Pinole Report by Alany_Helmantoler


									From:    on behalf of Alany Helmantoler
To:               Winston Rhodes; Debbie Long; PMurray; Tim Banuelos; Phil Green; Roy Swearingen; City Attorney
Cc:               Sean Brady; mitch harper; Dan WASH calguns; jason davis
Subject:          Pinole Firearms Regulation being developed
Date:             Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:09:49 AM

Dear City of Pinole Council and Commission,

I wanted to be clear about my position on the matter of establishing regulations against home-based

I am not working on behalf of any applicant even though I am in touch and have contacted Mr. Miller
in regards to his application. I also do not receive money for handing this issue at any level at this time.
 I am looking for all information in regards to the moratorium established that froze home-based FFLs
and the proposed regulation including all studies, email and other communication(s) in relation to
firearms and ammunition sales whether home-based or store front.

I am in receipt of the public records request which does not appear to have any substantial information
concerning policy development and zoning code changes for firearms or ammunition issues.

I would have expected more members of the public other than myself to have sent emails and letters to
council. The absence of these seems suspicious.

My question to council is whether you have received any emails concerning this issue other than from

I will have follow up communication in regards to this issue prior to the council meeting on 4/17.

Thank you for your time,
Alany Helmantoler
(925) 798-0486

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