Drugs Use Harms the Heart national institute of drug abuse by angoen


									Everyone knows that the use of illegal drugs can damage the body and put others in danger. There are
hundreds of drug-related deaths per day due to health problems, overdoses and accidents caused by
drunk driving. These questions can focus on other risks, but did you know that the use of illegal drugs
actually can cause enormous strain on your heart?

A study by the National Institute of Drug Abuse has shown a direct correlation between the
consumption of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and heart disease.

Cardiovascular diseases, which come as a direct result of drug use include inflammation of the heart,
heart attacks, infections of the heart, and heart murmurs. It is believed that to do so by stimulating
these drugs cause the heart more susceptible to such disorders.

Due to the complex nature of the human body, it is difficult to say how long a drug user to use drugs
before they see heart problems. Some drug users have had problems since the very first time with,
while others are addicts for decades and have no heart problems.

With so much research back up the direct link between heart disease and drug use can be a family or
want a drug addict to seek help. By entering a drug treatment center, a person can learn to overcome
their addiction and a healthy, normal life to start.

Without addiction treatment, drug users run the risk of heart attack and possible death. If you suspect
that someone you love, talk about drugs they consider seeking help or addicted to the staging of an
intervention. The treatment is the only way to ensure that the drug does not affect the cardiac and
irreparable damage.

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