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					                   1st Source Better than the Best
At 1st Source Direct we try hard to deliver the best possible fees to our broker-users. That’s why we’ve taken steps to ensure that
for the 12 lenders listed below, we don’t just match the best available in the marketplace, we beat them!

Sending cases to these lenders through any route other than us will now be losing you money, so make sure that every paper-
based application carries a 1st Source Direct sticker and every online one has a 1st Source Direct payment route choice.

For information on submitting cases to 1st Source Direct

                  Lender                      Product Type                            Proc Fee**
                  Amber Homeloans             Near Prime & Buy-to-Let                    0.52%
                                              Light & Medium Adverse                     1.05%
                                              Feather Adverse                            0.85%
                                              Super Heavy                                1.30%
                                              Self Certification                         0.65%

                  Buildstore                  All Products                               0.32%

                  Freedom Lending             Full Status                                0.37%
                                              Self Certification                         0.67%
                                              Buy-to-Let/Let-to-Buy                      0.60%
                                              Near Prime/Very Near Prime                 0.66%
                                              OT1-2 & SA 1-2                             0.76%
                                              QT3 &SA3 to OT10 & SA12                    1.17%
                  Future                      100% LTV                                   0.55%
                                              Prime                                      0.65%
                                              Near Prime                                 0.80%
                                              Light                                      1.05%
                                              Medium, Heavy & Unlimited                  1.30%
                  GMAC                        Mainstream                                 0.38%
                                              Self Certification/Buy-to-Let              0.53%
                                              Non Conforming Fixed & Tracker             0.80%
                  Kensington                  Prime Verified                             0.45%
                                              Prime SC & BT                              0.55%
                                              Near Prime - Very Low                      0.50%
                                              Medium/Heavy/High                          0.80%
                                              All Other Products                         0.32%
                  Manchester                  SVR                                        0.45%
                                              Restart Plus                               0.70%
                  Mortgages Plc               Near Prime & Near Prime Plus               0.53%
                                              All Other Adverse Products                 1.37%
                                              Prime Buy to Let                           0.43%
                                              Prime Buy to Let 90% LTV                   0.38%
                  Scottish Widows Bank        <£50K                                       £230
                                              £150k - £150k                               £430
                                              >£150k                                     0.43%
                                              Equity Release                             1.00%
                  Stroud & Swindon            Standard                                   0.31%
                                              Adverse                                    0.86%
                  The Mortgage Business All Products                                     0.60%

                  The Mortgage Works          Buy to Let & Self Cert                     0.50%
                   *From a survey of major UK mortgage clubs, where information accessible,
                                        conducted on 20th April 2006.
                                      **Minimum & maximum fees apply

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