Cold Truth Behind CPA Marketing And Why It Makes You Money

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The Stone Cold Truth Behind CPA Marketing And Why It Makes You Money

For a few years now, there's been a silent debate on which business model makes you money

CPA or Affiliate Marketing.

A few select profitable affiliate marketing online business owners will tell you it will and will always
be affiliate marketing. But that's taking a very "closed-minded view" of what's possible with CPA

Instead of bashing affiliate marketing, let me share with you my theories and reasoning behind
why CPA marketing maybe best for YOU.

I'm going to assume that you're not tech savvy. That you're tired of working a 9 to 5 job and you're
looking for an easy way to supplement your current income.

I also have to assume that maybe you aren't new around the block and maybe you've tried affiliate
marketing for a several long months using methods like auto-blogging, listbuilding, or other
popular affiliate marketing related strategies to boost your income.

Perhaps you're coming up a little short and you need a shot of "income adrenaline" to see light at
the end of the tunnel and make it out with a small fortune to show for it.

Whatever your unique situation may be, it's proven by several struggling online marketers that it's
easier (and faster) to get financial success promoting CPA offers.

There are those who for years couldn't make a dime selling affiliate products, make their first $20
or $30 day in profit when they jumped shipped to CPA marketing their first day trying.

I don't want to imply that making money with CPA is a "Get-Rich-Quick" because those results are
certainly out of the ordinary, but it's every much a real business as affiliate marketing, yet easier to
get into profit and stay motivated to "improve and grow" beyond initial success.

The trick with selling information products is it takes more "effort" to get working. In my experience,
I've had to learn how write copy, write sales letters, write emails that "sell", drive traffic, and create
my own websites to even begin to make a low 4-figure income.

In other words, one giant "pain in the arse".

On the flip side, with CPA all I needed was traffic and a basic website I threw together using
dreamweaver. If you prefer, you can find a ready-made website for cheap on elance to set-up your
CPA business.

Some people make money instantly with the right coaching and training, for others like me who
took the "longer route", I made money within my first 4 weeks -- even with that time frame it's not
so bad considering how long it took for me to make money in affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, CPA marketing is a "simpler" concept and easier for the average joe (or jane) off the
street to make a full-time income in 6-12 months. Ultimately, the decision to do affiliate marketing
or CPA marketing is a choice left up to you. Which ever one you choose, STICK with it until you

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