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									The process of evaluating overall project performance on a regular basis to provide
confidence that the project will satisfy the relevant quality standards is called:  Quality Assurance                            Quality Control                             Quality Planning                             Quality Review
The process of monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with
relevant quality standards is called:                                               Quality Assurance                            Quality Control                             Quality Planning                             Quality Review

The tools and techniques used during a Quality Planning process include:              Benefit / cost analysis                    Benchmarking                                Quality audits                               Options 1 and 2                              All of the above.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       All of the above are considered non-
Which of the following is not considered a cost of nonconformance to quality?         Scrap                                      Rework                                       Expediting                                  Process control                              conformance costs
                                                                                                                                                                              Inspection and test standards must be
                                                                                                                                                                              established to ensure that procedures can   If the number of defects found in the sample
                                                                                      Used when expensive and time-consuming to The number of allowable defects before lot is adequately determine conformance and non-   exceeds the predetermined amount, the
Which of the following statements concerning acceptance sampling is false?            test the product 100%.                    rejected is predetermined.                    conformance.                                entire lot is rejected.                      All of the above are true

A tool that analyzes the Input to a process to identify the causes of errors is called: Cause and effect diagram                 Scatter diagram                             Ishikawa diagram                             Pareto diagram                               Option 1 and 3

The concept of zero inventory is called:                                              Six sigma                                  Continuous improvement                      Just in Time                                 Zero defects
What is the traditional approach for achieving quality which involves inspecting
output to ensure that it meets the required standards?                                Quality Control                            Zero Defect                                 Quality Circling                             Total Reject Management
If the management wants to improve quality by comparing key aspects of its
operations against those of leading competitors it should follow:                     Quality Assurance                          Kaizen                                      Benchmarking                                 HR Consultancy                               Six Sigma
In order to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, which of the following must be         A procedure for the control of non
documented?                                                                           conforming products                        A procedure for the auditing of suppliers   A procedure for management review            All of the above
Six weeks ago, Mr. and Mrs. Timberland booked a 10 KG parcel with your company to be delivered
to a luxury coach tour company. Unfortunately, Andrea and Mark, Customer Records Officers at
your company, have made a mistake in logging the booking onto the company's computer system.
Between the two officers, the paper records of Mr. and Mrs. Timberland's booking have been lost.
Andrea's system has recorded the booking; Mark's has not. This error is not picked up at the end of
the week when bookings are checked. If Kate had not personally checked the bookings for this first
cross-Channel service, Mr. and Mrs. Timberland's booking would have been ruined. As it is, they are
unlikely to be pleased. Due to popular demand for the new service, there are no remaining slots
available for booking. Kate has made it clear to Andrea and Mark that they must clear up the mess
that their error has caused. What action could the two officers take to resolve the customer service
issues raised?
The first cross-Channel service takes place and looks like it is going to be a great success: the orders
are full and the atmosphere on board the party ferry is happy and lively. The sea-belt crossing is
smooth and rapid. But as the ferry nears the Polynesian port, the party suddenly takes a turn for the
worse. Industrial relations problems have simmered away all year at the port. The past two weeks
have seen these problems boil over, as dockworkers have launched a series of strikes. The port at
which the ferry is due to dock is most severely affected. Port staff refuses to accept any new ferry
arrivals and the party ferry service is left to wait outside the main harbor, unable to dock. Most of
the party invitees are customers, who understand the situation they find themselves facing. They
seem to accept that it is not the courier company's fault. Michael is extremely apologetic and
clearly worried about the impact of the strike on both the customers and his position within the
company. After 12 hours, the industrial action is suspended and the ferry and its passengers are
able to disembark. The coach trip can now resume. Unfortunately, some customers of the courier
company became ill whilst awaiting entry to the Polynesian port. The illness ruins the party, which

On the journey to the ferry port, the coach breaks down, causing the customers to miss their ferry.
The courier company, as contingency plans, accommodated them overnight in a hotel close to the
terminal. The next day, a relief coach arrives and the passengers have to swap onto this
replacement transport. This involves a great deal of hassle and many of the customers complain
about having to transfer their luggage onto the new coach. Added to this the customers have
suffered the loss of an entire day of the tour. Upon their return to their home country, many of the
coach passengers complain to the courier about the tour and make clear their intention to put their
grievances down on paper. Kate discusses the problems encountered on the tour with the courier
and driver on their return to their homes. She suggests one of the following options for action:
On board the party ferry, it becomes clear that the tour party will share the trip with a group of
football fans. The atmosphere quickly gets out of control and the trip becomes uncomfortable for
many of company's customers. Fights break out during the crossing and the passengers take refuge
away from the main bar area. Upon disembarking the ferry, the customers find that one of the
football supporters has somehow secreted himself on board their coach. Michael, the tour courier,
has reached the end of his tether. He loses control of himself and, amazingly, fells the football fan
with a flying head butt. To the concern of the passengers, Michael screams at the driver to stop and
throws the unconscious man off the coach. Whilst relieved to see the departure of the football
supporter, the passengers are shocked at his treatment and the behavior of the courier. Some feel
that this was worse than the initial invasion by the fan. Roger moves through the coach trying to
comfort some of the more alarmed passengers and apologizing to others who are complaining.
When the tour is over and the dust has settled, Kate considers how best to respond to the letters of
complaint that her company has received. She believes that there are four options:

Despite all the information you have given your client, he has his mind set on a mediocre
plan/product/strategy. He is happy about having finally made a decision, wants to finalize, and
makes a point of telling you not to try talking him out of it. You think he is making a mistake but
even your manager says you should let it go. How do you deal with the situation?

You are helping a computer illiterate friend setup his Internet connection over the phone. He is just
not getting what you are trying to explain. How much time do you spend explaining it to him?

Two inexperienced employees are assigned to work with you on an important project with a tight
deadline. How do you feel?
A colleague keeps handing in documents, with the same obvious errors, to you. You have
repeatedly pointed out the problem to her, and she has vowed to be more careful, but to no avail.
How do you feel about it?

A person is telling you a story, but taking forever to get to the point. What do you do?

Your friend/co-worker starts to get on your nerves. What would be your most likely response?
A relative who is staying at your place just picked up the latest CD by his favorite artist. The only
stereo is in the living room and he plans to blast it over and over again. You think the music by the
artist is ok, but you aren't a huge fan. Which of the following statements proves your understanding
and accomodating nature?
You are asked to push a particular viewpoint with a client. The request makes perfect business
sense but you happen to not believe in the particular notion you are to advocate. Which of the
following statements endures your loyalty to your company's business objectives?

You're working on a project, but you need a reference book you loaned to a co-worker. She has a
bad habit of not returning things she borrows and she said she'd return your book weeks ago.
Which of the following should be your most ideal route to getting the book back?

You're driving your brand new car when you are rear-ended at a traffic light. Which of the following
skills would be best recommended at this junction?

When you perceive tension between myself and a friend or co-worker, in which of the following
ways would you resort to in order to solve the matter at hand swiftly and promptly?

Which of the following is best recommended if you receive praise for an achievement that you
reach with the help of others?

Which of the following is advised if someone who is usually even-tempered snaps at you?
Telephone Mr and Mrs Timberland to explain the
problem and ask them to make a booking for the Telephone Mr and Mrs Timberland, explain the problem
next cross-Channel service.                    and offer free handling for the next cross-Channel service.

Write to all the customers apologising for the        Write to all the customers apologising for their
problems they experienced on the coach tour.          understandable dissatisfaction with the coach tour. State
However, the letter should make clear that the        that the company could not be held responsible for the
sickness suffered by some of the passengers is        problems experienced, but explain that all customers on
nothing at all to do with the firm. Offer no          the initial tour will be offered compensation. This will
compensation, as none of the events were the          amount to a 20% discount on any future bookings made
firm's responsibility.                                with the company.

Write letters of apology to all the customers.
Accept that the firm should not have left
passengers to transfer their own luggage. Accept
responsibility for the coach breakdown, but
stress that all the company's vehicles are well
maintained and checked before each tour
commences. Accept that this is no consolation to
those customers who may feel that their holiday       Find out from the driver and courier which passengers
was ruined as a result of the delayed journey.        were most vocal in their complaints. Write to these
Offer free places on a similarly-priced tour in the   customers only, offering a discount on a future tour, the
future.                                               date of which will be decided at the company's discretion.
Respond to the complaints by pointing out that        Write a letter of apology to all the customers. Distance the
newspaper reports exonerated the company,             company from the actions of its employees but take no
saying that the courier's actions were taken with     action against him. Emphasise the unlikelihood of such an
the interests of the customers in mind. Offer no      event occurring again on future tours. Stress the positive
apology and say that the firm would do the same       aspects of the rest of the trip. Express the firm's hopes that
again if faced with the same circumstances.           customers will choose to book with the company again.

I tell him he is making a mistake.                    I try convincing him to change his decision.

                                                      10 minutes or so; I'd go through it once as quickly as
I'd work with him for as long as it takes.            possible and then hang up.

Glad, I like mentoring others.                        Angry, I don't have time to baby-sit.

It really frustrates me.                              I get a bit annoyed.

I let him/her finish the story, without               I let him/her finish the story without interrupting, but can't
interrupting.                                         help glancing at my watch.
I would tell him/her right away that s/he is
getting on my nerves because of X personality
trait that I don't like, and that s/he should leave   I would hold it in as long as possible and then finally snap,
me alone.                                             telling him/her to get out of my face.

I wouldn't let him listen to it at all.               1-3 times
Despite the intention to go ahead with the
request, I just can't follow through with it.      I make an attempt but I feel I will not be convincing.

Call and ask her if she's seen your misplaced      Go into her office while she's not around to get your book
book, knowing full well she has it.                and silently vow to never loan her anything again.

I hit or shove the driver.                         I swear at the driver and threaten to sue.

                                                   Feel an urge to avoid it but usually force myself to deal
Try to deal with the problem right away.           with it instead.

Say thanks and try to spread the credit to others
along with myself.                                Say thanks and modestly leave it at that.
                                                  I may be hurt initially, but I often come to the realization
I assume that s/he is probably having a bad day. that s/he is probably having a bad day.
Write to Mr and Mrs Timberland, informing          Expect Mr and Mrs Timberland to find out the
them of the problem and asking them to             booking error when they turn up. Plan to deal
request a re-arrangement for their booking.        with the problem at that time.

Write to all the customers making no apology       Send no letters to customers; wait for them to
and making clear that there will be no             contact the courier company. Meanwhile, cancel
compensation. Blame the French for the strike      all future plans for cross-Channel tours. There is
and point out that the courier company ended       no way that any customers will want to book on
up making no money from the tour. State that       one of these trips after the experience of the
Roger has also been suspended from his job,        first tour. Also, get in touch with the company's
as he failed to deal effectively with the issues   lawyers in order to prepare to fight any legal
that arose.                                        action taken by disgruntled customers.

Write to all customers blaming the garage
mechanics who carry out maintenance on the
company's fleet of coaches. Give the garage's
address to the customers and suggest they
contact them direct to complain. In addition,      Make no effort to contact the customers in the
ask the customers to reimburse the courier         hope that the fuss will die down. Cancel all
company for the cost of the overnight              remaining cross-Channel tours, as they're too
accommodation arranged when the coach              much hassle for the firm, involving too many
broke down.                                        aspects that could go wrong.
The company has taken disciplinary action
against the courier and removed him from a
customer-facing role. Write a letter of apology    Contact the company's legal advisers in case the
to all customers on the cross-Channel trip.        customers take action against the courier
Inform them of the action taken against the        company for the upset caused during the trip.
courier. Apologise for the problems caused by      Avoid communicating with the firm's customers.
the football supporters, but point out that this   Make statement to the media instead. Suggest
was beyond the firm's control. Offer               that the courier on the cross-Channel tour takes
discounted holidays to all those affected.         extended gardening leave.

I ask if he is certain he doesn't want to think it
over one last time.                                I resist the temptation to try changing his mind.

About half an hour; I'd make sure he               None at all; I'd get frustrated the first time he
understands at least the basics.                   says "I don't understand."

                                                   Indifferent, I'll teach them what I can within the
Annoyed, I can work faster on my own.              deadline.

It doesn't bother me at all.                       It upsets me a lot.

                                                   I interrupt by asking, "Does this story have a
I ask him/her to get to the point of the story.    point?"

                                                   I would explain that I am feeling overwhelmed
I would avoid that person until s/he got the       with work/school/life and need a break from
point that I need a break.                         social obligations to be by myself for a while.

3-7 times.                                         7-15 times
I try to do my best to "pull it off".            I "pull it off" effortlessly.

Inquire about the state of her project and see
if there's anything you can do to help speed up Storm into her office and complain about how
the return of your book.                        she never returns anything on time.

I berate the driver and demand his or her        I calmly request the driver's insurance
insurance information.                           information.

Intend to deal with it right away but very often Try everything I can to avoid dealing with it and
put it off.                                      hope it will go away on its own.
Launch into a long discussion about how hard I
had worked, what it entailed, and just how
difficult is was for me to achieve this

I get defensive and snap back.                   I reconsider my opinion about that person.
I would explain what is
bothering me, and ask for
some time to myself.

Never, he can listen to it as
often and as loud as he likes.
Tell her you'll stop by her
office today to pick up that
book she neglected to return.

I let it go and drive away.
In your spare time at work, you created a new editing software program
using the company's PC. You share your new software with a colleague who
encourages you to market it because you could probably make an incredible
profit in a very short time. What do you do?

You have developed a good friendship with your fellow accountant at a bank.
She tells you that her daughter is extremely ill and that she must have an
operation to survive. She also tells you that she has no insurance and the
operation will cost $10,000. Sometime later you ask her about her daughter
and she tells you that her daughter has recovered. She then confesses that
that she took $10,000 from a dormant account at the bank to pay for the
operation. She assures you that she has already started paying it back and
will continue to do so until it is all returned. What do you think you should
Psychologist Dr. Khan knows in his profession, he must adhere to a patient
privacy policy. Suppose the patient has a severe mental problem,
schizophrenia, where he is most likely to get violent that can be threatening
to other people. What would be considered the most severe breech of
doctor-patient confidentiality?

Your closest confidant at work, Alice, is spreading rumors about the head of
another department, she is saying "Sam is taking kick-backs". What should
you do?

You are faced with a situation in manufacturing where you are required to
follow a series of steps to complete a task, however, you are pressed for
time. You have an option of taking a shortcut. What would you do?

You know that you are going to be terminated tomorrow. What is the worst
thing that you could do?
You inform your CTO that you have
created a software that you would like      You inform your company's legal
evaluated by the sales department, and      department that you have developed
you would like to make a presentation to    something that you think is of great
the head of Sales.                          value and it should be evaluated.

Inform your supervisor of the situation,    Check whether she has returned some of
highlighting the urgency of the             the amount to the account, and continue
operation.                                  to monitor the situation.

                                            Sharing the patient's information with
Sharing the patient's condition with the    other doctors who are treating other
patient's cousin who is also a doctor.      patients in the same ward.

Ask Alice if she has any proof of this.     Tell Sam what Alice is saying.

Since there is a time crunch, the shortcut If I am required to follow a series of
should be evaluated.                       steps, then that is exactly what I will do.

Try to convince other key people in the
company that they should resign.            Delete all your data from your PC.
                                       You delete it from your system. Then go
Before you share any information with  home and recreate it from scratch with
the management, you decide to find out several new additions. Since this has
whether your product has any real      been created from scratch, outside the
market value.                          office, you have sole ownership of it.

A crime has been committed, and you         Investigate the loop holes present in the
know that you have a responsibility to      system and write a report on your
report it to the police.                    findings.

Sharing the patient's information with a    Sharing the patient's information at a
pharmaceutical sales representative.        medical conference in another country.

Tell the HR manager what Alice is saying. Tell your supervisor what Alice is saying.

Since there is a time crunch, and there      Since there is a time crunch, I will take
are no visible risks in taking the shortcut, the shortcut, and then inform all the
then I will entertain the shortcut.          stakeholders that a shortcut was taken.

                                            Threaten to sue the company if all your
Copy all your data and take it with you.    dues are not paid before you leave.
_____ is the process of evaluating the organization, individual employees, and the tasks to
determine what kinds of training, if any, are necessary?

Which of the following terms is best described as a training method that represents a real-
life situation in which trainees make decisions resulting in outcomes that mirror what
would happen on the job?

Imitating the behavior of others represents learning via _____.

Training employees in a variety of skills to improve overall performance is known as_____.

Identifying the important tasks and knowledge, skills, and behaviors that need to be
emphasized in training for employees to complete their tasks is called _____.

Let's assume you are designing a training program. It is estimated that there will be 50
attendees. The first half of the training program is a presentation and a demonstration by a
subject matter expert. During the second half, the subject matter expert will divide the
group into small, interactive groups to work on structured exercises. Which of the following
seating arrangements is the most conducive for this type of training program?

When assessing the gaps between actual and desired organizational performance, which of
following measures would NOT be considered?

Which of the following factors does NOT affect the trainability of individuals?
A company is looking to obtain ISO-9001 certification. The Quality Director asks you,the HR
Manager, to create the Training Procedure for the company. You divide the training
requirements of the firm into three areas: - company-wide training, -on-the-job training,
and -individual skill training. Who should be responsible for identifying the need for training
in each of these areas?

Which of the following type of listening is occurring when a person is thinking, "Robert has
some legitimate points about the importance of quality and its importance in the
company's growth" while listening to a ISO-9001 training session?
Needs assessment                           Readiness for training assessment

Experiential programs                      Case study

Behavior modeling                          Behavior experimentation

Virtual teams training                     Contingent work force training

Person Analysis                            Organizational Analysis

Chevron                                    Classroom/ theater

Task assessment                            Training and development

Ability                                    Time

Company-wide: HR Manager; On-the-job       Company-wide: HR Manager; On-the-job
Training: Line Manager; Individual Skill   Training: Employee; Individual Skill Training:
Training: Employee                         Employee

Active                                     Evaluative
Cognitive ability testing                  Instructional design

Simulation                                 Action learning

Socialization                              Behavior training

Distributed work training                  Cross training

Transactional Analysis                     Task Analysis

Circle                                     Round table

Bench-marked results                       Individual assessment

Perception of environment                  Motivation

Company-wide: Line Manager; On-the-job     Company-wide: HR Manager; On-the-job
Training: Line Manager; Individual Skill   Training: Line Manager; Individual Skill
Training: Line Manager                     Training: Line Manager

Informational                              Empathic
                                                                   Strongly Agree
I organize my thoughts and ideas clearly.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
I evaluate information by its preciseness.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
Most of my decisions are backed by logic.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
My thoughts are driven by how I feel.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
I evaluate information by its relevance.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
I can create reports that communicate effectively.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
It's more important to solve a problem quickly, than thoroughly.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
I use effective reasoning to convince others.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
I am very aware of my surroundings.

                                                                   Strongly Agree
I rarely test the soundness of my decisions.
Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree

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