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Are CPA Offers A Cash Cow Or A Total Fluke?

Promoting CPA offers can be the fastest, easiest money you will EVER make in a online setting,

How do I know this?

Because like you, I've tried almost every posisble combination of affiliate marketing known to
mankind, and I've failed. I failed so many times, I even considered getting a part-time job at a fast
food restaurant to help pay for the time and expenses that came with holding back on paying a few
bills to get ahead.

I'm not claiming to be rich from CPA marketing, but I am saying that is the easiest money I've ever
made. It's not just me saying this, there are those out there who can prove with numbers why this
is true.

There are reports of top marketers who have conversions that blow away typical ebook and online
course sales clear out of the water. Why? Because there is a LOT more effort that goes into
providing a proven conversion salespage.

E-book sales networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, or PayDotCom cost as little as $50
for a bad product and salespage to hit the market.

If you know nothing about what online marketing, you won't know from a rat's bottom if your
marketing is what's causing low sales, or other factors outside your control like a bad salespage
until AFTER you spent your hard earned dollars.

On the flip side, CPA networks like Maxbounty and Neverblue charge $10,000.00 (yes, that's 10
THOUSAND dollars) for the possiblity of being considered as a publisher (a business that provides
the offer and pays the cpa network commissions on their behalf)

You tell me if you think you would want to make sure your offer converts at the HIGHEST possible
conversion rate BEFORE you fork over that kind of money?

I'm willing to bet $10,000.00 you would.

This alone gives a clear advantage with quality of offers to CPA offers.

There IS one catch to making money with CPA offers...

you need traffic.

Those who don't make "jack" online aren't driving traffic (or don't know how). It really isn't that
difficult to do. You have your choice of Pay-Per-Click, Joint Ventures, Solo Email Promos, Articles,
and more.
Idealy, you want to spend more than 75% of your time focusing on traffic generation because...It's
THAT darn important!

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