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					    The Isagenix Opportunity
  Presented by Tom White & the
'Achieve' Isagenix Associate Team
  “With its “no-compromise” approach to quality, Isagenix is
changing the lives of people dramatically—and blazing a trail to
                         rapid growth.”
                Your Business at Home Magazine

 This guide has no connection to Isagenix International and has been complied and presented by an independent
             Isagenix associate. For full earnings and product disclaimers please read the final page.

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Achieve Success as an Isagenix® Associate

Isagenix Associate Benefits:
  •   Help people improve their health and well-being by introducing them
      to Isagenix products
  •   Earn an extra income or create a full-time business
  •   Be part of a growing, stable and successful company that is the world
      leader in nutritional cleansing and has generated over $1 billion in
  •   Very generous compensation plan and income opportunities
  •   No stock to keep and no orders to process - Isagenix does all that. You just talk to
      others about the products & the benefits they provide
  •   Work from home, choose the hours you work & have time to spend with the family
  •   Free yourself from the ties of working for someone else
  •   Significant savings on Isagenix products to use for yourself, or sell at a profit

                 “ We thought owning a brick-and-mortar business would offer greater flexibility
                and income, but instead felt confined by long work hours and financial pressures.
                 Barely able to afford our initial products, we took a risk and started an Isagenix
                        business and reached a six-figure income in only nine months*.”
                                Robin & Stryker D., six-figure income earners*

                "I was trapped in a business which I hated and trying to care for a husband who
                 was extremely ill. In a remarkable Isagenix turnaround, today I’m earning a six
               figure income, enjoying life with my recovered and healthy husband and engaged
                                          in a business which I truly love!"
                                                    Rita Mcallef

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Isagenix Endorsements
Over the past 8 years Isagenix has become a world leader in nutritional cleansing and the products
have been endorsed by some of the most well known and respected health professionals, authors
& celebrities. Below are just a few of the many examples....

                    The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution
                    By John Gray, Ph.D.
                    “I found Isagenix® and I couldn’t believe the superior benefits that I got
                    from it. Immediately, it started producing the brain chemistry of health,
                    happiness, and increasing romance—and this is what my field was all
                    about. I personally endorse [Isagenix®].” John Gray, PHD

                    Chicken Soup for the Healthy Soul
                    Helping people to achieve physical health, dynamic longevity and financial
                    wealth is a lofty goal, but it is a goal that is being accomplished every day
                    by thousands of people-people who have discovered the ISAGENIX™
                    Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

                    The 24-Hour Turnaround
                    Jay Williams, Ph.D.
                   “By adding the Isagenix® 9 Day Program to our “turnaround regime,” my
                   clients achieve immediate results - and by staying on the products… they
                   get long-lasting benefits of optimal health.”
                   Jay Williams, Ph.D.

                     Dr Nelson S., MD, New York
                     Nelson is a pioneer in the world of urology and prostate cancer as a
                     specialist at Mount Sinai Medical Center. A veteran of the field for more
                     than 20 years, Nelson developed a ground-breaking technique for treating
                     prostate cancer, but he couldn’t seem to find lasting weight loss for
                     himself. After discovering Isagenix and losing 45 pounds, not only was his
                     world changed, but his patients’ as well. He now shares Isagenix with his
                     patients as a healthy way to combat weight-gain.*

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Business Success Stories
There are now over 50 Isagenix millionaires and many more making 6 figure salaries from Isagenix.
Most of these people were not high powered business executives or network marketing
professionals before they got involved with Isagenix.

Successful Isagenix distributors come from all walks of life – its about your determination to
succeed, not your previous experience. Below are just two examples - we could have filled a whole
book publishing them all! or sell at a profit

                         Name: Jatashia M.     Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
                         Age: 30        Ranking: Crystal Executive

                         “I was able to take a break from my business without much effort because this
                         business doesn’t take much effort. It’s all about sharing your experiences with
                         others,” says the 30-year-old mom. “We spent about a week away and it was one of
                         my highest paid weeks. It’s truly that residual income.”

                         By the end of the year, Jatashia is envisioning a six-figure income, private school for
her kids, larger donations to her church, family vacations and a custom-built, six-bedroom, four-bathroom
home — all courtesy of her hard work and Isagenix.** She’s grateful to have her time back and says she’s
enjoying the empowerment she’s now experiencing thanks to her Isagenix business.

                          Name: Madeleine & Eddy L. Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
                          Age: 49 and 55      Ranking: 4 Star Golden Circles, Crystal Executives

                          Those sacrifices paid off, as their success came quickly. Within eight months,
                          Madeleine had doubled Eddy’s salary and a few months later, even quadrupled it.
                          She retired Eddy from his teaching career and he joined Madeleine in the business
                          full time.

                          “It’s so different than every other job I’ve ever had. At my other jobs, you work
hard, get health benefits and might get a two- to three-percent raise if you’re lucky,” shares Eddy. “With
network marketing and Isagenix, you’re pushing forward for a little while and then all of a sudden your
income becomes exponential.”

The couple’s success also gave the family the freedom they’d always dreamed of to move to Colorado in
2007. Now living in their dream home, the couple’s six-figure income** has allowed them to send their kids
to band and cheer camps, take all three on fun family vacations, and give them opportunities that were
perpetually pushed aside while they were “hamsters on a wheel.”

                  There are literally hundreds more stories like this
                      Are you the next Isagenix success story?

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   •   Great Team
   •   Great Products
   •   Great Company
   •   Great Compensation Plan
   •   International Opportunities

  Start your journey to financial freedom
                      After joining Isagenix, I very quickly had my answers to two important
                  questions...Do the products work? Does the business work? An absolute YES to
                 both - judge by results! I have had some success with network marketing before
                 over a period of time, but AFTER 3 WEEKS in Isagenix, I reached the same level it
                 took me to reach in my other business in 3 years! Quite simple - Isagenix works!
                                                    Bruno Luciani

Isagenix is unlike another network marketing or home business opportunity. With Isagenix you
have the potential to make sales and start earning from day 1. If you are serious about becoming
financially independent and have the flexibility to choose the hours you work, from home –
Isagenix may well be the answer.

Great Products
This is fundamentally important. To be successful you need to
be proud to represent the company and introduce their

Isagenix has products that are incredibly effective – they have
helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world to
lose weight and improve their health. A number of high profile
individuals, health professionals and doctors have endorsed the products and their benefits &
scientific university studies have demonstrated their effectiveness.

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                        The products have been professionally formulated, under the leadership of
                        John Anderson , one of the world's leading supplement formulators –
                        creating over 2,300 products during his career so far.

                        Many people begin by using the products, often unaware of the income
                        possibilities. Once they have witnessed the benefits for themselves they
                        become Isagenix Associates as they want to go and tell others about their

Nutritional cleansing and weight loss supplements are in demand more than ever and the market
is set to continue to grow. The weight loss market alone is worth well over $50 billion in the US.

Growing, Supportive & Financially Secure Company
        Isagenix is a wellness company with the goal to free people from physical and
     financial pain while creating the largest health and wellness company in the world.

Isagenix International is now over 8 years old and are built to last. They are growing at an
incredible rate and are have been named in the Inc. Magazine fastest growing companies.

                 Jim Coover, President and CEO of Isagenix, led one of the fastest-growing and
                 most popular weight-loss companies in history, serving more than seven million
                 customers and exceeding $1 billion dollars in sales.

                 Kathy Coover, Executive Vice President, is a nationally recognized and respected
                 field leader and trainer in the Network Marketing industry

                 Unlike some network marketing companies they are financially secure and set to
                 be around for the long-term future.

 “With its “no-compromise” approach to quality, Isagenix is changing the lives of
            people dramatically—and blazing a trail to rapid growth.”
                       Your Business at Home Magazine

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Multiple Ways to Earn
Generous Compensation Plan
Isagenix is recognised as having one of the most generous compensation
plans in the home business/network marketing industry and offer unlimited
earnings opportunities.

There are multiple ways to generate income with Isagenix & you can earn on:
   • Retail profits
   • Website sales (you will get your own distributor website FREE)
   • Team Volume
   • New Associates and Product Introduction Bonuses
   • Other competitions and bonuses run throughout the year

Team Volume
Team volume is the foundation of the Isagenix compensation
plan. You generate volume on all your personal product sales
and the product orders/sales of all your personally enrolled
preferred customers or associates.

If these customers enjoy the products (which they will) and
decide to promote the products/opportunity to others (which
many of them do) you will continue to generate volume from
all their sales and this continues right down to the bottom of your tree.

                      The Isagenix products are so effective and the demand bigger than ever
                      before, you don't have to 'hard-sell' the products or the opportunity. Once a
                      few people start to use the products and go on to understand they too can
                      earn money by introducing the products to others, they also decide to build
                      an Isagenix business. Very soon you will have your very own sales team.

                      This is the power of residue income, you could be earning money while
working from home and choosing the hours you work. Whether you want to generate a little extra
income to take the stress of your family or secure your financial freedom (like I did) by creating a
full-time income (from part-time hours) Isagenix offers the opportunity to achieve your financial
and lifestyle goals.

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Great Team
That's where we come in! The 'Achieve' Independent Isagenix team is here to help you succeed.

Become part of our team and you will receive unlimited advice and guidance to help get you up
and running, selling the products and signing up new distributors very quickly.

We can provide with our tried and tested marketing system (save yourself hours and hours of work
doing it yourself) and we'll be on hand as much as needed to provide individual support on the
phone and email. We can help you promote your business in your local area and on the internet.

You can be with the best company (which we believe Isagenix is) but if you don't have the support
of a good sponsor you will struggle to achieve your goals – we've experienced this with other
home business/network marketing companies and will make sure you are given the tools,
resources and time you need to succeed.

My Story
I have been with Isagenix for less than 9 months, but only really started to build
my Isagenix business about 3 months ago. After about 2 months I quit my job and
have now completely replaced the income from my full-time job. My income is
increasing each month and I am aiming to hit the $100,000 mark very shortly.

After using the products and experiencing improvements to my health, I shared the products with
a few other people who were also interested in giving the products a try and from here my
business just grew and some did my commission cheques!

Before I got involved in the business side of things I researched the company, the opportunity and
the products very carefully. I compared Isagenix with other home business companies and I
couldn’t find anyone else that came even close to them.

I made the decision (taking action is the most important step) to get involved and haven't looked
back since. I'm proud to be part of this wonderful company and excited about the future. The
demand for the products and the opportunity is set to grow for a long time to come.

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International Opportunities
Isagenix is available in:
   •   USA
   •   Canada
   •   Australia
   •   New Zealand
   •   Hong Kong
   •   Taiwan
   •   Mexico
   •   And due to open in other countries very soon

If you are from any of these countries you are eligible to join as a distributor. Our team is
multi-national and includes members living in the US, Canada and Australia.

You can also create an international team yourself by recruiting international distributors and
earning volume on their international sales (certain conditions apply).

Right Company. Right Team. Right Time
Isagenix is growing, the demand for the products is growing, more people than ever are joining the
company and our team is growing quicker than ever before. NOW is the time to get involved.

Building your business with Isagenix is straight forward – you just share
the wonderful products and the benefits they provide and Isagenix does
the rest.

You don't need to carry any stock, process payments or deal with
shipping. The start-up and ongoing costs are also very low, especially
when compared to other businesses.

   You get paid for introducing other people to Isagenix and in return Isagenix will deposit your
                         commissions in to your bank account each week!

Sign-up as an Isagenix Associate in our team and you we'll give you unlimited coaching and support
to help you build you Isagenix business. Just follow the steps on the following page to sign-up and
                                        TAKE ACTION today!

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Sign-up as an Isagenix Associate
  1) Go on to the website to sign-up as an associate or call/email us:

     • Enrol Online:

        PLEASE NOTE: My successful team is located throughout the US, Canada
        and Australia. All products are shipped from the Isagenix office closest to

        I am available whenever you need me, where-ever you are located and I'll
        connect you with local members of my team who can provide additional

        Go to

        Place an initial product order (either the 9 day or 30 day cleanse or pacesetter/business
        builder paks)

        Select Autoship. The membership fee is reduced to $19 but more importantly you will be
        entitled to additional bonuses and earning opportunities (that some associates make up
        to $5k per month from!)

     • Call or email to Enrol
        Call: US 877-854-1658 / Australia 1300 484 100

  2) You are in business! We’ll be in touch to give you the tools, resources and
     support you need to succeed. Start thinking about how you’ll spend your
     weekly commission cheques now!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I join Isagenix rather than another home business opportunity?
We encourage you to do your research, we did and we couldn’t find a company that had such
wonderful products, were as financially stable, had a more generous compensation plan or that
provided as many opportunities as Isagenix does to generate a profit.

I want to make money quick, can I do this in Isagenix?
Yes and No. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If you're looking to sit back and do no work, Isagenix
isn’t for you. If you are prepared to put in the work then you will be rewarded financially and
personally by Isagenix. How quick the money comes depends on you. Obviously it can take time to
build a team and develop marketing strategies that work for you. However there are people
making 6 figure salaries after less than 12 months.

I have no experience in sales, can I still succeed as an Associate?
Yes, most Associates do not come from sales backgrounds, use the products, read the literature
and understand what you are promoting – then just talk to people about Isagenix. That is much
more effective than the hard sell. Once you become passionate about Isagenix, that will rub of on
others and they'll become your best sales people!

Do I have to hassle my friends and family and get them to buy the product?
No, if you think they would benefit from either the products or the income you can, but we will
give you hints, tips and marketing ideas to show you ways to promote the products to others.

I haven't been involved in network marketing before, but my partner says its like pyramid selling
– is this true?
No, pyramid selling is illegal and in NO way is network marketing similar to this. network marketing
is an accepted way to distribute your product is a wide audience. This technique is taught as part
of many business and marketing degrees and used by some of the most successful companies

Only the people at the top of the chain get to make money don't they?
No, another myth. There is as much opportunity for someone joining today to create a large and
profitable downline and generate fantastic incomes. There are still wonderful opportunities in the
US and internationally and the market is far from saturated. This is a fast growing industry and is
set to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Some Associates who joined less than 3 months
ago are already earning 6 figure salaries.

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         Take Action Today
              CLICK HERE to sign up as an Isagenix associate

  PLEASE NOTE: My successful team are located throughout the US, Canada and
    Australia. All products are shipped from the Isagenix office closest to you.

I am available whenever you need me, where-ever you are located and I'll connect
     you with local members of my team who can provide additional support.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the
            'Achieve' Isagenix Team

                               Tom White


                   US/Canada: 877-854-1658
                    Australia: 1300 484 100

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This guide has no connection to the Isagenix company and has been complied and presented by an
independent Isagenix associate.

Isagenix Independent Associate earning claims should not be construed as representative of a
fixed, or standard earnings from any Isagenix business. The income levels achieved by Isagenix
Independent Associates are not intended to imply that another Associate will achieve the same
level of income.The income levels achieved will be dependent upon the individual Associate’s
business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products
are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Note: If you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, on medication, have a medical condition, or are
beginning a weight control program, consult your physician before using Isagenix products or
making any other dietary changes. Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs.

Weight-loss results may vary. In a recent study, participants averaged a weight loss of 7 pounds at
the completion of their first Isagenix 9 Day Program.

                                     Ready to get started?
 Go to or contact Tom White
                                   to get started

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