effects of nuclear,                                                                 3.6.    outpatient dental treatment necessary for
                                                                      tent, etc.
           chemical or biological weapons                                                                                         relieving acute pain
                                                             11.1.9. the policyholder is the person who contracted
10.1.6.    war, civil unrest, military action, declared               the Insurance Policy with the Insurer               3.7.    admission to a hospital or clinic, including
           or undeclared, civil war, invasion, uprising, 11.1.10. compensation insurance is insurance that                        meals and accommodation (min. double room)
           revolution, rebellion, military coup, or violent           entitles the Insured to a fixed compensation        3.8.    admission to an ICU, if necessary for medical
           takeover of power                                          the amount of which does not depend on the                  reasons
10.1.7.    terrorist act or any other act of violence with            cause or scope of the insured event
           participation of the Insured                                                                                   3.9.    extended accommodation in a hotel and meals,
                                                             11.1.11. loss insurance is insurance that entitles the
10.1.8.    journeys to regions that the central state                                                                             subject to the Assistance Services’ approval, if
                                                                      Insured to indemnification of losses incurred
           authorities (e.g., the Ministry of Foreign                                                                             the attending physician decides that you have
                                                                      due to an insured event
           Affairs) or the Insurer have put on the list 11.1.12. the insured is a person whose assets, life,                      to stay in bed due to an illness or injury.
           of high-risk regions as a war zone, unless                 health, liability, or other are covered under the           Special Exclusions
           otherwise stipulated in the Insurance Policy               Insurance                                           4.      We will not be obliged to pay medical costs
10.1.9.    participation in expeditions to locations 11.1.13. continuing treatment is any form of medical
                                                                                                                                  arising from:
           with extreme climatic or natural conditions                care provided after treatment of an acute
           (e.g., polar expeditions, desert, speleological                                                                4.1.    treatment,   hospitalization,    or         hotel
                                                                      illness or injury (decision-making about it is on
           research, etc.)                                                                                                        accommodation after your repatriation
                                                                      the part of the physician with the Assistance
10.1.10.   organization of any extraordinary actions                  Services upon consultation with the attending       4.2.    further treatment, hospitalization, or hotel
           related to finding or rescuing the Insured in              physician)                                                  accommodation, if you refuse to be transferred
           a remote location or environment, extreme 11.1.14. family member (next of kin) is the spouse,                          at the recommendation of the Assistance
           social or political conditions, climatic or                common-law partner (i.e., person sharing                    Service’s physician, with the attending
           natural conditions (e.g., in insurgent regions,            common household with the Insured and                       physician’s approval as being medically
           in the mountains, deep forests, the open sea,              registered at the same address), parents, and               acceptable, purposeful, or necessary.
           scarcely populated regions)                                children of the Insured                             4.3.    treatment, hospitalization, or accommodation,
10.1.11.   participation in motor vehicle races or training 11.1.15. co-traveler is a person who purchased a
                                                                                                                                  if treatment may be postponed until your
           for such races                                             journey with the aim to travel together with                repatriation, according to the Assistant
10.1.12.   flying aircraft, traveling as a passenger in a             the Insured and whose name appears in the                   Service’s physician, with the attending
           registered passenger aircraft excepting, unless            insurance certificate/policy                                physician’s approval as being acceptable,
           otherwise stipulated in the Insurance Policy      11.1.16. loss event is an occurrence resulting in a loss             useful, or necessary
10.1.13.   participation in sports wich are not listed in             that may constitute entitlement to benefits/
           section 6.1                                                                                                    4.4.    treatment or surgery related to an injury or
10.1.14.   participation in extreme sports or professional 11.1.17. terrorist act is an act committed by a person                 illness that occurred prior to your departure
           sports activities of any kind, unless agreed                                                                           abroad
                                                                      or a group of persons, especially if force or
           upon otherwise.                                            violence is involved, or threatening to commit      4.5.    treatment or surgery related to a chronic illness
10.2.      We are not obliged to pay benefits in cases                such an act, as an individual or as part of an      4.6.    continuing treatment of an existing illness or
           involving:                                                 organization or state authority, or on their                injury
10.2.1.    consequential damages                                      behalf, for political, religious, ideological, or
10.2.2.    failure to request a police report necessary for                                                               4.7.    induced abortion
                                                                      ethnic reasons, or in order to achieve such
           claiming indemnification, within 24 hours after            objectives, including intent to force any state     4.8.    medical treatment that        constitutes    the
           a loss event.                                              authority to something or cause fear amongst                purpose of the journey
11.        deFinition oF terMs                                        the public or certain part of the public            4.9.    preventive or follow-up examination and issue
11.1.      For the purposes of the Insurance, the 11.1.18. injury is the result of unexpected and sudden                          of a medical report
           following terms mean:                                      effects of external forces or one’s own physical
                                                                                                                          4.10.   manufacturing of prostheses, including medical
11.1.1.    ambulatory        treatment      is    outpatient          strength, independently of the will of the
                                                                                                                                  expenses arising from their inducement or
           treatment by a physician, outside or inside a              Insured, occurred during the insurance period,
           hospital, without admission                                causing an injury or death to the Insured
                                                                                                                          4.11.   stay at a convalescence or rehabilitation
11.1.2.    valuables are antique items, jewels, furs, 11.1.19. home territory is the Czech Republic
           gems, and items containing gold and platinum 11.1.20. elementary event refers to fire, explosion,
11.1.3.    europe means all European countries,                       lightening stroke, storm, flood, hailstorm,                 When Filing a Claim
           including the Baltic countries, other countries            landslide, collapse of rocks or earth, avalanche,
                                                                                                                          5.      If hospitalized, you must notify the Assistance
           of the former USSR excepting, and all countries            fall of trees or masts/poles, earthquake, or
                                                                                                                                  Service immediately upon your admission to
                                                                      volcanic eruption

           Evropská Cestovní Pojišťovna, a. s. • Křižíkova 237/36a, 186 00 Praha 8 • tel. 221 860 860, fax. 221 860 800, •
Single Trip Travel Insurance - BusLine (PP-BL-1106)                                                                                                               page 3/4

       the hospital. If you fail to do so, your claim may 2.1.   transfer, transposition, or transportation via air 1.2.   a physician determines the final degree of
       be rejected or reduced.                                   ambulance, in a non-emergency situation                   permanent disablement no later than 3 years
6.     If you are unable to pay for an outpatient 2.2.           transfer due to your fear of an infection                 following the accident.
       treatment in cash, contact the assistance 2.3.            transposition or transportation to the country 2.         We will pay you a percentage portion of the
       service, which will issue a payment guarantee             of your permanent residence, other than your              compensation limit, according to the type and
       and pay the bill. We will reimburse you for your          home country.                                             extent of permanent consequences.
       cash payments upon your return to the home                                                               3.         In the event that the permanent consequences
       country.                                         B 3      repatriation oF reMains
                                                                                                                           involve bodily parts disabled before the insured
7.     We are entitled to refusing your claim, if you 1.         In the event that the Insured dies during a               accident, we shall reduce our benefits by a
       pay any bills sent directly to your address               journey abroad, as a consequence of an illness            percentage corresponding to the preceding
       without submitting them immediately to the                or injury, we will organize and bear the costs            disablement.
       Insurer.                                                  of:
                                                                                                                    c 2    accidental deatH
                                                          1.1.   cremation or burial in a grave abroad
B      assistance serVice (Cost Claims)                                                                             1.     If the Insured dies within one year due to
                                                          1.2.   repatriation of remains to a funeral home or              exclusively due to direct consequences
B 1    actiVe assistance                                         hospital in the home country, i.e., the costs of          of an injury sustained in an accident that
1.     1. We will assist you in emergency situations             a temporary coffin, embalming, and transport              occurred during the effective period, we will
       during     your    journey     (hospitalization,          of the remains in accordance with the relevant            compensate Entitled Persons in accordance
       complicated outpatient treatment, death, loss             legal regulations.                                        with the provisions of Sec. 51(2) and 51(3) the
       of travel documents, need for legal assistance, B 4       caretaKer                                                 Act on insurance policies, unless the Insured
       or contacting your family in the home country, 1.         If the attending physician decides that you               determined otherwise in writing.
       etc.). Our Assistance Service is authorized to            must stay in bed or be hospitalized during your 2.        The compensation will be reduced by any
       act on your behalf in connection with any loss            journey abroad, due to a serious illness or injury,       previous compensation paid for disablement
       event.                                                    we will pay reasonable extraordinary expenses             due to one and the same injury.
2.     In addition to cases specified in these                   for your transportation, accommodation, meals,            Special Exclusions (C1, C2)
       Insurance Conditions, you are obliged to notify           and travel insurance of:
       the Assistance Service immediately, if you 1.1.                                                               3.    The Insurance does not cover:
                                                                 a person of your choice to stay with you during
       need transfer, transposition, or transportation,          your treatment or accompany you as your 3.1.              permanent disablement, or death, as a direct
       repatriation of remains, an escort or substitute          caretaker                                                 consequence of any illness
       worker, and obtain the Assistance Service’s
       approval. Your failure to meet this obligation 1.2.       your minor children that travel with you, 3.2.            permanent disablement, or death, as a direct
                                                                 provided that they also are insured with us               consequence of an injury that was sustained,
       may entitle us to rejecting your claim.                                                                             exclusively and directly, as a consequence of
3.     We will pay the costs of transfer, transposition, 1.3.    a person who, in the event that the Insured               an illness
       and transportation, repatriation of remains, or           dies due to an illness or injury, stays with the
       procurement of an escort up to the amount                 remains and accompanies them to the home 3.3.             permanent disablement, or death, of members
                                                                 country.                                                  of an aircraft crew while executing their work
       specified in the Overview of Benefits, which                                                                        in the air
       however must not exceed the contractual 2.                If you are hospitalized during your journey
       benefit limit for medical expenses abroad.                abroad due to a serious illness or injury 3.4.            permanent disablement, or death, as a
                                                                 and the attending physician confirms that                 consequence of highjacking of an aircraft or
4.     If the Assistance Service provides assistance                                                                       persons
       to the Insured, at the request of the same,               your hospitalization will take at least 5
       that is not covered under the Policy, the                 days following admission, and you are not 3.5.            health damage, other than listed in the
       Insurer will be entitled to compensation of               accompanied by any person above 18 years                  Compensation Tariffs.
       the costs laid out on behalf of the Insured in            of age who could be your escorting caretaker,             When Filing a Claim (C 1, C 2)
       connection therewith (in particular, medical              we will reasonable extraordinary expenses for
       costs, repatriation costs, etc.).                         the transportation, accommodation, meals, and 4.          You are obliged to seek medial treatment, stay
                                                                 travel insurance of:                                      under medical care, proceed in accordance with
B 2    transFer, transposition, transport                                                                                  the physician’s instructions, and notify the
                                                      2.1.       a person of your choice to stay with you during           Assistance Service, without undue delay.
1.     If you become ill or sustain an injury during             your treatment or accompany you during your
       a journey abroad satisfying the conditions of             transposition or transportation to the home 5.            All compensation/benefits will be reduce by
       Section A1 of these Insurance Conditions, we              country                                                   a half, if your are over 65 years of age at the
       will organize and pay reasonable extraordinary                                                                      time of the injury’s occurrence or if you sustain
       expenses for:                                  2.2.       a person who, in the event that the Insured               an injury while doing manual work.
                                                                 dies due to an illness or injury, comes from the
1.1.   your transportation in an ambulance from the              home country and companies the remains to d
       place of the emergency situation                                                                                    personal Belongings insurance
                                                                 the home country                                          (Cost Claims)
1.2.   your transportation to the nearest place for 3.           Expenses for accommodation and meals shall d 1
       medical treatment, in accordance with the                                                                           daMage to personal Belongings
                                                                 be paid as part of the compensation up to half
       attending physician’s instructions                        the contractual compensation limit.            1.         We will indemnify you for damages incurring to
1.3.   your transfer to another place suitable for                                                                         your belongings, if the insured event:
                                                                 Special Exclusions
       medical treatment approved by the attending                                                                  1.1.   is an elementary event
       physician as medically suitable, purposeful, 4.           We are not obliged to compensate the costs of:
                                                                                                                    1.2.   involves theft, where it can be proved
       and necessary                                4.1.         return journey of the escorting caretaker,                that the perpetrator had to overcome
1.4.   transfer to a hospital in your home country               if it takes place later than 2 days after the             obstacles protecting the belongings from
       approved by the attending physician as                    caretaker’s return                                        misappropriation, provided that the act of theft
       medically suitable, purposeful, and necessary 4.2.        accommodation and meals of the accompanying               occurs in an a place of overnight accommodation
1.5.   authorized     medical     escort,      his/her           caretaker, after the caretaker of your choice             or locked luggage compartment in a duly
       accommodation, meals, transportation, and                 arrives to the place of your treatment.                   secured vehicle, and that the belongings were
       fee, it you are transferred by in accordance 5.           The caretaker is not allowed, without the                 not visible from outside
       with the attending physician’s decision                   Assistance Service’s prior approval, to make 1.3.         involves a traffic accident
1.6.   transportation after termination of your                  decisions concerning hospitalization, transfer, 1.4.      is an act of robbery
       treatment so that you may complete your                   repatriation of the Insured etc. Non-compliance
       journey as scheduled                                      with this restriction will entitle us to refusing 1.5.    occurs after the belongings have been
                                                                 to pay expenses arising therefrom or billing              transferred to a forwarder for shipping, with
1.7.   transportation after termination of your                  the caretaker for such expenses.                          a receipt slip, or deposited, in accordance
       treatment, if the schedule of your journey was                                                                      with the forwarder’s instructions, in an area
       disrupted and you cannot resume your journey c            accident insurance (Benefit Claims)                       designated for luggage in transit
       as planned                                                                                                   1.6.   after the belongings have been put into a
                                                      c 1        perManent conseQuences
1.8.   accommodation and meals in a hotel, upon                                                                            storage place, with a receipt slip.
       approval by the Assistance Service, if 1.                 In the event that your sustain an injury
       your transportation cannot be organized                   during your journey abroad, with permanent 2.             If your belongings are stolen from a vehicle,
                                                                 consequences (disablement), we will indemnify             we will compensate you up to 50% of the
       immediately after termination of your                                                                               compensation limit.
       treatment.                                                you as follows:
       Special Exclusions                             1.1.       the injury caused at least 5% permanent 3.                Individual items will be compensated up to
                                                                 disablement according to Compensation Tariffs             50% of the compensation limit; if stolen from
2.     We are not obliged to compensate expenses                 (Table)                                                   a vehicle, up to 25% of the compensation limit.
       that are consequential to:                                                                                   4.     Exposed     films,     recordings,   manuscripts,

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Single Trip Travel Insurance - BusLine (PP-BL-1106)                                                                                                                 page 4/4

       drawings, etc., will be compensated            at             Special Exclusions (E)                            5.     If the journey is cancelled for any of the above
       acquisition costs of the raw materials.              2.       We do not cover a delay of an irregular flight           reasons incurred on the part of a co-traveler
5.     If your personal belongings are damaged, we                   (chartered flight) and your departure being              who is not your next of kin, we will pay a
       will cover reasonable costs of repair, up to the              missed or delayed due to                                 compensation only if you were forced to travel
       value of the belongings immediately before 2.1.                                                                        by yourself otherwise.
                                                                     your fault or the fault of your companion
       the insured event’s occurrence.                                                                                        Special Exclusions
                                                        2.2.         strike or other measures of a carrier or tour
6.     The value of personal belongings immediately                  operator known prior to the scheduled date of 6.         We are not obliged to compensate you, if:
       before the insured event’s occurrence is to be                departure.                                    6.1.       you yourself or bus carrier change plans or
       assessed by the Insurer or a person authorized                                                                         objectives, including changes in the booking of
       by the Insurer, based on new acquisition value                In Case of Claim (E)
                                                                                                                              tours (e.g., change of the date of departure or
       of the same or similar item having comparable 3.              You must submit a written statement of the               point of destination, a traveling person’s name,
       properties, before the insured event’s                        carrier concerning your missed departure; a              hotel, or extension or reducing the length of
       occurrence, reduced by time depreciation or                   police report of the traffic accident; or a written      stay)
       other depreciation of the personal belongings.                statement from the public transportation
       If unable to assess the value, the Insurer or a               carrier documenting the reasons and the 6.2.             the bus carrier cancels your trip, even if you
       person authorized by the Insurer will define                  length of delay, cancellation, or cut in the given       had cancelled it earlier, before the bus carrier,
       the value by estimation.                                      public transportation lines; the unused tickets;         for any reason whatsoever
7.     Payment of compensation constituted transfer                  and travel documents from the substitute 6.3.            you are unable to obtain a visa or take a
       of the ownership title to damaged, destroyed,                 means of transport.                                      vacation
       or recovered belongings onto the Insurer.     4.              In the event of delayed departure, you must 6.4.         you do not appear at the point of departure,
       Special Exclusions                                            submit the carrier’s statement confirming the            miss time of the departure, or if you have to
                                                                     reasons and the length of the delay.                     be excluded from the tour before or during the
8.     The Insurance does not cover:                                                                                          tour. etc.
8.1.   personal belongings stolen from automatic F                   cancellation insurance (Cost claims)            6.5.     you are unable to travel, due to an acute illness
       storage lockers                                1.             We will pay your cancellation fees that you had          or injury that existed at the time of signature
8.2.   motor vehicles, watercraft, bicycles, or other                to pay the bus carrier as prepaid services, if           of the Insurance Policy
       means of transportation, or accessories                       you are unable to travel due to:                6.6.     due to a chronic illness
       thereto                                        1.1.           a serious acute illness or injury requiring 6.7.         due to an injury sustained in connection with
8.3.   items of trade, samples of goods, or collections              hospitalization or staying in bed, according to          conduct that constitutes deliberate violation of
8.4.   cash or valuables                                             the attending physician, of yourself or your             regulations or recommendations on the part of
                                                                     next of kin                                              the Insured.
8.5.   traveler’s cheques, stamps, securities, credit
       cards, or losses incurred in connection with 1.2.             death of any of the above persons, your                  When Filing a Claim
       misuse of the above valuables                                 brother or sister, grandparents, or next to kin
                                                                     of your spouse or common-law partner            7.       You are obliged to report to us, immediately and
8.6.   any damage to personal belongings (scratches,                                                                          in writing (e.g., per fax, via e-mail, or another
       dents, tears, etc.), if the utility value is not 1.3.         health complications requiring hospitalization           written form), if circumstances force you to
       considerably affected                                         due to pregnancy, up to 2 months before                  cancel your journey; failure to comply with this
                                                                     expected child delivery, of yourself or your             obligation may reduce your entitlement to a
8.7.   damage directly or indirectly caused by strike,               next of kin
       lock-out, arrest, confiscation or detention of                                                                         compensation accordingly.
       the Insured or his belongings by customs or 1.4.              rape of yourself or your next of kin              7.1.   You must cancel your journey as soon as it
       other authorities                               1.5.          extensive damage incurred to your home                   becomes evident that you will not be able to
8.8.   theft from a tent, camping trailer or roof carrier            immediately before your departure abroad,                travel.
       of a motor vehicle, unless all walls are made                 due to a fire, flood, or crime committed by a 7.2.       In the event of an illness or injury, you must
       of sturdy material or a security lock is in place             third party, etc., provided that it can be proved        submit a report from the attending physician,
                                                                     that your presence at the time of departure is           who must not be your relative, issued before
8.9.   electronic or optical instruments in the                      indispensable for minimization of damages.
       baggage handed over to the airline carrier for                                                                         commencement of the journey, as well as
       transport.                                     2.             The Insurance Policy may only be signed with             proper medical documentation specifying the
                                                                     the bus carrier where the Insured purchases              reasons for canceling the journey.
       When Filing a Claim                                           the journey.                                    7.3.     You are obliged to the bus carrier’s cancellation
9.     You must submit a police report (make sure 3.                 The Insurance policy will not come into effect,          invoice or receipt from your payment of the
       that it contains a list of stolen items, the                  if contracted later than the day of the bus              journey and the amount refunded, travel
       approximate time of theft, the place where                    ticket payment.                                          insurance, and unused fare tickets.
       the stolen items were stored and, in case
       the belongings were stolen from a vehicle, 4.                 If your journey was to take you to a region that 7.4.    If you cancel your journey for reasons other
       whether the vehicle was duly secured, what                    the Insurer put on the list of risk areas, due to        than your illness or injury, you must submit a
       part of the vehicle was damaged during                        political, health, or other circumstances, the           police report and other documents proving the
       forced entry), credible documentation of the                  premium will be reduced by half.                         cause of the insured event.
       elementary event, or a statement from the
       carrier (PIR, etc.) or locker.
10.    If your belongings were stolen from a vehicle,
       you must submit a garage document proving
       that the part of the vehicle damaged during
                                                            For persons under 70 years of age and trips          optiMuM      optiMuM              Basic          storno
       forced entry, according to the police report, has
       indeed been repaired.                                not exceeding 24 days Insured sums in CZK            Worldwide                       Europe
11.    If your belongings are damaged while inside          Medical Expenses                                   2 000 000      1 000 000         2 400 000
       an accommodation facility, you must request          Emergency Dental Treatment                            24 000         24 000            24 000
       compensation from the hotel management               Physiotherapy                                        120 000        120 000           120 000
       in writing, and have the acceptance of such          Deductible                                                NO             NO            50 EUR
       written request confirmed.
                                                            Active Assistance                                   unlimited      unlimited         unlimited
e      Missed departure (Loss Ins.)                         Medical Transportation & Repatriation              1 000 000      1 000 000         1 000 000
                                                            Repatriation of Remains                            1 000 000      1 000 000         1 000 000
1.     We will cover your additional expenses arising
                                                            Funeral Expenses                                     150 000        150 000           150 000
       from transportation to a destination from
       which you will be able to continue your journey      Accident - Permanent Disablement                      200 000       200 000           200 000
       according to original schedule, if you miss the      Accidental Death                                      100 000       100 000           100 000
       departure of the means of your transportation
       you should have taken from your country of           Baggage Loss                                           15 000        15 000            10 000
       residence to a foreign country or vice versa,        Deductible                                                800           800               500
       due to:
                                                             Missed Departure                                          NO             NO           10 000              NO
1.1.   traffic accident or train accident preventing
       you from arriving in time to the point of your        Cancellation Fee                                      15 000        10 000                             5 000
       scheduled departure cancellation or limitation        Deductible                                              20 %          20 %                              20 %
       of public transportation schedule due to an
                                                             Premium for persons under 70 years                  990 CZK       490 CZK           360 CZK          190 CZK
       unannounced strike or an elementary event

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