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					Sun Yat Sen University

International Cooperation-Leveraging Global Education Resources

In addition to MIT Sloan, Lingnan (University) College has close cooperation with 15
other prestigious business schools at world-wide and varied levels. The cooperation provides
Lingnan MBA graduates access to rich global education resources.

Our partner schools include but not limited to:

* Lancaster University, UK

* E.M Lyon, France

* University of AIX-Marseille, France

* ESLSCA, France

* NEGOCIA, France

* Leipzig Graduate School of Management

* University of Victoria, Canada

* HEC Montréal, Canada

* Memorial University Of Newfoundland, Canada

* Copenhagen Business School, Demark

* Bocconi University, Italy

* MIB School of Management, Italy

* Thammasat University, Thailand

* Asia Institute of Technology, Thailand

International Learning Interfaces

English Teaching and International Faculty

The Lingnan International MBA program is the first one in China that consistently teaches all
courses in English. This enables the students to have direct access to international education
resources, including foreign faculty and latest business textbooks and cases In addition overseas
exchange study, overseas internships and international competitions are part of this dynamic
program Every semester, there are two Lingnan faculty members going to MIT Sloan to develop
the core and elective courses they will teach. Presently 50 Lingnan faculties have completed their
training in MIT Sloan. Also L(U)C invites professors from abroad to teach in the program.

International Exchange and Overseas Internship Programs

Lingnan has a student exchange programs with a dozen of overseas universities in Europe, North
America, Australia and Asia. Our extensive exchange program enables more than 30 MBA
students to study at prestigious business schools in different countries, which is also an excellent
opportunity for them to experience varieties of socio-economic cultures. Every summer, many of
the Lingnan MBA students are offered internship opportunities by multinational companies in
Asian regions and countries.

International Seminars

Every spring, Dairy Farm Company from Hong Kong will sponsor and hold a managerial forum
for Lingnan MBA students. The forum consists of a serious of seminars covering the subjects of
Entrepreneurship, Professional Ethics & Practical Cases, risk management, International Brand
Management, Customization of Global Company for China and other management fields. All
speakers of these seminars are senior executives from multinational companies. By interacting
with business leaders of multinational company, our students learn not only the practical
experiences and useful skills, but also the character, wisdom, spirit and courage to take business
challenges of 21 century.

International Competitions

Ever since 2002, Lingnan MBA students have been competing in the annual Asia Moot Corp
Business Plan Competition every year. The Competition helps develop students' entrepreneurial
thinking and skills. They won the championship of Asia Moot Corp 2002 and then participated the
global MOOT CORP competition held in University of Texas and was ranked top ten among the
33 teams from all over the world.

Learning By Doing

Lingnan MBA program provides numerous activities and functions for their
students. These experiential learning activities not only enrich their learning
experience beyond classes, but also enable them make connections and
network with lifelong professional associations and to create enduring
personal friendships.

MBA Curriculum

MBA Core Course
Business English                Business Communication               Operations Management
Science of Decision-            Management Information               Managerial Economics
making                          System
Strategic Management            Organizational Behavior              Human Resource
Marketing Management            Financial Accounting                 Corporate Finance

MBA Elective Course (will be some slim modifications every year)

                                                Tertiary industry economic
 Basic and Development module
                                                Business research and diagnosis
                                                Project management
 Management Science Module
                                                Logistic and Supply chain Management
 Entrepreneurship and Strategy Module
                                                Managing Business in Changing Environment
                                             Leadership and Team
                                             General Management
                                             Corporation competition and simulated business
                                             Services Management
                                             entrepreneurship management
                                             Business Ethic
 Human Resource Module                       Performance Management
                                             Incentive and Salary Design
                                             Integrated marketing communications
                                             Network Marketing
                                             Management of Client Relationship
                                             Sales Management
                                             Marketing Research
 Marketing module
                                             Channel management
                                             Branding Management
                                             Services Marketing
                                             Consumer Behavior
                                             Global Marketing
                                             Financial Reporting and Analysis
                                             Cost Accounting
 Accounting and Tax Module
                                             Tax Planning
                                             Corporate Governance and Incentive organism
                                             Financial Risk Management
                                             Merge and Acquisition
                                             Securities Investment
 Finance and Investment Module
                                             funds Management
                                             Project investment management
                                             Financial market and organization
                                             Chinese Political、 Social、 Economic and Business
                                             Financial Systems Management in China
 Chinese Features Module                     Chinese Management and Legal Aspects of Business
                                             Chinese Marketing System
                                             Chinese Logistics and Supply Chain Management
                                             Negotiation with Chinese

Program Introduction

Lingnan MBA program was launched in 1999 and jointly developed with MIT Sloan School of
Management. In the MBA program, all courses are instructed in English and MIT Sloan MBA
curriculum and teaching methods are adopted in the program, together with textbooks, cases, and
other teaching materials. The MBA students will be awarded the Master of Business
Administration degree of Sun Yat-sen University together with MIT Sloan certificate upon
graduation. Lingnan MBA program is ranked by Forbes No. 3 "Most Valuable Full-time MBA
Programs" in China in 2006.
Lingnan MBA program believes in "Education for Service" and our mission is to “develop
international business leaders for tomorrow”. We are committed to providing rich international
learning experience to our MBA students. In additional to the curriculum, students are encouraged
to participate in wide range of activities beyond class to develop their leadership, courage and
characterto take the challenges of 21st century. And these activities include the exciting
Orientation week, Lingnan MBA business plan competition, Dairy Farm Seminars, international
competition, oversee internships, international exchange study, field trips and etc.

For international students

1. Admission Criteria

University degree or above from a recognized university

Professional or full-time work experiences are desirable

An acceptable GMAT/TOFEL score within the period of validity are preferred

2. Application Method

All the applicants need to submit following documents to Lingnan MBA Center or School of
Oversea Exchange, Sun Yat-sen University, from March 1st to June 5th, 2009.

2.1.Application Form: Please download from internet:

2.2.Grading Sheet;

2.3.Degree Certificate;

2.4.Passport Copy;

2.5.Two recommendation letters;


Please note:

Those who do not provide the complete material will not be accepted and the application
documents above will not be returned upon acceptance or denial.

3. Admission Process

Submit all the required application documents for check and review by the admission committee.

Interview with Lingnan MBA Center

Receive confirmation letter through email upon acceptance decision made by School of Oversea
Exchange, Sun Yat-sen University

The result of enrollment will be published on the Website of Announcement of Lingnan MBA
Center in the middle of June
Obtain the written enrollment notice through the mailing address designated for accepted

4. Registration

Accepted candidates must register for the enrollment in September. The exact time will be
referred to in written enrollment notice.

5. Duration of the Program

Full-time study in two years (from Monday to Friday).

Part-time study in three years (Saturday and Sunday).

Participants who have completed all required courses and a thesis will be conferred MBA Degree
from Sun Yat-sen University and a certificate from MIT Sloan School.

For international students

Application Fee

Nonrefundable RMB800 in cash


RMB 124,400(including cost of textbook and study material. Accommodation fees
are excluded), Tuition fee are paid by semester (Full-time: four semesters; Part-time:
six semesters)


International Student Hall
For long-term students (referring to those registered to study for at least one semester):
RMB1,050 yuan/per person/month, RMB 35 yuan /per person/day (double room)
RMB1,650 yuan/per month, RMB 55 yuan/per day                        (single room )

The above accommodation fees are the room prices of the International Student Hall on the South
Campus. Each room in the Hall has independent bathroom, internet connection plug, telephone
and air-conditioner. Inside the Hall, there are laundry rooms, gyms, TV rooms and reading rooms.
There is an international students' canteen inside. Also, the bed articals are equipped in each room.
It is near your classrooms.

No. 351 Students Dormitory Building
This Building is located in the South Campus' Eastern District-the Chinese students residential
district. It is very convenient to live there-- students canteens, shops, bookstores, sports facilities
and swimming pools are all within easy reach. Living with the Chinese students in the same
district, you will interact and make friends with them and gain an insight of the lively campus life.

The Building is an 8-floor one without elevator. Each room includes a bathroom and a balcony.
Two students share one room. The room is equipped with an air conditioner, an electric fan, a
telephone set, two beds, two desks, two bookshelves, and two internet connection plugs. On the
firs floor of the Building, there is the public laundry room, reading room and a TV room. Students
have to prepare the bedding themselves. The Building supply hot water for shower at a set time:
5:30-7:30 pm and 9:30-11:00 pm.

The rent for the Dormitory Building:
RMB 4,800yuan/academic year/per student
RMB 2,400yuan/semester/per student

Note: Fees for running water, electricity and telephone are not included in the rent. Students will
have to pay separately.

Students can rent apartment nearby the campus as well.

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