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					                                                                                         CLINICAL & HERBAL
    Dr. John M. Richards, M.D.                                                           INNOVATIONS
Currently a practicing physician in the Washington,
D.C. metropolitan area. Dr. Richards, a native of
Birmingham, Alabama completed his undergraduate
training, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree from
Howard University in 1967. After serving with the 2nd
                                                                                      Introducing a revolutionary
Infantry Division, USARPAC and 6th Armored Calvary                                       herbal supplement for
Regiment as a commissioned o cer, Dr. Richards
returned to the United States to begin a career with                                  treatment of blood pressure
the federal government as a personnel sta ng                                            and heart related issues.
specialist for the Department of Labor, where he
worked on projects involving the Manpower Program.           With our proprietary
Dr. Richards during this phase of his professional life
decided to return to academia by attending and
                                                            formula of all natural
completing his medical education at Meharry Medical
College, Nashville, Tennessee in 1976. He completed
                                                             herbal compounds,
his internship and postgraduate medical training in
Internal Medicine from Howard University Hospital in
                                                             Clinical and Herbal
Washington, D.C. in 1979. After the completion of his
medical training, Dr. Richards worked with several          Innovations, Inc. has       A proprietary blend of:
di erent state and federal agencies in the Washington,
D.C. area. His work includes, Clinical Director for the   achieved a breakthrough               L-Arginine
District of Columbia S.H.A.C.K. drug abuse clinic, sta
physician for East of the River Medical Center and sta       in the treatment of              Red Rice Yeast
Physician for the Department of Energy health                                                Horse Chestnut
services.                                                 heart and blood pressure         Red Chili Fruit Extract
With the appointment of Hazel O’ Leary as Secretary of        related ailments.
Energy, Dr. Richards was designated as Headquarters
DOE Occupational Health Chief Medical O cer and
Director where this appointment was rea rmed two
subsequent Energy Secretaries. He had the privilege of
working for New Mexico Governor, and then Secretary
Bill Richardson for over three years. During Dr.
                                                                                        LIMITED OPPORTUNITY
Richards’ tenure with the Department of Energy, he                                     AVAILABLE TO BECOME A
hosted a variety of events and conferences directly
impacting federal healthcare policy and nuclear safety,         Health & Wealth       FOUNDING SHAREHOLDER.
including authoring a paper on nuclear storage                   Opportunity
containment and safety and implementation of federal
beryllium safety standards.                                                                DON’T MISS OUT
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