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									Skills Needed For A Bounty Hunter
Bail bond companies provide the monetary incentives for bounty hunters to do their job.

Investigate the real world tribulations of being a bounty hunter and you may pass on the opportunity.
Then again, maybe you are the kind of person who thrives on investigative work followed by the
inevitable confrontation with your quarry. Bail-bondsman, also known as surety agents, post bonds for
people who have run afoul of the law in exchange for collateral. The bond company stands to lose
money unless the people they bond show up for court. If their client skips, it is a bounty hunter who
pursues and captures the fugitive. For a successful capture, the bounty hunter earns a reward, or
bounty, from the bail bondsman.

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A Bounty Hunter by Any Other Name

Research the role of the bounty hunter and you will see that those who practice the profession go by
several different titles. Some prefer to be called a bail agent or bail enforcement agent. A bail officer
or fugitive recovery officer performs the same functions as a fugitive recovery agent or bail fugitive
recovery specialist. Regardless of the name, they are all bounty hunters. Because of the lore
surrounding the profession, the term bounty hunter may denote a sense of flamboyance many in the
profession would rather avoid. Steve McQueen portrayed bounty hunter Josh Randall in the Old West
of the 1870s in the TV show "Wanted: Dead or Alive" from 1958 to 1961.

Skills of the Trade

Snatch the fugitive off the streets by any legal means, and the bail bond company that hired you will
pay a reward, commonly 10 percent of the bond amount. Some bounty hunters assist authorities,
local police departments, state police, or the FBI, in the capture of fugitives to gain the reward offered
by the governing agency. Having a background in law enforcement or the military can help the
fledgling bounty hunter. Weapons training, and self-defense skills are highly recommended.
Surveillance, skip tracing, tailing methods, negotiation, interviewing and apprehension techniques are
all part of the job. Research, including background checks, reviewing credit files, telephone work and
the ability to navigate the Internet to do research can be necessary talents, although many bounty
hunters work within firms where other employees specialize in some of these skills.

The Physical SIde of the Business
Develop a strenuous exercise regimen if you want to keep up with the physical demands of being a
bounty hunter. The career demands odd hours and travel at a moment's notice. Check with your state
regarding regulations about bounty hunting. According to Jonathan Drimmer of FSG Bail of Houston,
Texas, four states, including Wisconsin, Kentucky, Illinois and Oregon ban bounty hunting. Florida,
North Carolina and South Carolina ban freelance bounty hunters. Bounty hunting is also illegal in
Canada. Eleven states, including Indiana, Nevada, Mississippi, South Dakota, Connecticut, Arizona,
Utah, Iowa, Louisiana, California and West Virginia require a license to act as a bounty hunter.

A Word from the "Dog"

Duane "DOG" Chapman is the world's most publicized bounty hunter, with more than 6, 000 captures
in his 27-year career. His exploits are chronicled on the television show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter" on
the A&E cable channel, and provide a glimpse into the daily workings of a bounty hunter firm.
Chapman knows both sides of the law, having served time in a Texas prison. "I am what rehabilitation
stands for, " Dog proudly says. On his website, dogthebountyhunter. Com, Chapman cites his ability
to get the most out of his informants as the key to his success. The vast majority of his captures
happen, Chapman says, thanks to some "good ol' American" who has given him enough information
to get the job done.

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