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									                    January 8, 2003             IMPORTANCE NOTICE

 We’ve got some important information that you will want to share with existing customers and great new bundle
 packages that you can entice new customers with! On February 1, DISH Network will introduce an innovative way to
 help customers actually reduce their programming costs with the new DISH Network “Value Paks”! Families can save
 money with these Value Paks and enjoy a greater variety of channel choices. (Current DISH Network subscribers
 that qualify for bundles will be automatically converted on February 1, 2003.)

               Bundle Packages                 Monthly Price          Monthly Savings (over the regular priced programming)
America’s Top 50 and Local channels*             $29.99                                    $0.99
America’s Top 100 with HBO/Cinemax**             $49.99                                    $4.99
America’s Top 150 with HBO/Cinemax**             $59.99                                    $3.99
DISH Latino Dos with HBO/Cinemax**               $49.99                                    $2.99
DISH Latino Max with HBO/Cinemax**               $59.99                                    $2.99
America’s Everything Pack with Local channels*   $79.99                                    $0.99

 *Local DMA channels only. Distant Networks do not qualify for the bundled price. All Digital Home Plans qualify for the bundles,
 and the total monthly price will include the additional $5 Receiver/ In Home Service Plan fee for each receiver.
 **The Cinemax package now includes two additional channels for a total of five!

 Due to rising programming costs and the addition of a variety of new basic channels, DISH Network is changing the
 price of its basic programming packages by $2 per month effective February 1, 2003. For DISH Network’s average
 subscriber paying over $50 per month, this equates to an increase of less than 4% over 2002 rates! This price change
 is dramatically lower than recently announced cable rate increases. We worked hard to keep our price increase for
 2003 to an absolute minimum and kept our prices well below those of comparable cable rates! This is yet another way
 that DISH Network continues to offer the lowest all digital TV price in America – every day! Additionally, DISH
 Network is guaranteeing the price of its America’s Top 50 programming package for both new and existing customers
 at the new price of $24.99 per month until January 2005! This price freeze also continues DISH Network’s
 leadership as the lowest all digital TV price provider in America!

    Programming Package            Amount of Change        New Monthly Price       New Annual Price
America’s Top 50                         $2                    $24.99                   $275
America’s Top 100                        $2                    $33.99                   $374
America’s Top 150                        $2                    $42.99                   $473
America’s Everything Pack                $2                    $74.99                   N/A
Multi-Regional Sports Package             $1                    $5.99                  $71.88
DISH Latino                               $1                   $21.99                   $242
DISH Latino Max                           $1                   $41.99                   $462

 DISH Latino Dos will not change in price on February 1, 2003. This programming package continues at $31.99 per
 month. Digital Home Plan customers within their commitment will continue at their current rate until their
 commitment is fulfilled or they change programming service, whichever is first.

 The next Retailer Chat is scheduled for Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 12:00 noon EST on Channel 999.

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