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The end result of a breast-augmentation
procedure should be beautiful breasts which
totally suit the figure of the individual.
Dr Kourosh Tavakoli is renowned in Australia for his breast
surgery. Most Australian women seeking breast
augmentation want to have natural-looking breasts.
  Modern-day breast augmentation can achieve a very
natural appearance if tailored to the individual.
Understanding and appreciating natural breast formation
and shape, along with precise surgical techniques, are
essential to achieve beautiful results. Patient cup size
requests range from a full B cup to D cup, with the most
common size requested being a C cup.
  Dr Tavakoli is a breast-augmentation super-specialist with
many years’ experience. He will assess and tailor each
augmentation according to the individual, which is why he has an
excellent success rate and many happy clients.
  Choosing to undergo breast-augmentation surgery can be a big
decision to make. It is important to research, understand and be
comfortable with your decision before making your commitment
to undergo surgery.

    Five essential Factors
    Dr Tavakoli identifies five essential
    factors for consideration when
    assessing breast-enhancement surgery.
    1. A woman’s body build and height;
    2. Current breast size, shape and symmetry;
    3. Breast droopiness;
    4. Chest wall shape and dimensions;
    5. The patient’s desired final breast
       shape and cup size.

For more information, visit or
call (02) 9629 6422 (in Sydney) or
1300 368 107 (interstate callers).                                 Actual patient. Results may vary from person to person .



                                                          BEFORE                                    Results may vary from person to person.

                                                          The nOse
                                                          serves as
                                                          The axis
                                                          Of The face
                Results may vary from person to person.

                                                          When you improve the shape of the nose you
                                                          improve and rebalance the whole of the face.

                                                                        ne of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic surgery
                                                                        procedures is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can improve the tip of the nose
                                                                        and its projection, remove the hump and change the length as well as
                                                                        the overall shape of the nose. Combined with septoplasty, or sinus
                                                          surgery, the operation can also improve one’s breathing.
                                                          Sculpting a new nose requires an in-depth knowledge of nasal anatomy and
                                                          function, as well as an appreciation of the patient’s sense of beauty and ethnicity. A
                                                          natural rhinoplasty procedure should complement a patient’s other facial features,
                                                          creating a natural balance and harmony. A well-recognised example of successful
                                                          rhinoplasty is that of Cameron Diaz, the Hollywood actress. Her new nose is so
                                                          perfect for her face that it accentuates her true beauty and at the same time looks
                                                          like the nose she should have been born with. Dr Tavakoli uses the latest imaging
                                                          system to give you a realistic image of the proposed changes.
                                                          Most rhinoplasty procedures can be performed as day surgery, requiring as little as
                                                          10 days off work. Successful rhinoplasty is a combination of careful patient selection
                                                          and planning, accurate operative technique and thorough post-operative care.

                                                                                                  Dr Kourosh Tavakoli is a fully qualified
                                                                                                  plastic surgeon specialising in minimal-
                                                                                                  scar cosmetic surgery of the nose and
                                                                                                  breasts. Although trained predominantly
                                                                                                  in Sydney and Melbourne, Dr Tavakoli
                                                                                                  has visited some of the most reputable
                                                                                                  centres in the United States, Brazil, Spain
                                                                                                  and Italy. Dr Tavakoli and his team are
                                                                                                  well known in the cosmetic industry for
                                                                                                  the highest level of care and expertise.
                Results may vary from person to person.

For more information, visit or call (02) 9629 6422 (in Sydney) or 1300 368 107 (interstate callers).


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